Why does my dog jump on me while walking

Why does my dog jump on me while walking?

Dogs are a wonderful creation of God. They are here to spread love, loyalty, and an unbreakable bond.

If you own a dog, then I must say you are living your life to the fullest.

Why does my dog jump like a kangaroo?

I have a dog named Bhuru. He is indie and full of enthusiasm. I rescued him from a busy highway and took him to my home.

And now, he owns my home, it’s now “Bhuru’s home”. When I take him for a walk, suddenly he starts jumping on me. 

I was curious to know why this happens that’s why I searched for it and got many reasons behind this act.

Hence, I have made a list of such reasons why your dog jumps on you while walking.  So, let’s get started.

Why does my dog jump on me while walking?

When I researched why does my dog jump on me while walking, I got to know that the most common reason for this situation is that your dog wants to grab your attention. There are several reasons behind them grabbing your attention.

Some of them include – they are anxious, they want to play, they are overstimulated, frustrated, or they want a treat. 

7 reasons Why Dogs Jumps over Me

Your dog need attention

The most common reason why your dog jumps on you is he wants your attention. We know that dogs are very attention-grabbing and lovable creatures. When they lack any of these, they try to get that y their own. 

If you do not think that pushing and scolding your dog gently is a form of giving attention, then you are wrong. It might be negative attention, but it is still attention for your dog. 

When your dog jumps on you, you try to stop him, talk to him, etc. and hence he knows when he will jump on you, he will get that attention. 

Your dog is feeling anxious

There are many triggers points where your dog may get anxious. Some of them could be a noisy place or high pitch sound. Bhuru (My dog) does not like to be chained at all.

He has that protective instinct in him hence he feels if he is chained he will not be able to protect his house.

Whenever I try to chain him due to certain reasons, he gets anxious and starts jumping while I make him calm down by taking me outside.

Your dog wants to play with you

When some dogs want to play, they start jumping in front of you. One point to be noted here is that this is not at all aggressive behavior. 

This indicates that your dog is full of energy and needs to put it into something. And many times this happens that you could get hurt if your dog is big in size and has long nails. 

Your dog is feeling frustrated

Frustration can be caused due to any reason like the presence of some person or dog.

This happens when your dog is chained or leashed. Your dog gets frustrated due to the fact that he is restricted. 

Even if your dog is not having any problem with a dog or people but they have that limited freedom. Hence, your dog can feel frustrated in this situation. 

Your dog is overstimulated

When your dog is overstimulated, he or she will be jumping and nibbling at you. This behavior is common in puppies when they are tired.

Your dog has that habit since puppyhood

Dogs always want company and are enthusiastic about their human after a long day. 

Puppies show their excitement and affection by jumping on you because it makes them feel they are close to you. And this continues till adulthood. 

You are encouraging your dog’s behavior

When you scold or calmly talk to your dog to make him understand not to jump, is the reinforcement of behavior. Scratching them or petting them has the same effect. 

This may turn into unknowing encouragement and the situation will get worst.

Dogs know it very well to take advantage of the situation where they can present themself and grab all of the attention.

Hence if you react to their jumping, they might get encouraged and start doing it more often.

How do you stop a dog from jumping while walking?

  • One of the best ways to stop dogs from jumping while walking is to ignore them. Just turn around, fold your arms and stay quiet. If your dog runs around and jumps again then turn around once again and fold your arms again. 
  • Give him good behavior rewards in the form of treats. When your dog is standing with all the paws on the ground, just toss him a treat. This will help him understand that staying on the ground will benefit him
  • When your dog knows the above thing you must add the sit command with it. Make your dog training about this.   
  • It is not enough to just do a training session with your dog, you should also involve other people as well. Otherwise, your dog will not jump on you but jump on others

Why does my dog jump at me when I run?

The main reason behind this is that your dog feels afraid when you run and hence he jump at you while you are running.

This behavior comes due to a lot of insecurity, anxiety, and negative experience. Hence, the dog feels afraid when he sees you running.

Why is my dog jumping on me all of a sudden?

When your dog is underconfident or stressed around unknown people, they may jump on you to feel that sense of security.

If your dog is over-excited then it is a possibility that he or she will jump on you suddenly.

This excess energy can be a result of boredom due to spending a long time in a crate.

Why does my dog jump on me when I get home?

Your dog jumps on you to greet you when you get back home and it is a positive sign.

It is a natural and instinctive behavior of a dog.

It is derived from the feeling of excitement and eagerness to know from where you are coming.

As your dog hears the door of sound, he knows it’s you and starts wagging his tail even before he sees you. 

Why does my dog jump on me and not my husband?

This might be a case because you are teaching and rewarding your dog and your husband is not doing it.

Dogs have their favorites who they love more than others and it is evident that dogs have their favorite parent on whom they shower more love and affection. 

Why does my dog jump on me and lick me?

Licking is a calm gesture that shows that your dog loves you and sees you as a trustworthy person. Your dog does this to show affection and won’t attack you. 

Why does my dog jump and bite me on walks?

If your dog bites you after jumping on you then it’s evident that he wants your attention.

One thing you can do here is that you can go down to his level so that he does not need to jump and bite you to get your attention.

Final words

And that is it for our today’s article on why does my dog jumps on me while walking.

There are different reasons that your dog does this to you. Hope you enjoyed the article. Stay tuned for more.