Can I Get Pet Insurance Before Surgery

Can I Get Pet Insurance Before Surgery?

To some extent, indeed, you cannot get pet insurance before surgery, and the reason for this is that there is a waiting window.

Just like in humans, there is a waiting period before you can make an insurance claim, therefore, you shouldn’t wait until your dog needs surgery before applying for pet surgery. The following information will be very helpful.

What You Should Know About Getting Pet Insurance Before Surgery

If your pet is already injured or sick and requires surgery, it would be too late to get specific pet insurance for such injury or sickness.

This means the cost of the surgery will not be paid by the insurance but out of your pocket.

The notion is also false because you can still get pet insurance before surgery against future health issues.

The reason why the insurance company wouldn’t pay for the surgery is that the urgent surgery will be counted as a pre-existing condition. 

This pre-existing condition will automatically be excluded from your pet’s insurance coverage or policy.

It also means that pet insurance policies only cover new illnesses that occur after a cover was obtained.

This is quite similar to preventable medical conditions such as pregnancy. If your pet gets pregnant before or during the activated insurance, it wouldn’t be payable under the medical insurance for the pet.

Can I Get Pet Insurance Before Surgery

What Pet Insurance Should I Consider?

For Single Pet

According to pet care experts, the best pet insurance you should consider for your pet is the one with no cap on any of the insurance claims.

The payable premium price must also be generally low or moderate to other options. In addition to these two basic features, pet insurance should offer no yearly limits.

In most cases, if you meet up with all the premiums in the year, the insurance company must pay for any incident covered during the rest of the year.

The ideal insurance provider may pay up to 90% of the veterinary bills of any unexpected accident or surgery and you should be able to use any licensed veterinary doctor.

It is also ideal to go for pet insurance that does not become lower in value as your pet grows older.

For Multiple Pets

If you have multiple pets and you want to save money on pet insurance, experts recommend that you simply go for pet insurance that can list all the pets under one policy.

This type of insurance policy will save you money and time since you are paying a single insurance premium.

A complete coverage plan for multiple pets should cover surgeries, accidents, behavioral conditions in the household, and many hereditary conditions.

In most cases, you can add some coverage to multiple pet insurance base plans. These conditions you can add include preventive care measures such as vaccines and heartworm treatments.

Many insurance companies offering multiple pet coverage may allow you to cover one pet first and then add other pets later on.

Some insurance providers will offer up to a 10% discount on each new pet you add to the coverage.

Catastrophic Pet Insurance Plan for Emergencies

Unfortunately, most pet insurance companies may not provide insurance cover for certain emergencies.

For instance, if your dog chew on a dangerous plant and the pet develops serious complications, the insurance company may see this as negligence on your path.

It is better to add an emergency pet cover to save yourself stress and money. Some insurance companies may allow you to add this plan to an existing cover with a little extra money.

Catastrophic pet insurance cover may not be an immediate need, you can add it to an existing cover at a later date.

Take note that taking catastrophic pet coverage alone may cost you more than the normal pet insurance coverage, especially with the premium.

This is the reason why it is better to get it as an add-on at a letter date, and most especially a few months after the initial cover.


There are several other benefits you may want to consider as part of the factors to consider for choosing the right pet insurance.

The inclusion of after-hour treatment for instance is a desirable feature in good pet insurance.

You may also want to go for an insurance company that processes insurance claims faster and efficiently.

A desirable feature of an ideal pet insurance company is prompt and efficient customer care service.

Some insurance companies may even send their clients handwritten notes to commiserate with them on the death or recovery of a pet.

With several pet insurance cover options before you, it is important to do some research and get quotes from different insurance companies before you settle for one.

Be wary of quotes that are ridiculously cheaper than the rest, they may not provide as much coverage as you would expect.