Why Does My Cat Wink At Me

Why Does My Cat Wink At Me? 5 Reasons Explained

If you have ever owned or lived with a cat, I am sure they have been a time when you wondered why it was winking at you.

It’s always a funny sight when your sweet-looking furry friend takes a look at you and winks its eyes. Some cats would even offer you a different variation of this action.

For instance, some begin with the eyes wide open after which they would close them halfway while they are making eye contact with you.

In this article, we will take a look at why your cat looks at you and every important thing you should know.

The Reason Why Your Cat Winks At You

There is a scientific reason behind this occurrence. It is a fact that cats possess a third membrane known as the nictitating membrane. This membrane is translucent and tends to move diagonally right from the inner corner of the eye up across the eye to maintain its moistness. This membrane is also known to help in covering the eye while allowing them to see because of its semi-transparent nature.

Usually, this membrane moves quite fast to the extent that we seldom see them blinking using the third eyelid. It should, however, be noted that one of the eyes may become quite drier than the other one. It could also get a strand of fur in it and this is when they blink using their regular eyelids. Because this often happens in one eye, it always does appear as though they are winking at us. It, therefore, suffices to say that it is normal for cats to blink using one eye at a time. Some people believe that cats wink their eyes at us as a friendly gesture.

What Does The Slow Eye Blinking Of My Cat Mean?

Quite a several cat owners think that their cat is perhaps feeling sleepy when they blink slowly and this may be the truth sometimes.

Some experts believe that this gesture is a part of the communication system of your cat. To them, it means that your cat is content, relaxed, and wants to pass across information to you.

Also, in the case of cats in groups, they tend to use this tool to let their pals know that all is fine. It is also used among larger cats to indicate that everything is going well.

Is It Normal If My Cat Winks At Me?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with your cat winking at you occasionally. More often than not, it is just a way for them to clean something out of their eyes.

However, if they begin to wink at a rather persistent rate, there may be an underlying issue of concern.

Also, if their third eyelid begins to show, it simply means that there could be an issue of infection.

If they are attempting to paw their eyes, it could be a sign that something is bothering them. In such a situation, you should take your cat to the nearest vet for a checkup.

It is worthy of note that there are certain serious eye diseases that cats are prone to. Hence, you should get them checked when they are blinking quite a lot.

First, it should be noted that a blink is quite different from a wink. For instance, your cat uses both eyes to blink.

More often than not, people believe that cats blink at their owners to show that they love them.

Also, in the wild, when an animal trusts another, they often blink slowly or close their eyes because it cannot perceive any danger coming.

It, therefore, suffices to say that when a modern-day cat blinks at you, it simply means that they feel secure, and safe around you.

There is no single answer to this as it could be a yes and a no. if your cat blinks at you especially slowly; it simply means that they feel quite secure, comfortable, and safe while in your presence.

As for implying that the cats love you by blinking the answer is a big no.

This does not mean that your cats do not love you; it just means that they couldn’t show that by blinking at you.

There are several reasons why this may be the case. The most probable cause of this may be that they developed a keen interest in whatever it is you are doing and are studying your actions.

The funny thing is that you may not see anything interesting in what you are doing, but cats do see things differently from us. This could also mean that they are trying hard to get your attention.

It is, therefore, your job to investigate what may be wrong, maybe that they are hungry or they want to take a dump.

This also shows you that they are aging and as such, you may want to use a cat age converter.

Breakdown Of The Ways A Cat Could Wink At You

Cats wink intentionally for some reason and in some manners. Firstly cats wink their eyes to communicate.

Some people feel that cats are quite reserved because they are not as affectionate as dogs.

This is however not true. You should know that all animals are distinct in features and conduct.

But when a kitty winks at you, it always means the same thing. In the case of direct eye contact, it is a rather complex form of communication among animals.

For instance, when cats meet, they usually avoid any form of eye contact. This is because they view eye contact as a way of threatening or challenging one another.

It, therefore, suffices to say that when a cat intends to display its level of calmness and friendliness towards other cats, it does all possible to avoid eye contact. The reason for this is that it does not want the other cat to run away.

If a cat slowly winks, it simply means that it does not feel threatened by your presence or that of another cat.

In this instance, it would attempt to make direct eye contact after which it will slowly blink and then look away. This means that your cat is comfortable with you.

To confirm this, simply extend your fingers slowly towards your cat and wait for the time when she appears interested to come and sniff it.

If your cat does not wink, however, you should stop there as it could take your action as a threat and as such react aggressively.

What Does My Kitten Slowly Blinking Mean

Even though your kitten is still a baby, if it blinks at you it still means the same thing as when an older cat blinks at you.

For instance, in the jungle, lions that live in large groups tend to blink as a way of showing other cats that everything is under control.

It is interesting to note that both the lion and the small cats share a lot of similarities, especially in communication.

Is it normal for a kitten to wink?

Thus, if your kitten takes a wink at you with its eyes seemingly half-closed it simply implies that they are showing you that they are at peace with you being close to them.

The difference between kittens and older cats is that they are often more adventurous and playful.

This simply means that they would want to spend their time with you and the other kitties.

You should take your time to observe the behavior of your kitties when they are around other cats or other members of your family.

It Could Also Be That Your Cat Is Sleepy

If the eyes of your cat are half-closed when they are winking at you, it simply implies that they are quite relaxed with you and the environment that they feel safe enough to take a nap. It is also an indicator of the level of trust they possess for you.

This is because cats are not always relaxed when in an environment where they feel threatened.

Cat winking Due to eye infection

Also, winks may just indicate that your cat is battling an infection.

This is especially if you notice that your cat is running its paw over the eye.

Certain eye infections can be quite fatal to cats hence the need to take necessary action quickly.

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Now you know that when your cat winks at you, it is simply a way of showing care and affection to you. This is however not always the case as we have learned today.

It could also mean that your cat is battling an infection and thus needs urgent medical attention.