Do Ragdoll Cats Need a Companion

Do Ragdoll Cats Need a Companion? (5 Reasons Why)

Ragdoll cats are lovable, incredibly affectionate, and have an easy-going personality that makes them excellent family pets. Being a large breed, the kitty can be a playmate for your kiddos. Not to mention, they make a great cuddle buddy for the whole family and get along with other cats.

Do Ragdoll Cats Need a Companion?

Yes, Ragdolls should have a companion, especially if you’re away from home. They are incredibly social, so they need attention to stay healthy. And because they are placid, it’s no surprise they get along with other cats.

Read on to learn more.

4 Signs Your Ragdoll is Lonely

  • Destructive behavior

Ragdolls need a lot of attention, so they will follow you around the house. When they get lonely, they turn to destructive behaviors like scratching furniture or pushing things off surfaces. Some get distressed when they see you leave the house.

  • Aggression

A ragdoll is a docile cat. If it starts to show aggression, then that is a sign something is wrong.

  • Excessive grooming

If your ragdoll starts to groom, that could be a sign of distress.

  • Vocalization

If the cat speaks more than normal, it could be a red flag of unhappiness.

Introducing a new companion

If you think your furry friend is lonely, it’s time you bring a new member into the family. Since it takes time for pets to adjust to each other, you can try different setups.

For instance, you can borrow a kitty from a friend to see how your ragdoll reacts. How does it behave with a new member of the household?

If you plan to get a new kitty from a breeder, check out how it behaves when around other cats. Is it social or solitary? Does it get along with other cats?

This brings us to the next question, how do you introduce a new cat to your ragdoll? The best way is to watch how your furry friend behaves in the presence of another cat. During the trial period, you should let the cat know that she’s not the only member of the household.

Another critical step in the introduction is to let them exchange their scents. Let your ragdoll sniff the other cat – there are ways to make this easier for them.

Start by giving them their own space where they can retreat when they need to be alone. This is more of an assurance that you don’t intend to replace them. For ragdolls, the insecurity is brief, but it will disappear with some social acceptance.

You can introduce another cat anytime. However, if you can get your ragdoll a new companion at an early stage, this can improve the relationship between the two cats.

Which Breeds Suit a Ragdoll Cat?

Since ragdolls have even temperaments, they get along with other breeds. Not to mention, there’s a lower probability of aggression. When choosing a new cat to bring to your family, you should pay attention to compatibility.

Of course, your kitty should be easy-going. Here are the best breeds to suit your ragdoll cat.

1. Scottish fold

This breed is curious and playful, so it can serve as a great companion. It also loves making new friends.

2. Burmese cat

It’s gentle and likes to indulge in frequent play.

3. Birman

Birmans are famously easygoing and can be a great fit for those looking for companionship.

4. Maine

While a Maine is not distinctively friendly, it conducts itself politely. This is one breed you won’t see with skirmishes.

5. Exotic shorthair

This breed is friendly and shy. Once it gets out of the shell, it becomes friendly.

Can Two Male Ragdolls Get Along?

Unlike most cat breeds, male ragdolls tend to be non-combative. They may not be timid but are bearers of even dispositions. You will notice these two breeds bond very well and play tentatively after they get used to each other. Their dependence on the human parent will also lessen.

A tussle for superiority may be common, but this cannot be a problem if you get two cats of different ages. The old one will assume the protector and mentor role.

Should I Get Two Ragdolls at Once?

You should get two ragdolls if they come from the same breeder. This will spare you the struggle of introducing them to each other later. You can also get two cats from different breeders – this ensures the transition process is easier.

Another benefit of introducing two ragdolls is to make the veterinary visits a breeze. You will not only save on cost but also spare extra time to sleep.

If the feline friends are the same age, you spare them the trauma of losing each other. The disadvantage of getting two ragdolls is that socialization can get complicated (If both cats become territorial).

Should I Get a Kitten or an Adult Cat As a Companion?

Getting a kitten has its pros and cons. Kittens need extra care and love, so should have enough time to make the changes. One benefit of kittens is that you can introduce them to your ragdoll much easier. If you have an adult ragdoll, she will accept the kitten. Don’t be surprised to find that the adult kitten is the mentor.

Kittens are a bundle of joy. It’s the best way to uplift the mood of everybody. And because they are extremely playful, the cat will join the fun.

One downside of introducing a kitten as a companion is that it needs a lot of attention. If you want to enjoy the process, the new kitten may disrupt the pattern. You may find it challenging to divide the time to your first cat. Emotional problems can lead to medical issues such as skin rashes, fur loss, and digestive problems.

If you get an adult cat, you should be prepared for the acquaintance process between the two. But here is the thing. Cats that are there for adoption could have minor health issues and may require special care. At first, an adult kitten may look like a way to reduce the initial investment but could cost you more in the long run.

Before you bring in an adult kitten as a new companion, you should consult the vet so that you can be fully aware of the cat’s needs.

One advantage of getting an adult cat is that it will build a special bond with the masters. Besides, you will spend less time on education. If your ragdoll is sedentary, the second cat will join in the relaxation.

How Long Can You Leave Your Ragdoll Alone?

If you travel from time to time, this may not be the best breed for you. If you spend a lot of time with your dog, you can own a ragdoll.

Are You Ready to Get a Companion for Your Ragdoll Cat?

Now that you know the basics of getting a second cat, there are a few things to consider before you make your investment.

Are you ready to take care of the second cat?

Getting a second ragdoll means putting some resources aside for cat food, kitty litter, vet bills, and accessories.

Do you have time for the second cat?

How much time do you have to take care of the second cat? Are you ready to play or groom it? Not to mention, you should add the time you already spent with your first cat.

Are you aware the cats may not get along?

Even after doing everything right, the cats may not like each other. The reason for this is that they are incompatible. If this happens, are you ready to get a new cat a home?

Are you prepared for the introduction process?

Bringing a second cat is not easy – it requires a lot of dedication and hard work. It could even take weeks before the two create a bond.

How to Introduce a New Cat (Adult) to Your Ragdoll Cat

Kittens are too small to fight for territory since all they can do is fight. However, adult cats protect their territory, which can be a problem for new cats. Here are new ways to introduce a new ragdoll cat.

Get the home ready

Before you bring in a new cat, you should make sure there’s a separate room to keep the cat temporarily. You need a cat bed, plate, toys, and another litter box.

Bring the new cat home

The way you bring in the new friend matters – you don’t want your ragdoll to launch a surprise attack. And no matter how fast you want your ragdoll to socialize, make sure there’s no contact on arrival. Just put the new cat in a room and give it time to explore around.

Introduce the new cat

After the new cat gets used to the environment, he or she becomes courageous. Before you make an introduction, you should get rid of your residential ragdoll energy.

A 5 to 15 minutes play can be a good starting point. Only bring the new cat when the ragdoll is tired. The introduction could take a couple of days, depending on the personality.

The next day, you can introduce the two face to face. Generally, you should put the new cat in a box and allow the new one to stroll around and examine the new structure. You can give interactive toys, snacks, etc.

Take your ragdoll to the new cat’s room

To ensure both cats bond well, you should provide toys. Before you go, make sure they can play together. The ragdoll should be ready for the new buddy.

Let the cat explore each other

During the first few weeks, the cats will explore each other. Take time and don’t rush the procedure.

At first, your ragdoll may have a problem accepting the other cat. But with time, they will both accept each other’s behaviors.

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Final thoughts

Ragdolls are loyal and the friendliest breed you can ever have. I hope this post has answered the question; do ragdoll cats need a companion? Ragdolls should have a companion because they are credibly social – their placid nature makes them look for companionship.

However, there are lots of things you can do before you make the final decision. It’s a matter of individuality, living situation, and working schedule. If you take time, your ragdoll won’t have a problem having a new companion.