Why We Closed

It was with a heavy heart that the board members decided to close the doors at the Oxford Lafayette Humane Society. It was a long run, and a good run. 

It’s been more than three decades, actually. And it could not have been done without the help of many good people. Many volunteers, donors, and pet lovers in the city and county. Ten thousand plus pets found loving homes over the years thanks to the help of all involved.

We closed because, at the end of the day, we just didn’t feel like what we were doing was making a difference. We needed to breathe new life into the OLHS mission. 

After much soul searching and research on the subject, and consulting any number of experts, we decided to take a different course. One where we could actually get at the root of the problem: controlling our animal population.

Our goal is simple: create a full time spay and neuter clinic that is mobile, gets to where the people and the animals are, and helps end this cycle once and for all. We will have much more to report in the coming weeks, as we deploy a very generous private donation given to OLHS for precisely this use. 

For many people in our area, spaying and neutering an animal is simply not affordable. Our team is dedicated to addressing this city and county wide need. And filling the gaps.

In choosing this course, we are not just managing the problem. We are a fundamental part of the solution. And that gives us hope. And a real positive reason to go to work each day.

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