5 Reasons To Get Your Dog Checked Regularly

5 Reasons To Get Your Dog Checked Regularly?

Dogs are definitely the ideal furry friends–they’re loyal and always treat their owners with love and tenderness.

We definitely understand why dogs are still the most common companions to keep around for a long time.

They can help you get rid of loneliness, and can even stay by your side and help you function when you’re sick.

Given all of the benefits that dogs give us, sometimes it can make you wonder: since dogs are so kind, how can we return their tender love and care? It’s our obligation to help them with the things that they can’t do for themselves like look after their health.

How Often Should Your Pet See a Veterinarian?

Getting regular check-ups is a great way to repay all of the kindness that your furry friends do for you.

The main reason that dog owners don’t really put a big value on regular visits is that they don’t think that it’s important.

It’s one thing if the dog is sick, but it’s entirely another thing if there’s nothing overtly wrong.

While we understand that this could be the practical choice in the short term, it might be a completely different story long term.

In this article, we’ll be exploring the different reasons why you should do routine vet visits for your doggo. Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of bringing your dog to a quality clinic!

Most Dogs Die Of Heart Disease

It’s a common fact that most dogs die of heart disease, but what not a lot of people know is that heart disease often starts off at something dental.

Poor mouth hygiene makes it easy for bacteria to make their way into the bloodstream and down to the heart.

This is more dangerous in dogs than in humans or other pets because dogs eat mostly raw and wet food.

According to experts, dogs should have professional prophylaxis done at least once every three months.

This is to make sure that your dogs’ teeth don’t accumulate plaque (which can lead to gum disease) and that they don’t have any cavities (which lead to heart problems).

Give your pets more quality time with you and get them checked ASAP.

Only 20% of dogs are spared from heart disease

bringing your pup to the veterinary clinic regularly is an investment in your pet’s future.

It’s also a lot more economically sound than eventually splurging on surgery and medicine. Remember that your furry friend deserves a long, happy, pain-free life!

Allergies & Contraindications

Although we’re living at a time where almost any process can be googled–from robotics to making a grilled cheese sandwich–it isn’t always the best idea to DIY things when it pertains to health.

When your pet’s life is the matter at hand, don’t take it too lightly. Homeopathic cures may work, but remember that there’s still also a lot of risk at hand.

It isn’t always wise to experiment with your pets’ health, especially if the consequences could possibly be dangerous.

Giving Your Dog A Thorough Home Check Up

One also has to consider the medical profile of your dog: are they older? Have they had vaccinations? Are they allergic to anything?

These are all questions that can easily be answered and addressed by experts, but which might be a challenge if you’re just in your kitchen, working things out by yourself.

Misinformation and mishandling of certain substances can lead to unintentional poisoning of your fur babies.

Going to a clinic regularly makes sure that anything your pets take has been approved by a governing body or bureau. Remember that your pet’s health is something that you should never risk.

Monitoring Progress

So what’s the danger of vet-hopping? Why not just take your dog twice a year to the vet at the most convenient location? The simple answer is: if you go to the same place, the doctors become familiar with your pet and their medical profile. Having access to all your pet’s data gives them what they need to monitor progress and habits.

This makes it easier to identify their patterns as they age, making diagnostics clearer and more convenient. For instance, your regular vet can tell the difference between a sickly lack of appetite and a regular decrease in food intake due to age.

In summary

Annual dog check-up checklist and Knowing these things makes healthcare more efficient and effective for your pets.

When you have vets that are qualified, trained, and accredited like they are at Vet Clinic, you can make sure that whatever small inconveniences you run into are worth it!

Keep your pets safe and healthy when you sign up at your local vet!