How to Stop a Dog From Jumping the Fence

How To Stop A Dog From Jumping Fence Harnesses?

A fence harness works by restricting the movement of a dog’s hind legs, thus preventing him from jumping at all.

Unfortunately, dogs often find ways of bypassing fences, either by jumping over them or digging underneath.

Therefore, this product is helpful to keep your dog confined to your space when you have a small fence.

It can also become more challenging to control your dog if it is a very active breed, and in this case, you will need to increase the height of the fence.

The following tips are some ideas that can help you stop a dog from jumping fence harnesses.

Install An L-Footer

If you are looking for a one-time solution to stop a dog from jumping a fence harness, you should consider an L-footer.

It is pretty common to see many Australian Dog Harnesses having L-footers on top these days because of their efficiency. However, you must install the L-footers upside down on top of your fence.

Create the L–shaped harness top and securely fasten the shorter side to the top of your fence while the rest of the device is angled toward your yard.

Then, when your dog looks upward and sees the L-shaped top, it will seem like an extension of your fencing.

Use The No-Jump Harness

A new innovative way of preventing dogs from jumping over fence harnesses is the no-jump harness installation.

This device works by restricting your dog’s hind legs so that the animal wouldn’t jump at all.

This option may not be ideal for dogs suffering from mobility issues; hence, you must only use it for healthy dogs.

A jump harness shouldn’t be a permanent solution to dogs jumping over the fence harness, and you should use it during training.

It is highly effective in stopping dogs from jumping over chain link fences, furniture, and people.

Install A Second Fence

One of the reasons why Dogs love to jump over fence harnesses is because they get an excellent running start. With the momentum they achieve with a good running start, they will jump over any fence harness.

If you install a second fence that is smaller and placed in front of the first one, then they will find it difficult to get a good running start and jump high enough to get through the main fence.

Install A Coyote Roller On Your Fence

A Coyote roller may be more famous for deterring the wild Coyotes from private properties, but they can also work for dogs.

The Coyote Roller is a four-foot aluminum roller that can stop just any animal from scaling over the top of any fence.

The aluminum roller will spin when the dog wants to get its footing over the wall. When the coyote roller rotates, the animal will not reach its footing and then falls back to the ground.

The Coyote roller wouldn’t just dissuade your dog from jumping over the dog harness, and it will stop other animals as well.

The Cote roller is also recommended mainly for those residing in rural areas. It can also protect smaller dogs that Coyotes constantly attack.

Are There Preventive Measures To Stop Your Dog From Jumping Fence Harnesses?

Yes, you can use some preventative measures to stop your dog from jumping over fence harnesses. These include the following;

Restrict the Dog’s View

If your dog didn’t see the fun on the other side, they wouldn’t feel the urge to jump over the fence.

Dogs are constantly distracted by activities going on, on the other side of the wall, which is why they make attempts to jump over.

For instance, the sight of another dog on the other side may cause the dog to want to socialize.

Using reed fencing is one of the best possible ways of restricting the dog’s view of the outside. This cheap fencing option wouldn’t block the dog’s visibility completely; it will reduce such visibility to the minimum for your dog to see a little of activities on the other side.

You can also use a wooden fence for this purpose, even though it is slightly more expensive. Wooden fence comes with the advantage of almost blocking visibility completely.

It can also be built relatively high. Wooden fences can be your best option when other methods have failed.

Planting some fast-growing shrubs right in front of the fence can also help reduce the dog’s view. The shrubs must be stubborn to resist any attempt at damaging them.

Crate the Dog

Perhaps the best natural way to prevent the dog from jumping over the fence harness is to restrict them to their crate.

This is not a permanent crate-locking idea, but teaching them to use their crate and take the dog out when necessary can help them create a healthy routine.

Use Games and Toys

Games and toys can distract your dog from jumping over fence harnesses, and they have been proven to be highly effective.

Aside from causing distractions, playing games with your dog when they are most active will tire them out, and they wouldn’t have enough energy to be jumping over dog harnesses. The dog may get used to the fun games and even initiate such play when the time reaches.

Toys will also work like games in distracting your dog from jumping over harnesses.

Chewy toys are most effective in occupying dogs for hours. A combination of this option with other ones will surely help.


A combination of preventive and barrier erection on fences will be highly effective in preventing your dog from jumping fence harnesses.

It would be best to learn to balance out this combination until your dog gets used to staying within its confinement.

A dog that has undergone behavioral training will eventually do well in other things.

You may also want to think about different preventative measures like food and treats, eliminating garbage cans, piles, firewood, and other things that assist dogs in jumping over the fence and making your yard more fun for them.