Are Cockapoos Hypoallergenic

Are Cockapoos Hypoallergenic?

Cockapoos are cute and this is perhaps everyone that sees mine almost instantly wants to get their own.

This is why I have come up with some key information that should help you with getting your own Cockapoos.

But one thing most people want to know bothers about whether Cockapoos are hypoallergenic. 

The first thing you should know is that Cockapoos are quite different and as such may have different temperaments and personalities.

Also, they may have different lifespans and health and as such, you may get a slight variation in the way you should handle them.

Are Cockapoos Hypoallergenic?

Cockapoos are categorized as hypoallergenic based on the fact that they are low shedding dogs.

This is vital for dogs because fur allergies are a consequence of humans reacting to the dead skin cells of a dog.

In a situation where a dog is high-shedding, the air in a house will be filled with dead skin cells. Because

Cockapoos often shed weight at the same rate at which human beings lose hair, there is always less dander in the air. This implies that allergic reactions will be less as well.

Some Cockapoos can be grouped as hypoallergenic. These are the ones that have a high concentration of Poodle ancestry in their family tree.

The majority of Cockapoos are however not categorized as hypoallergenic. If you need them to be hypoallergenic, you will have to pay extra for this to be done. But to get the best deal in this regard, there are a few things you must be mindful of.

Firstly, wherever you may be getting the Cockapoo from, make sure that you also get a return policy so that you will not have to keep a dog you don’t want to.

What Do I Do If I Am Allergic To Dogs?

If you are allergic to dogs, you should spend some time with the cockapoo before you but one. You may want to read a site such as where you can find out everything you need to know about the breed.

You may contact a cockapoo breeder with a good reputation and confirm if you can schedule a visit soon.

If you have a friend who has one, you may also schedule to spend time with the dog before you arrive at your decision. Make sure you do this often before you reach your decision.

What Is The Temperament Of A Cockapoo

The temperament of an average Cockapoo can best be described as a caring and loyal family dogs.

They often have a personality that is outgoing and caring. I have never met a Cockapoo that is withdrawn and shy. The reason for this is that they combine the temperament of cocker spaniels and poodles.

They are considered to be quite intelligent and loyal, that initially came as hunting buddies hence they are seemingly programmed to serve and please human beings and as such bond with their owners.

They are comparatively more friendly and playful than poodles. It, therefore, suffices to say that they are playful, outgoing, intelligent, and loyal.

Do Cockapoos Moult?

Cockapoos are known to shed, but from my observation, it can be likened to the way human beings lose some strands of their hair. Also, you may not find a large collection of hair on your sofa or clothes.

Generally speaking, the curlier the coat appears, the less likely you would find molt. This is because it is quite similar to that of a poodle.

In a case where the coat of a cockapoo is straight or wavy, then it will be more probable that it will shed its coat due to the fact it is almost the same as a Spaniel. It, therefore, suffices to say that Cockapoos do shed; the only condition is that the degree of shedding is dependent on the parents they are from.

Are Cockapoos Happy Barkers

One thing a stranger coming to my house for the first time is the vocal nature of my cockapoo.

They are indeed vocal animals! Every time I get home, my cockapoo is always eager to make known his presence with rather loud barks.

They bark sometimes when they are happy and that can be quite loud! This can be quite annoying.

If you are the type that doesn’t like the constant barks, you may adopt my strategy by teaching it to bark on command. The major benefit I got from teaching it to bark is that it no longer barks randomly.

Are Cockapoos Friendly With Cats

One of the funniest but cutest things I saw last year was the sight of my Cockapoo acting all cozy and friendly with my neighbor’s cat.

The secret to this, however, lies in setting some pretty clear boundaries from the beginning so that your cockapoo can get along with your cats well. You must, however, ensure that you are firm with them from the beginning.

The reason why you have to be firm from the beginning is that Cockapoos generally have a strong prey drive.

So don’t be surprised when you see them chasing around small animals. Because I have been firm with my dog, the instinct has been suppressed especially when my neighbor’s cat comes along.

How Energetic Are Cockapoos

My Cockapoo can be very much full of energy. it is on record that they are among the most energetic dog breeds around.

The main reason for this may not be unconnected to the fact that they come from breeds that were primarily hunting dogs that needed to work for extended periods. One other unique feature of cockapoos is that they are not heavy.

Their hyperactivity also stems from the fact that they are quite intelligent and sometimes need some stimulation.

Can Cockapoos Stay In Cities?

Cockapoos are generally reputed to be quite energetic and as such, they can be very loud. This is the main reason why they may not be the ideal candidate for apartments or flats.

But, they are generally quite adaptable as long as they get enough mental stimulation and exercise. They are often able to stay in built-up areas or cities.

Also, you do not have to reside in the countryside before you can own a cockapoo. What matters is your ability to control your dog. I often take my dog to a park nearby and sometimes I take it out on a walk in an open space. This helps it shed some steam off.

Can You Leave Your Cockapoo Alone?

One of the most common traits of cockapoos is separation anxiety. This is largely because like we pointed out earlier, they are human pleasers.

My cockapoo loves being around me all the time and this means that it gets anxious when I leave for work.

The best way to tackle these issues is by adopting crate training and giving it enough mental stimulation that should help it with separation anxiety.

One other way through which you can handle this issue is by making them used to be alone more often.

The best way to do this as I did is to avoid going to the room where your dog is immediately you get home. You are to only greet your dog when it is calm. This will teach it the reward that comes with human company.

Can You Easily Train A Cockapoo?

Cockapoos are quite easy to train even though it is not without their challenges. One thing I got to learn about Poodles is that they are not the most intelligent dogs out there.

This is the reason why training them can sometimes be challenging. They also get bored quite easily and this is why you have to make the training sessions as short as possible. You also need to be dynamic in the way you instruct them per time.

One trick I use with them is to leverage on its tendency to always want to please me. I do this by rewarding it from time to time.

Can I Get A Cockapoo Even Though I Have Children?

On a general note, cockapoos can be considered wonderful for children mainly because they love being in a family setting. This is why they qualify for the ideal family pet.

Also, they are quite loyal dogs and this means that you do not have to worry when they are with your kids. They also love to play a lot! They also come in a unique size that makes them look like a teddy bears.

This is perhaps why children are not easily intimidated by them. It is even more ideal if you have children that love to bring their friends home from school because even the most scared kid will be able to touch them. You should, however, make it clear to your children that your poodle needs some time alone.

Are Cockapoos Comfortable Swimming

Cockapoos love to swim a lot and they are genetically designed to retrieve even from water. Due to this reason, they often love water and diving to fetch sticks from the same.

The benefit of this is that being able to swim is an advantage that should help them shed stress.

It can also be fun for you and your kids watching your cockapoo play in the water. I gradually introduced my cockapoo to water and started teaching it to swim using a paddle.


Cockapoos are generally reputed to be wonderful pets for adults and children alike. What’s more? They are generally hypoallergenic.

Having said this, it is imperative to point out that the quality of life your dog enjoys is subject to the quality of your decisions from buying to maintaining them. I hope this piece has helped in that regard.