Can Ragdoll Cats Jump Fences?

Can Ragdoll Cats Jump Fences? (How High they Can?)

Ragdoll cats are friendly and extremely docile. However, they can be equally hyper to fetch. There’s no denying the fact that ragdoll jumping ability is impressive – this can also be annoying. If you live in a busy neighborhood, it only takes one mistake, and your cat will disappear forever.

Some folks prefer to attach roller bars or install anti-cat spikes to keep your furry friend off the fence. Read on to learn more.

Can Ragdoll Cats Jump Fences?

Yes, they can! Ragdolls are excellent jumpers. If you own one, you should be ready for a few surprises. Their well-structured hind legs make them great jumpers. But it all depends on the personality of the ragdoll cat and playfulness.

How High Can Ragdolls Jump?

A ragdoll can jump as high as 6 feet under normal circumstances. Their large body stature and agility play a big role. Some can easily scale up to 7 feet or nine times their average body length.

Ragdolls have strong muscles and low body weights that allow them to propel high into the air. While they are regarded as ground dwellers, their natural ability helps them reach new places. Before a ragdoll cat jumps, it coils its body like a spring and then pushes off the target surface.

How High Can a Ragdoll Kitten Jump?

Ragdoll kittens can jump up as high as 1 foot. But as they grow old, they can jump four times their height. Their jumping ability will reach a peak at around seven months.

Why Do Ragdolls Jump Over Fences? 4 Main Reasons Why!

Perhaps you’re wondering why your cat loves to jump over the fence. At this stage, you should know cats have curiosity and instincts. They don’t like to spend most of their time in one place. Here are the reasons why your furry friend likes to jump fences.

1. To Explore the Outside World

Even if you give your ragdoll everything at home, you can’t ignore their natural hunting instinct. Don’t be surprised to see your cat jump over the fence and bring back a dead animal.

2. Mating Instinct

This is common with male ragdolls. You may see unfixed male cats roam around to impress female cats. With this in mind, researchers suggest that you neuter your cat.

3. If the Outdoor Space is Less Appealing

You may have a breathtaking outdoor bed, but you may forget to provide toys for stimulation and fun. If you want to keep your cat at home, you should provide a friendly play environment. Also, you should keep the space free from other dangerous pets.

4. Less Bonding Times

Yes, you heard that right. Ragdoll cats like being close to humans, so you should create time to bond. A simple walk around the neighborhood can do the trick. You could even pet her or provide care. By doing this, you make the cat feel safe and secure.

Dangers of Letting Ragdoll Cats Jump Over the Fence

Ragdolls are indoor cats. If you allow them to jump over the fence or roam freely, there could be some impending dangers. This may include injuries, traffic, wolves, dogs, accidental poisoning, and exposure to parasites.

7 Ways to Stop Your Ragdoll Cat From Jumping Over Your Fence

In ragdolls world, nothing is off-limits. It’s normal for a cat to play, hide, and rest. Well, there’s no doubt that the jumping ability of a ragdoll cat is impressive. But here is the thing. There are many potential risks if a cat jumps over a fence. Is there a surefire way to keep your kitty safe?

While some folks prefer to attach roller bars or install anti-cat spikes, there are humane ways to keep your furry friend off the fence.

Here are seven tricks to prevent your cat from jumping over the fence!

1. Build a higher fence

If you have a fence around your outdoor space, you should make it higher. This may not guarantee the ragdoll won’t jump over, but it’s a great place to start.

2. Install a Metal Fence

A ragdoll has flexible spines, joints, and muscles that give an impressive jumping ability. A determined cat can still jump over but won’t have the grip to go over a metal fence. It’s costly, but it will keep the paws of your cat on the ground.

3. Attach Roller Bars

Attachment bars will prevent the cat from getting over. This makes them uneasy and out of balance, forcing them to jump back into the garden.

4. Create a Dedicated Cat Run

You can create a cage that is large enough to run. This will confine your cat to your garden and stop her from jumping over.

5. Install a Cat-Proof Fence

You can buy a net or an extension that goes on top of the fence – you can use it on any type of fence.

6. Use a Double-Sided Tape

Ragdolls feel uncomfortable with a double-sided tape. They can be a good deterrent if your furry friend continues to jump in places she shouldn’t. If she goes to a spot you use frequently, a double-sided tape will keep her at bay.

7. Put Up a Cat Repellents

You can find many types of cat repellents that could scare your cat from nearing the fence. For instance, a motion-sensor repellent will emit annoying noise (only the cat can hear). You can also use natural repellents like citrus which is offensive to the cat’s nose.

Other Possible Solutions

While adjusting your fence is always the best solution, your cat could be jumping over the fence for different reasons. Maybe it doesn’t get enough food and water, or the outdoor space is less appealing. In such a case, you should provide an outdoor bed and provide a safe playing environment.

The truth is, jumping is in the cat’s DNA. If you notice your Ragdoll is jumping high, you should understand her jumping behavior. She may be trying to escape some sort of danger.

It’s helpful that you understand why she’s fearful and then eliminate the problem from her environment.

Final Thoughts

Maybe you’re still wondering, can Ragdoll cats jump fences? Yes, Ragdolls are naturally curious and like to jump fences. The jumping behavior is due to their mating instinct. Also, those that are unneutered will always search for a potential mate and they will do that by any means necessary. Furthermore, if your cat is spending most of the time on her own, she may try to look for companionship elsewhere.

If your Ragdoll is still trying to jump over your fence despite your best efforts, the best way to protect her is to ensure she wears a collar with your contact information on it. Of course, a little training will show your cat where not to leap as well!

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