Dog Boarding Options

4 Dog Boarding Options in Phoenix, Arizona To Make Your Life Easier

Going on vacation and needing your dog looked after in the Phoenix area?

Then, you must find the right boarding for your canine. Depending on how long you’re away, it’s always a good idea to allow your dog to be looked after by a professional while getting the required attention and nurture it needs.

In comparison to a pet sitter, dog boarding will ensure your dog receives proper meals, has regular supervision, and their medical needs are seen too.

Plus, many pet boarding facilities go the extra mile by providing playtime, massages, grooming, and interaction with other animals.

Choosing dog boarding options can be a tricky task to choose from. To narrow your search down, here are 4 dog boarding options in Phoenix to save you time.

Dog Boarding Options in Phoenix Arizona.

1. Jet Pet Resort

Jet Pet Resort is situated on Osborne Road in Phoenix, Arizona. Their boarding facilities also exist in Canada. They tend to refer to their dog boarding options as a dog hotel catering to all breeds, sizes, and ages.

While they house any type of dog, they require dogs to be vaccinated before looking after them.

They state their staff are highly trained and provide you with daily Facebook updates and a departure date report to keep you in the loop. Jet Pet Resort also claims they provide one on one attention for your canine and custom care also.

Their website mentions that they prepare your dog meals according to your advice, have webcams all over the boarding facilities to have round-the-clock supervision, and have a pet spa.

Their resort is 13,000 square feet consisting of indoor and outdoor spaces with a playground also. The team regularly sanitizes each space to ensure all of the dogs they look after are safe and healthy.

Jet Pet Resort has several rates for nightly stays ranging from $39-$59 a night and upwards. Each package comes with different things attached to it.

2. Second Home Pet Resort

Second Home Pet Resort is located on Township Road in Leduc County. They claim that it’s Arizona’s only mountainside resort for pets. Their dog boarding facility is over 16,500 square feet and has 24-hour staffing.

Second Home Pet Resort has a canine water park that allows your dog to splash around on waterside decks and a waterfall with a maximum depth of 18 inches. The water park is supervised at all times, allowing both small and large dogs to play.

Their dog boarding facilities range between $22 a day up to $85 a night. The price can vary based on the type of boarding they stay in and the services that your dog receives.

All pricing is inclusive of food, bedding, medication dispensing, bathroom breaks, and outdoor walks. Every accommodation has air conditioning and is well heated, catering to your dog during different seasons.

They claim that your dog’s wellbeing is attended to, and they take all dogs outside up to 4 times a day. Also, they allow you to bring your pet’s bedding and toys from home to make it easier for your dog while you’re away.

3. Canine Country Club & Feline Inn

Canine Country Club & Feline Inn has been operating as a boarding facility since 1953. It’s located on E Washington Street in Phoenix. They offer boarding, daycare, and grooming services.

Their boarding service starts at $32 and upwards. They also split boarding into two different options, which are pampered suited and senior suites. Pampered suites include a window, three daily walks, and their own outdoor run.

At the same time, they provide senior suites for older dogs or dogs recovering from illness. The suites are spacious, are situated opposite a yard allowing them to take bathroom breaks and easily stroll around.

Plus, they all contain air conditioning and have caretakers on site 24 hours 7 days a week.

Canine Country Club & Feline Inn bath your dog after 5 days of staying there and 3 days for new dogs.

They also contain indoor and outdoor runs, which allow your dog to run when needed and socialize with other dogs.

This boarding option requests all dog owners to bring items from homes such as beds, blankets, toys, and food to allow your dog to feel as comfortable as possible when you’re away.

They also claim they have a strong veterinary network, and if your dog ever gets unwell, they’re not far from a local vet.

4. Dogtopia

Dogtopia is located in downtown Phoenix and offers a range of services from a spa, daycare, and boarding. Regarding dog boarding, they have a range of rates of $19 a night and upwards, all depending on the plan you select.

They offer overnight boarding only to dogs enrolled in their daycare service. Therefore if you want your dog to be looked after, you will have to pay for both.

They also provide webcam access all over their facility, allowing them to check in on your dog at all times. Because of this, they offer a service where you can download their app or check in on your dog through their website.

Dogtopia mentions on their website they have climate-controlled playrooms and are supervised by Canine coaches.

All of their rooms have HVAC UV filtered systems that allow the air to stay clean, making boarding healthy for your dog. They also provide spa services to dogs boarding with them, such as nail cutting, coat cutting, blowouts, and more.


Getting your dog boarded safely in Phoenix while you’re away can be an overwhelming decision to make as there are a lot of them out there.

There are more alongside these four mentioned that look after your dog, feed for your dog, and play with your dog while away.

Many dog boarding facilities in Phoenix request that you bring your dogs toys, bedding, and food to make it more of a comfortable experience for them.

Their prices can vary based on the type of boarding option you choose, and some have additional add ons. So take your time to choose wisely, which is the best option for your canine.