Best Harness For Labrador Retriever

Top 8 Best Harness For Labrador Retriever: A Guide

Harness For Labrador Retriever offers a wide range of functions especially when it comes to the Labrador breed or any other dog breed for that matter.

It disperses pressure from one part of the dog’s neck and chest to other areas, thus making the pressure evenly distributed.

With even distribution of pressure, the dog can avoid several issues, especially during walks and physical activities. The harness can be useful in preventing pressure-induced injuries.

A dog can constantly pull the leash to protest the lack of freedom, but a leash provides an anti-pull and anti-choking effect to make the dog comfortable.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Harness For Labrador Retriever

The best harness for Labrador retriever is not always the most expensive. The harness should come with certain features and extras that will facilitate comfort for the Labrador retriever and the owner.

The following factors must be considered when making your final choice;

  • Adjustable neck girth
  • Design material
  • Sturdiness of handle
  • Type of Straps
  • Ease of Usage
  • Extras

Adjustable Neck Girth

There is no doubt that the most important factor you should consider when buying a Labrador retriever harness is the adjustability of the neck girth. Any harness that cannot be adjusted by the neck is not good.

One of the most important steps you must take in choosing the right harness is to measure the width and girth of the neck and chest.

Design Material

Ideally, a harness must be designed with non-chewable and non-tearing material to discourage the dog from trying to destroy it.

Certain fabrics such as the Oxford grade fabrics are some of the desirable options that are non-chewable and non-tearing.

Breathable lining with a padded cushion also makes a harness more convenient and desirable.

Type of Straps

Straps help you maintain the opposition of the harness on the dog and that is why you should consider comfortable yet strong straps.

Straps perform more than this, they can also serve as a security feature when they have reflective materials.

Incoming vehicle lights can create a reflection when the lights are incident on the straps, thus improving visibility and security while walking your dog.

Sturdiness of Handle

The type of fabric used in creating the handle of the harness can determine its sturdiness. Some fabrics are made up of nylon some are made of leather and metal.

Metal and leather handles are sturdier hence they provide stronger control, nylon handles are also sturdy but not as strong as leather and metal.

Experts suggest you choose leather controls because they don’t become corrosive like metals, though they are not as easy to clean and maintain as nylon.


No two harness is completely the same, some do come with extra features for added safety and comfort.

For instance, some harnesses do have front and back clips to prevent pulling back and enhance relaxation.

Determining The Right Size Of Harness For Your Labrador

As mentioned earlier, it is important to measure the width and girth of your dog before you choose the right harness.

To measure the chest width, for instance, you need to wrap a measuring tape across the chest of the Labrador.

The tape should be wrapped over the breast bone at approximately 1 inch behind the front legs.

To measure girth, simply wrap the measuring tape around the deepest part of your dog’s ribcage and behind the front legs. Write down the figures and keep them in mind when choosing the right harness for the dog.

The golden rule is to ensure that the harness covers the girth and width measurement ranges you just wrote down and then leave enough inches to allow for the growth of the dog.

Review Of The Top 8 Best Harness For Labrador Retriever Options

There are wide ranges of harnesses you can use on your Labrador retriever, but the following has been adjudged the best according to user reviews;

1. WINSEE Dog Harness No Pull, Pet Harnesses with Dog Collar, Adjustable Reflective Oxford Outdoor Vest, Front/Back Leash Clips for Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large Dogs.

This harness claims to be easy to use. It comes with a control handle for walking and comes in predominantly black color though you can find it in 4 other colors.

This option comes in a large option but you can also find the harness in small, medium- and extra-large options.

Alongside the lockable collar, the harness comes with a neck girth that can be adjusted between 18 and 27 inches. The chest girth, on the other hand, can be adjusted between 19 and 33 inches.

You need to measure the broadest part of your dog’s chest before purchasing this harness.

The sturdy handle alongside the reflective straps improves dog safety when walking in the night.

The handle is made with sturdy fabric that provides better control.

The slide adjusters on the chest and neck make it easier to customize the neck and chest girth for the ideal fit.

There is a locking tab located on the clasp while the fasteners come with snap and side locks that keep the harness securely fastened.

The double-stitching design plus the extra padding of the harness makes it comfortable for the dog.

This is a no-pull and choke-free harness with two sturdy metal D-rings located on the front and back to attach the leak.

While the front clip will prevent the pulling back, the black clip will enhance relaxation. 2 two D-rings available here are reinforced hence the harness cannot be ripped off by heavy pulling.

This harness is very easy to use especially with the quick snap buckles and safe lock that make it easier to put it on and take it off. It is a no-pull harness is designed with enhanced 1680D Oxford fabric that can resist chewing and tearing up.

There is a breathable mesh lining underneath plus a soft sponge padded plate for extra comfort and protection.

This product is affordable despite all the advanced features it offers, this is a great bargain for the money. The nylon dog collar also comes with a limited manufacturer warranty.

WINSEE Dog Harness No Pull, Pet Harnesses with Dog Collar, Adjustable Reflective Oxford Outdoor Vest, Front/Back Leash Clips for Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large Dogs, Easy Control Handle for Walking
  • 【Large Dog Harness with Lockable Collar】 Adjustable Neck Girth: 18-27 inch, Chest Girth: 19-36 inch. Recommended Breeds: Medium to Large size dogs like Great Pyrenees, Golden Retriever, Labrador, German Shepherd, American Bully Pitbull, Huskie, Alaska, Akita and more. Please determine your dog’s chest girth by measuring the broadest part of your dog’s chest when choosing size. A durable DOG COLLAR included.
  • 【Reflective Straps & Sturdy Handle】Reflective straps of this easy control harness ensure your dog’s safety while out for a walk even at night; Sturdy Fabric Handle on the back helps you better control and assist your dog. Please do not use the collar to lead your dog if she/he pulls much. The D-ring in the front of harness would be perfect for you to attach by the leash.
  • 【Adjustable & Customizable Neck And Chest Girth Fit】The fit of this pet harness can be completely customized for your pet using the slide adjusters at the chest and neck. Please note that there was a locking tab on the clasp. The snap in fasteners have a slide lock to keep securely fastened, double stitching, lots of reinforcement stitching at high stress points, easy to fit & put on & nicely padded for your dog's comfort.
  • 【No Pull & Choke-Free】WINSEE black dog harness featured with 2 Sturdy Metal D-Rings on front/back range for attaching leash, front clip prevent pulling and back for relaxed walking. The 2 D-rings are reinforced on the extensional part which is not easily ripped off even by heavy pulling. Pulling pressure is evenly distributed to the body to prevent Choking.
  • 【Easy to Use】This dog vest harness designed with quick snap buckles& safe lock, make it easy and secure to put on and take off. This no pull dog harness is made with enhanced 1680D oxford fabric with high density to prevent from chewing or tearing up. Breathable mesh lining with soft sponge padding plate of this dog harness providing extra comfort and protection.

What I like about it

  • Comes with a D ring located in front of the harness allows easy attachment to the leash.
  • Sturdy fabric provides better control.
  • Adjustable neck and chest girth help customize the harness for the right fit.
  • 2 clips prevent pulling back and enhanced relaxation.
  • The pulling pressure on the leash is evenly distributed to prevent the choking of the animal.

What I don’t like about it

  • It works only on a dog that weighs up to 90lbs.

2. BABYLTRL Big Dog Harness No Pull Adjustable Pet Reflective Oxford Soft Vest for Large Dogs Easy Control Harness

The large size harness is also available in small, medium, and extra-large sizes. for the large size, the chest girth can be varied between 22 and 35 inches.

Aside from Labradors, this harness can be used for other breeds such as German shepherds and American bully Pit-bull.

It comes with adjustable straps that can make the harness custom-fit for the dog. There is no pull design here because the pulling pressure is evenly distributed to the body of the dog to prevent choking.

100% satisfaction is guaranteed with the design of the harness.

The harness is easy to wear and remove, it comes also with a locking security feature. It comes with a simple design that works with quick snap buckles for easy putting and taking off.

There are locking features on both snaps that make the harness more secure and for daily working. The harness is also good for hiking, hunting, and for many other outdoor adventures.

The handle is very sturdy and handy in design, there is also a durable D-ring leash attachment point. These features ensure an easy-to-grab handle for better control and assistance of the dog in different situations.

The reflective and lightweight harness is made from premium nylon Oxford material for long-term usage. This is a soft dog chest harness that is easy to clean well-maintained and re-used for several years.

The design also includes breathable and highly comfortable padding. It is one of the most aesthetically appealing harnesses you should consider.

Simply push the red-colored button to lock and unlock the leash and to extend the neck strap, simply pull the neck slider away from the brand logo.

To loosen the neck strap, simply unbuckle the strap and slide the head of the dog through.

Big Dog Harness No Pull Adjustable Pet Reflective Oxford Soft Vest for Large Dogs Easy Control Harness (L, Black)
  • Large size: Chest Girth 22-32 inch. Perfect harness for large dogs, but also fits well for medium dogs, like golden retriever, labrador, german shepherd, american bully pitbull and more. Adjustable Straps let you create a custom fit for your dog.
  • No pull design: Pulling pressure is evenly distributed to the body to prevent Pulling and Choking. Our dog vest harness comes with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Easy to wear & locking Security: This pet harness with simple design and quick snap buckles which make it easy to put on and take off. Locking feature on both snaps makes it much more secure, perfect for daily walking, running, hiking, training, hunting, outdoor adventure and more!
  • Sturdy handy handle: Our pet dog harness comes with sturdy D-ring leash attachment point and easy grap handle to help you to control and assist your dog.
  • Reflective & lightweight: Premium Nylon Oxford material offers a long lifetime for this soft dog chest harness. Lightweight and easy to clean. Reflective straps keep your dog SAFE all the time while out for a walk.

What I like about it

  • The adjustable strap ensures that the harness is not too tight nor too loose.
  • Pulling and choking are prevented with even distribution of pull.
  • It comes with a locking feature for ease of usage and added security.
  • It comes with a reflective design material that enhances visibility in the night.
  • Lightweight and easy to maintain.

What I don’t like about it

  • May not be suitable for dogs weighing more than 100 lbs.

3. Noxgear Light-Hound – Revolutionary Illuminated and Reflective Harness for Dogs Including Multicolored LED Fiber Optics (USB Rechargeable, Adjustable, Lightweight, Rainproof)

With multiple colors in one harness, this is one of the most beautiful harness options you should consider. You can simply switch between 8 different bright colors with the fading color modes.

The different color modes include rainbow, disco dog, Rescue, Cool comet, Photon Burst, and Independence Day.

The different illumination color modes will give some visibility to the dog and oncoming motorists. You can choose different modes by pressing a button and you can use these modes while walking the dog, running or when the dog is within the backyard.

The True 360-degree technology is responsible for the illumination, fluorescence, and reflectivity of the harness. This technology makes the harness visible from up to half a mile away, hence you will never lose sight of the dog again.

This reflector technology is better than other harnesses because it alerts passersby of a stray dog, just in case the animal has gone astray.

There is no need for batteries, and the harness doesn’t smell. With a single full charge, the illuminating harness can last for up to 12 hours even with full illumination. The harness can be used all year round, even under sunshine and rain without fear.

It comes with a breathable design plus a military-grade corduroy material that makes it durable for years.

This is one harness that is designed to withstand rolling in the mud, play in rainfall, and resist wear and tear for long. Just throw it inside the washing machine when dirty and it will dry in no time.

The harness goes in quickly with the inclusion of a leash. The harness can also be quickly unbuckled when you are done walking the dog.

If you already have leashes you love, this harness will quickly and easily slide over the harness and not interfere with other dog gear.

This leash is attractive and practical on just any dog breed aside from the Labrador.

It is highly adjustable, hence there is no need to sacrifice safety for comfort. Both the neck and chest can be adjusted until the perfect fit is achieved.

Simply slide it in, clip it and adjust without the fear of the harness rubbing and chaffing.

This is the perfect option for long-haired dogs. Aside from the multi-color option, it can also be found in a single solid color. With its military-grade fabric, it is weather-proof and durable. It weighs less than 5.6 ounces and manufacturer warranty.

Noxgear LightHound – Revolutionary Illuminated and Reflective Harness for Dogs Including Multicolored LED Fiber Optics (USB Rechargeable, Adjustable, Lightweight, Rainproof) (Small)
  • ALL THE COLORS IN ONE VEST – Change between 8 super bright solid colors - Red, Yellow, Magenta, Blue, Purple, Pink, Green, and Cyan AND 6 eye catching multicolor flashing and slow fading color modes – Disco Dog, Rainbow, Cool Comet, Rescue, Independence Day, and Photon Burst. Our special illumination modes are based on visual science to give visibility to your pets and warning to motorists. Modes are easily selectable at the press of a button, easy to access during a walk, run, or backyard fun.
  • TRUE 360 DEGREE ILLUMINATION, REFLECTIVITY, & FLUORESCENCE – Visible from over half a mile away, never lose sight of your dog outdoors again. Unlike other reflective animal vests and hi viz gear, our flexible fiber optic cables, and 3M Scotchlite reflector technology actively keep man's best friend safe by alerting distracted drivers and traffic before their headlights are on you and your pup. Day or night, morning or evening, rain or shine, let your dog out of the house worry free.
  • NO BATTERIES, NO SMELLS, NO WORRIES – A quickly recharging, long lasting battery, means up to 12 hours of illuminated playtime per charge. Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, the lightweight, breathable design allows your puppy to wear it year round. Built to be durable with military grade Cordura fabric and 3M reflective bias, this vest can withstand rolling, adventures in the rain, or just general wear and tear. When it does get dirty, cleaning is easy, just throw it in the washing machine.
  • GOES ON QUICK AND EASY – The newly re-designed harness with added leash attachment makes it easier than ever to clip-in and be out the door. The harness is easily unbuckled when you're done too! Already have leashes that you love? The LightHound will quickly slide over your favorite dog collar, harness, or jacket and not interfere with the leash or other dog gear. The LightHound is an attractive and practical option for any animal owner.
  • HIGHLY ADJUSTABLE – A unique vest for a unique companion. No need to compromise comfort for safety, both the neck and chest are adjustable to get the perfect fit. Slide it on, clip in, and simply adjust, and it's ready to go, without fear of rubbing and chafing.

What I like about it

  • Different color modes for securing the dog and aesthetic appeal.
  • It requires less washing and little maintenance.
  • It comes with an added leash attachment.
  • Compatible with many dog gears.
  • It can be used for your Labrador and many other dog breeds.

What I don’t like about it

  • Costlier than most of its main competitors.

4. Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No-Pull Pet Harness Adjustable Outdoor Pet Vest 3M Reflective Oxford Material Vest for Dogs Easy Control for Small, Medium, Large Dogs

The harness is available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. The large option has neck sizes that can be expanded from 16.1” to 23.2”, while the chest can be adjusted between 20.3 and 39.6”.

It is available mostly in classic black color, though you can also find it in 5 other different options.

It comes with a no-pull and no-choke feature especially with the availability of 2 metal leash rings. With the no-pull and no-choke feature, walking the dog is extremely convenient.

You can simply use the chest attachment clip to prevent the dog from pulling during a walk. It is also the perfect companion during dog training.

The back clip can also assist in casual walks with the dog as well as outdoor activities such as hiking and jogging.

The overhead harness can best be described as hassle-free because it can easily be put on or off the dog. The fast-release buckles work very well in snapping the harness properly to the body of the dog.

Slide the harness over the dog’s head, buckle it up and then adjust the strap accordingly. You can grab the top handle of the harness for more control.

The lightweight harness is very easy to clean and maintained. It is fully adjustable with 4 adjusting straps all around the body.

You can create that perfect fit on your dog with 2 chest straps and 2 straps. You don’t have to worry about the dog slipping out or choking.

Made from a durable Oxford-grade nylon material and also padded with some soft cushion to keep the dog’s skin comfortable.

The breathable air mesh on the harness will also provide great air circulation especially when the dog is outdoors.

With the reflective and bright strips, you will enjoy safe walking day and night. It reflects incoming light. The materials used for the harness are of premium quality hence your dog will wear it with pride.

The machine-washable ultra-plush fabric of the harness will dry quickly and can be worn immediately.

The harness material is durable and weatherproof for all seasons, hence you don’t have to spend money changing it frequently.

rabbitgoo Dog Harness, No-Pull Pet Harness with 2 Leash Clips, Adjustable Soft Padded Dog Vest, Reflective No-Choke Pet Oxford Vest with Easy Control Handle for Large Dogs, Black, L
  • Large Dog Harness - Recommended Breeds: Medium to Large Dogs, such as Golden Retriever, Huskie, Labrador, Alaska, German Shepherd, Akita, etc. Please measure the size carefully before purchasing this present for your puppy. Make your puppy stand out with this Classic Black Harness!
  • No Pull, No Choke - Our non-pulling dog harness is specially designed with 2 metal leash rings for safer dog walks. Use the chest attachment clip to stop your dog from pulling on walks, perfect for dog training or dogs who tend to pull. The back one is great for casual walks, jogging, hiking, etc
  • Easy to Use - This hassle-free overhead harness is easy to put on and take off with its 2 fast-release buckles. Slide the harness over your dog's head, buckle it up, adjust the straps, and here you go! Grab the top handle for additional control. Lightweight and easy to clean
  • Fully Adjustable - This adjustable harness features 4 easy adjusting straps around the body. You can use its 2 neck straps and 2 chest straps to create a perfect fit for your dog with some room of growth. No worries about slipping out or choking
  • Safe and Comfortable - Your dog will enjoy the daily walk in this comfort dog harness! Made of durable nylon oxford and padded with soft cushion to protect your dog's skin. Breathable air mesh keeps your dog cool during outdoor activities. Super bright reflective strips ensure a safe walk both day and night

What I like about it

  • The chest attachment clip prevents the dog from pulling.
  • Very light to handle.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • The reflective strips provide better visibility in low-light conditions.
  • Affordable.

What I don’t like about it

  • Recommended for only medium to large dogs.

5. The Original Sense-action No-Pull Dog Training Harness

Very simple in design, hence it is one of the easiest harnesses for Labradors you should consider. Though it is quite simple, the quality of its function has not been sacrificed.

It is mostly available in medium and large wide options. It is also available mostly in purple color but you can still find it in 4 other color variations.

This is one original front-leash attachment and it is designed to gently train your dog to walk by your sides without hassle.

If you are struggling to control the movement of your Labrador while walking outside, then this harness could be one of your best choices.

It is plated with Nickel steel material which adds to its durability adds strength. The O rings are also welded for extra strength. There is an instruction booklet available for guidance and operation of the harness.

The custom soft-touch polyester material or webbing provides extra comfort for the dog. The addition of Duraflex plastic hardware has replaced the metal design and that provides extra comfort for the dog.

The O rings on the chest and sides have been plated with nickel for extra durability and strength.

There is a curved side release buckle alongside the strap keepers for added security and safety. There is no acclimation period with this product, you can start using it right away.

It is one product that has reinforced dog training activities worldwide and received the gear of the year in 2013 by some dog journals.

The harness is built for both comfort and resilience. This product is weatherproof and can be used in all seasons.

You must measure the girth of the chest of the dog before choosing the right harness, even though it is adjustable. This harness is shipped worldwide, hence you can purchase it from anywhere in the world and some do come with free shipping.

The product comes with a limited manufacturer warranty.

Softouch Sense-ation No-Pull Dog Harness - 1" Medium/Large
  • The Original Front-Leash Attachment Harness.
  • Gently teaches your dog to walk at your side.
  • Make your walks more enjoyable!
  • Nickel plated, steel and welded O-rings for strength.

What I like about

  • Simple to use
  • There is a simple to understand booklet that offers great directive and support.
  • Duraflex plastic hardware is easier on the dog than metal materials.
  • It can be highly helpful in dog training.
  • Very good for medium to large dogs.

What I don’t like about it

  • Flaps loosely in the front if you don’t choose the most ideal size for the Labrador.

6. PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness, No Pull Dog Harness, Black/Silver, Large

This is another affordable dog harness option you may want to consider especially when you are budget-conscious.

It is available in 8 different colors and black is the commonest one. You can mostly find it in large sizes and can be adjusted to suit the size of the dog.

It comes with a sturdy strap that holds the harness smartly to the dog. It is recommended for vets and dog trainers aside from individual dog owners.

Designed some 15 years back and has remained relevant till today. This harness can stop minor and aggravated dog pulling.

This harness is designed to rest across the chest of the dog instead of their throat, hence it helps eliminate the risk of choking and cough.

It has a design that makes it quick and easy to put on the dog and remove it. The harness will fit your dog in just a few minutes especially with the quick snap shoulder alongside the belly straps.

The ring on the front clip chest will give you the extra control you need over the dog.

This harness comes with a manufacturer’s 1-year chew damage replacement, though this will come with a very minimal fee.

A comfortable fit is provided with the patented Martingale loop located on the chest piece. The loop will help prevent twisting and a relaxed control of the harness.

A perfect fit guarantee is provided by the manufacturer of this piece of harness, it is available in 8 different sizes for all kinds of dog breeds. There is a US-based customer care service that can help you with any complaint.

As a trusted global leader in dog control and training, this product comes with a quality guarantee to confirm the durability and effectiveness of the harness.

The chest strap rest across the chest and not the delicate throat making walking pleasurable.

There is a front-chest leash attachment that keeps the dog’s attention towards you. You need to measure your dog’s width and girth to find the most appropriate harness for them.

It is constructed with some sparkling ribbon overlay and nylon that also doubles as a reflector for better visibility.

The harness comes with a limited manufacturer warranty.

PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness, No Pull Dog Harness, Black/Silver, Large (EWH-HC-L-BLK)
  • LEGACY OF TRUST: This harness was created 15 years ago by a veterinary behaviorist and is trusted by a million dog parents and trainers each year
  • TEACHES BETTER LEASH MANNERS: Patented Martingale loop and front chest leash attachment minimizes your dog’s pulling by gently steering him in the direction you are headed
  • NO MORE GAGGING AND CHOKING: The harness safely controls light to moderate pulling by resting across your dog’s chest instead of his throat
  • COMFORTABLE FIT: Keep your dog cool with less coverage than many other harnesses; light and breathable construction while still maintaining quality and durability
  • QUICK AND EASY TO FIT: The quick-snap shoulder and belly straps allow you to fit the nylon harness easily on your dog

What I like about it

  • Very quick and easy to slip on and remove.
  • Chew damage replacement guaranty.
  • Works for petite, medium and giant dog breeds.
  • It comes with a customer care service for any complaints.

What I don’t like about

  • Mostly suited for the medium and large size Labradors.
  • The harness can be chewed, though it will take a long time for the damage to occur.

7. 2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness Training Package, Medium (1″ Wide), Black

This is more than a dog harness, it is a complete package that can help control and train your Labrador.

This is a no-pull harness that offers your dog complete freedom.

With the no-pull design, pulling, neck strain, and the need for escape are eliminated.

This product is recommended for vets and dog trainers because it can walk from the dog’s back to keep their spinal cord aligned.

Durable and comfortable in every way because it comes with a soft Swiss velvet lining on the straps that run behind the legs. The velvet lining helps prevent soreness, chaffing, and rubbing.

The edges of the harness webbing are turned out to prevent irritation of the dog’s skin. This is a harness that will withstand daily usage.

It is multi-functional; it can be attached to the front or back for different purposes.

It comes with a lifetime chewing warranty and the manufacturer will replace up to 2 chewed harnesses for free.

There is a patented action loop that sits between the shoulders of the dog to keep the animal walking in a straight line without straining and twisting.

The harness also discourages pulling by producing a gentle tightening around the chest of the animal. You must use the measuring steps described above to find the right size of a harness for the dog.

As a machine-washable harness, you can throw it inside the washing machine and dry it immediately. It comes with a great control mechanism, with 4 points of adjustability.

This is one harness that can be used on puppies and diverse kinds of adult dog breeds.

What makes this harness special is that it is recommended for breeds with amputation, arthritis, and other injuries that affect the dog’s movement.

A double-ended leash is included with the package and those can be connected to the front and back of the harness making it easier to steer the dog in any direction.

In addition to the replacement warranty for the chewed harness, the product comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The training package included in the package comes in the form of an instructional video.

2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness Training Package with Leash, Medium (1" Wide), Black
  • The Freedom No-Pull Harness design minimizes or eliminates pulling, neck strain, and the chance of escape. The Freedom Harness is recommended by trainers as the "ultimate in flexibility, control, and training." Vets love the harness because it is designed to walk from the back of the dog keeping their spinal cords in alignment. Adoption groups love it because of its ease of use.
  • Comfortable and durable! The Freedom harness has a soft Swiss velvet lining on the strap that goes behind the legs to help prevent rubbing, chaffing and sores that sometimes can be seen with other harness designs. All of the edges of the webbing are turned out to keep them from irritating your dog's skin. This well made harness will stand up to daily use by even the strongest dogs!
  • Multi-functional: The harness can be used for discouraging pulling when attached to the front or for exercise when attached to the back. The double ended leash (included) can be attached to both the front and back of the harness or just the front or the back. Test it to see which works best for you and your dog! Industry leading lifetime chewing warranty: The manufacturer will replace up to two chewed straps for free, no questions asked, for just the cost of shipping.
  • Reduces pulling! The patented action loop sits at the back of the dog between the shoulders allowing your dog to walk in a straight line without twisting or straining, while discouraging pulling by gently tightening around the chest.
  • SIZING: Use a tape measure and measure the circumference of your dog's chest by placing the tape measure all the way around the chest (rib cage), behind the front legs. The tape measure should be not pulled too tight, but not loose. 5/8" XSMALL: 14"-20" chest, 13-21 lbs; 5/8" SMALL: 18"-24" chest, 18-35 lbs; 5/8" MEDIUM: 22"-28" chest, 30-50 lbs; 1" MEDIUM; 22"-28" chest, 30-50 lbs; 1" LARGE: 26"-32" chest, 45-80 lbs; 1" XLARGE: 30"-38" chest, 75-135 lbs; 1" XXLARGE: 36"-44" chest, 125-200 lbs.

What I like about it

  • No-pull design technology prevents problems and escape.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Great cushion to prevent rubbing and soreness on the skin.
  • It comes with a manufacturer chewing replacement policy.
  • Very easy to clean and maintain.

What I don’t like about it

  • It can be chewed and damaged by the dog over some time.
  • More expensive than most of its competitors.

8. Durable Dog Harness No Pull and Leash Set for Small Medium Large Dogs Walking Training Dog Leash Soft Vest Harness Easy On and Off

Available in small, medium, and large sizes. This leash may look so simple but offers more than its price value.

It is ultra-soft and has a no-pull technology for added convenience. It is made from double-sided smooth nylon plus a grade A PVC cotton padding.

All these produce the needed lightness and pull resistance to prevent bruising of the skin of the dog.

It has a no-choke feature plus an adjustable range that will fit any dog size. The safety distance length of the leash ensures that the dog stays in control while having fun or during exercises.

This is one of the most stylish and colorful harnesses you should consider. With the amazing combination of red and black colors, your dog will stand out from the crowd stylishly.

The chest measurement for the medium size harness is 17” to 10”, while the chest girth for small size harness is 12” to 18”.

Whichever option you choose, the range of adjustment is large enough to accommodate different Labrador sizes.

Built to last, it is resistant to a diverse range of adverse weather conditions. Your dog can put it on in winter, summer, fall, and spring with little or no need to wash.

The buckles are designed with heavy-duty, durable plastic plus a triangular metal buckle to house all straps at the center of the neck.

The buckle is placed to ensure that the harness stays securely fastened for all sizes of dogs.

The leash handle is comfortable enough for you to hang onto. The leash handle has a spin clasp that will rotate 360 degrees as the dog is moving, hence it will not get twisted or tangled around the dog.

You must measure the chest and neck girth and width of your dog before you choose the right type of harness.

Aside from the Labrador, this harness will work with a wide range of other breeds including golden retriever, Chihuahua, Huskies, and Rottweiler.

What I like about it

  • No-pull and ultra-soft design make your dog comfortable always.
  • All sizes have a wide range of adjustments for convenience.
  • Colorful in design, hence you can identify your dog easily.
  • Very easy to maintain.
  • Weather-resistant.

What I don’t like about it

  • Must be kept away from the dog when not in use to prevent chewing.
  • The product is not shipped to many countries.

Other Considerations You Should Make Before Choosing A Harness For Your Labrador

Connectivity matters when it comes to choosing a harness. The ideal option must connect correctly. There are two main types of harness connectivity, these are; the front clip and the back clip.

The front clip harness will give you more control over the dog’s behavior but it doesn’t always work for aggressive dogs.

The back clip harness is more comfortable, they protect the neck better, and are easy to put on. You should consider a harness that has both front and back clips for the best results.

Both front and back clip harnesses do offer greater control of dogs over leashes. You may want to discuss with your veterinarian a guide on the right type of harness you should choose.

The thickness of the harness is another thing to consider when making a final choice. You need to measure the dog and choose the proper harness thickness based on age and breed.

In this case, the Labrador breed is being considered. The thickness of the harness is particularly important for dogs like Labrador that can quickly grow out of their current size.

Padding is another factor you should consider when choosing a harness for your Labrador. Some dog owners may wonder whether padding is a necessary consideration.

The answer is simple Yes! Short hair dogs will benefit more from padding to avoid rubbing their skin against the harness and triggering skin irritation.

The padded harness is also known to add some extra flair by making your dog appear more stylish. The padded harness is so comfortable that they can encourage the dog to go out for walks more often.

While the padding is a desirable feature, the material of the leash itself must be easy to maintain and clean.

You must ask yourself the question; “Does the harness meet your dog and your personal needs?

You must get a harness you can try under different conditions, but unfortunately, most sellers don’t allow free tests.

The ideal harness must be ready to work on the long haul. A good harness must adjust to the moves and needs of the dog.

Once the harness is on your dog, you should make several adjustments while paying attention to the reaction of the animal as you walk her around.

Watch out for extremely cheap harness materials, such materials will wear and deteriorate within a very short time. You need to reflect on what best serves your dog.

If for instance you only walk your dog in the morning, you may not need a reflective harness. If you walk your dog in the early or late evening, then a reflective harness is important for security and visibility reasons.

Reflective harnesses are slightly costlier than non-reflective ones. It is also important that you check how much control the harness gives you, in addition to comfort.

You cannot sacrifice control for the quality and comfort of the dog, they are all important factors.

The ideal harness must give you total control when clipped to the leash without inconveniencing you and the dog.


In addition to the factors mentioned in this product guide, it is important to test a harness on your dog before buying it. The best harness for Labrador retriever should not necessarily be the one with most accessories.

You should consider the adjustability of the harness before making your final choice. Ideal adjustability should be within a range of at least 7-8 inches.

When it comes to the price factor, everyone wants to buy a harness within their budget range. If you have a set budget but find a harness that costs outside of the budget, perhaps you should consider the quality and long-term durability to get such a harness.

Smart dog owners often consider more than one harness at a time to ensure varieties in terms of control, durability, and comfort.

It is also important that you pay attention to your dog’s reaction especially when they feel some kind of discomfort with a new harness.