Why Do Ragdoll Cats Hate Closed Doors

Why Do Ragdoll Cats Hate Closed Doors? (3 Reasons)

If your ragdoll cat could control everything in your house, then doors would have been fitted with a cat flat for more effortless opening and closing. Cats, especially the ragdoll cat breed, hate the concept of leaving them behind closed doors.

For instance, you might have discovered that before closing the door, your ragdoll cat is very calm, but as soon as you close that door, it starts meowing and scratching the closed door.

It won’t rest until you open the door. This probably can tell you that your ragdoll cat doesn’t like staying behind closed doors. So, why do ragdoll cats hate closed doors?

3 Reasons Why Your Ragdoll Cat Hates Staying Behind Closed Doors

Although you may end up regarding their protesting behavior as peculiar, there are reasons behind your cat becoming alarmed immediately you close the door.

1. Closing the door restricts your ragdoll cat from accessing its territory.

Generally, cats are known to be territorial animals.

If they could speak, they would probably ask you why on earth you are blocking their access to their territories willingly.

As a Ragdoll cat owner, you probably know that these kitties hate staying behind closed doors.

This means that your ragdoll pet also marks its territory often as a way of making it clear to other cats where its territory reaches.

Although you might have a genuine reason for closing the door, maybe, you want to go to the bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen, something you probably don’t know is that you’re interrupting the access to some parts of your cat’s territory. That’s the source of the problem!

2. Cats are curious animals.

After closing the door, your ragdoll cat was left in the other room and probably alone. Although leaving your cat alone isn’t the reason it starts to meow and fidgets, there are triggers such as smell or noise coming from the other room, but your ragdoll can’t access it for investigation.

According to it, there is a problem, and it finds it worth letting you know about it. In simple words, your ragdoll cat is informing you to let it access other places.

3. Your Ragdoll cat is acting according to the Crowder rules.

After spending a significant time at your home, your ragdoll cat becomes a member of your family.

Yes, the cat probably recognizes the other humans in the house as part of its honorific members of its Crowder.

In other words, the cat knows whom to look upon in case it needs some help.

The problem arises when the cat can’t see a family member in the other room through the closed door.

The scratching, fidgeting, and meowing indicate that the cat is concerned about everybody’s safety in the room.

How do ragdoll cats protest over closed doors?

There are several ways a Ragdoll cat can inform you about closed doors in your house.

Here are the standard techniques for letting you know about it.


Your ragdoll cat could have been very calm and quiet, but immediately after you close the door, the cat’s alarm goes on, and it starts to meow.

Indeed, it will sit near the closed door and start meowing until you finally open the door.


After meowing for an extended period, yet the door isn’t opened, your ragdoll becomes restless, and it may start to fidget.

It will even start walking back and forth near the closed door as it plans the next step to take.


For most ragdoll cats, if fidgeting and meowing don’t work, i.e., the door isn’t opened, then pawing becomes the next step.

Your cat will pawn the closed door until somebody realizes their plight. The cat looks like it’s busy digging a tunnel through the closed door and getaway.

Ask for help politely. If pawing and meowing aren’t working so far, your cat will resort to looking for help from a family member, especially their favorite friend.

They will brush up against the individual and meow and move towards the closed door hoping the person will come with them to open the door.


What is crying for help and meowing goes unanswered, then the ultimate resolution is using their claws, the ultimate weapon.

By now, the cat is ready to fight against the closed door by scratching it.

This way, they are sure somebody will get their attention and probably open the door.

How to keep the door closed without ragdoll cat protesting.

There are times when you must keep the door closed despite your cat protesting against it.

In such cases, you can still manage to keep your cat peaceful after closing the door. These tips can help you achieve this.

Keep your ragdoll cat focused on something else.

It would help if you gave your maximum cat attention. In most cases, the cat’s intense interest in what is happening behind the closed door has to do with how occupied and attention they’re getting.

For instance, if your cat doesn’t receive enough attention and time with the family members, it becomes more prone to protesting closed doors as it feels abandoned.

So, it is essential to show your cat care often and ensure to spend enough time with it, playing together, cuddling so that even when you close the door, it doesn’t feel like a thread.

Let your cat lounge area be near the window. If your cat has issues with closing the front door, then give it a chance to see what is happening behind the door through the window since this will help calm them down.

Making your cat lounging area near the window gives them a chance to look out and see you as you go away, which will help them know your whereabouts.

Give your cat plenty of bags, boxes, and toys. Although it is a standard solution to restless cats, giving your cat plenty of items to play with means feeling less prone to threats such as a closed door.

Give your ragdoll cat its favorite playthings such as bags and boxes around every house corner. You can throw out those items your cat is bored with and replace them with new colored items.


Should you get your Ragdoll cat scratching posts? Ragdoll cats generally enjoy scratching which helps alleviate their stress and energy needs.

So, if you want to keep your cat behind closed doors without much resistance, then you can consider getting some great scratchers.