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What wouldn’t you do for your pet? If you’re like us, you would do just about anything to make your pet comfortable and happy. Welcome to the Pet family! We created this website to provide valuable content to answer all your pet questions.

Our Story

Revived from the Ashes of “Oxford Lafayette Humane Society” (Defunct Now). OLHS has originally founded in 1982 with a community that is dedicated to animal welfare. The mission of OLHS has been to improve the plight of homeless animals by providing shelter, care, rescue, adoption services and to promote responsible pet ownership by advocating spay/neuter, permanent identification, and the humane and compassionate treatment of all animals.

We are A Group Of Animal Lovers, Aspiring Veterinary Docs, And Pet Writers

The Website Is Run And Maintained By A Group Of Animal Lovers, Aspiring Veterinary Doctors, And Knowledgeable Pet Writers. However, We Do Not Claim To Be Pet Experts.
The Information Included Here Is Solely The Author’s Personal Experiences And Is Used For Informational Purposes Only. And Should Be Handled Accordingly.

From Articles that answer funny and awkward questions like “why does my cat wink at me” and “why does my dog hump me ” to an in-depth guide about picking the perfect pet name, our authors have your back.
We all have questions about how to take better care of our furry friends. Come to our blog to find the information and inspiration you need to become a world-class pet owner.

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