Why Do Small Dogs Bark So Much

Why Do Small Dogs Bark So Much?

Why do small dogs bark more frequently and louder than the bigger ones? If you take a good look around your neighborhood you will find out that the dog that makes the most noise may not be either the German shepherd or the pit bull. It is more likely than the Chihuahua or the terrier.

There are quite a several reasons why small dogs bark. It is imperative to understand the reason behind such behavior.

Real Reasons Small Dogs Bark A Lot

Inadequate training

Little dogs can be noisemakers and they are often able to get away with this behavior without correction or training.

Behaviors ignored

Little dogs often get ignored when they bark. This is why they tend to be more vocal because they want to get noticed.

Dog breed

There are small dogs that get bred to be barkers. Some of them include terriers, shelties, and likes.

Pack mentality

Dog lovers may have many small dogs because they are easier kept even in large numbers. When one of them barks, the pack tends to join in.

Small dog syndrome

Several dog experts refer to small dog syndrome as a dog condition that develops in small dogs that get treated differently due to their size.

Such dogs get allowed to bark as much as they want and they even growl without getting corrected.

They stay wherever they want and eat what they like. They soon begin expressing their dominance in the home.

The Gang leader

By nature, all dogs are pack animals, the smaller ones inclusive. They often learn rather quickly the concept of pack hierarchy and they figure out what position they hold in the pack.

Unfortunately, the fact that people treat small dogs more like babies or dolls has a way of telling the dog that she or he is the pack leader.

They soon learn to make their pet humans feed them when commanded and even clean up their mess thereafter. They are also able to sleep wherever they want and thus become a dominant force in the home.

One funny thing about this mindset of small dogs is that since they are in a position of pack leader, they will assume that it is their responsibility to protect the home.

This is one reason why they bark at anyone that walks past your house or even comes close to the door.

The main secret to addressing this type of challenge is to work on the pack order. You need to use subtle and gentle means to make it known that you are the leader of the pack.

This should see the constant barking reduced to warning barks.

Boredom and Loneliness

One notable feature of dogs is that they are social animals. This means that the members of your family are a part of their pack. They love to belong to a pack and wouldn’t want to get left out.

Small dogs whose owners are always out may become lonely. This may lead to stress, anxiety, and certain behavioral issues which can include aggression and destructiveness. This is why such a dog may bark anyhow.

Small dogs that keep barking are not being naughty. They are reaching out for someone to come and mingle with them.

One way to cut down on barking caused by this reason is to give your dog some form of stimulation that should keep it busy while you are away. There are certain dog toys that you can use for this purpose.

Keeping your dog mentally engaged will keep it busy and amused. This would also ensure that it has less time to be barking around.

The Fear Factor

Every small dog often views their human owners as intimidating. Even though they may love you, they usually have a deep fear of other large humans and possible threats.

A small dog may continue to bark at the window or at other dogs that are passing by as a result of fear. What they are doing is to inform you that there is something scary outside.

Fear-based barking is the easiest one to take care of. All your dog needs to know is that the thing scaring it isn’t as scary as it thinks.

While doing this, ensure you do not try to reassure your dog the same way you would a child. This would only reinforce the behavior of the dog as they would feel they are being petted or cuddled as a reward.

When next your dog barks at the door or window, walk up to it and tell it to stop. Walk away from the window after this.

Chances are that your dog will stop barking since you are not afraid. Once it stops barking, ensure to reward it for the behavior using a treat.

Solid Prevention Tips To Stop Your Dog From Barking

If you get tired of hearing your dog bark too much, here are some methods that should help out

Ignore unnecessary barking

You must ignore your dog when it begins to bark. If they persist at it, ensure you do not pay attention to them.

Don’t ignore an alert bark

It’s not every time your dog barks for no reason. Some of the time, it may be alerting you of danger.

Hence, if they bark at a stranger at the door, praise them. But then tell them to lie down while you handle the issue.

Exercise is good

Even though your dog is small, it still requires exercise. You can take it out for walks while allowing it to express itself and explore it.

If your dog gets tired and seems content after walking, it will not have enough energy to foment trouble.

Separate them from the pack

If you have more than a dog at home, ensure to confine them the moment they begin barking too much.

By doing this will ensure that they know that barking loud means isolation.

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In summary

On a final note, one unique way you can curb the excesses of your dog is by getting the strongest ultrasonic dog bark begone device money can buy.

Barking is not a crime, but when it becomes excessive, it becomes an issue of concern.