Birman vs Ragdoll: Comparison Guide in 2024

The Birman and Ragdoll are two beautiful long-haired cat breeds that are popular all over the world as pets. But despite similarities in their exotic names and features, there are some significant differences between them. This is why we will discuss five essential differences between Birman and Ragdoll in this article. 

If you want to know about Ragdolls Birman cross or Birman ragdoll mix, then you are also in the right place. But before we compare the breed and find the differences, it is essential to learn about their history. Well, talking about the history of both species, they have a significant track record from the past.

Birman Vs Ragdoll: A Birman Ragdoll Mix Guide

Ragdoll comes with a medium size head, a triangular face, and oval eyes. At the same time, Birman’s face is more elongated than Ragdoll’s. Birman has a mesmerizing oft voice and glittering Blue Eyes. This cat is known for its gentle and sweet temperament, whereas ragdolls are peaceful and calm. 

Both breeds are suitable for apartment living and sociability. Both species do not cope with being left alone for more extended periods, although the Ragdoll manages better than the Birman. Many studies have shown that cats with companions are more active, healthy, and happier.

Comparison Between Birman And Ragdoll (5 Key Differences)

If you already have any Birman or Ragdoll or both breeds, you should know both have some common traits, instincts, and features. But some key differences exist between both species, which is much to see before you have one. 

Both cats have stunning Blue Eyes with a slight difference in facial structure. The ragdoll cat is the best companion for anyone looking for a pet. They love people with families and even children. They can also get along with other pets. 

On the other hand, Birman is famous for its mesmerizing soft voice and glittering eyes. They will perhaps remind you of dinner or cuddle time on the sofa. Both breeds have some similar personality traits and are affectionate with family. Both cats have a high tendency to vocalize as they age. 

After knowing the similarities and the minimal differences between them, let’s look at some fundamental differences in their appearance, personality, Health, Care, and grooming.

Birman VS Ragdoll Appearance

Birman Cat: If we talk about the Birman coat, they come with silky medium-length skin in the pointed pattern of siamese. Their head is well equipped with medium size ears & glittering bright Blue Eyes. The cat is considered a medium to large size with a powerful, compact, and stocky body. The silky texture and the little undercoat mean it mats. They are broad with rounded head tops and 4 White feet. Birman usually look like they are wearing little white mittens.

Ragdoll Cat: Talking about ragdolls, they are famous for their semi-long coat with pointed patterns and sparkling Blue Eyes. Along with this, ragdolls are said to be one of the world’s most popular domesticated cat breeds. They come in a light-colored body combined with a darker tail, legs, face, and ears. Ragdolls are more giant than Birman. 

Ragdolls VS Birman Personality

All cats are individual, and there are no fast or hard rules about both cats’ personalities. However, Birman’s are more social than Ragdolls. However, ragdolls may be more outgoing than Birman. Both are calm and affectionate cat breeds with gentle nature and are also suitable for apartment living. 

Both cats are known for their sociability among families, children, strangers, and other pets. It is essential to ensure they have some mental stimulation or playmate to keep them company or engaged. 

Ragdolls like to get cuddled and engage with those who hold them. Similarly, Birman will want to be involved in whatever you do. Both are docile cats and communicate in a soft voice.

Birman Vs Ragdoll Health

Ragdoll: Ragdoll is overall a healthy cat breed. They are robust breed cats with some common health issues that might be genetically related. The most common point of Ragdoll and all cat breeds is being vulnerable to gum disease. Apart from this, Ragdoll and Birman are prone to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. In addition, unit urinary tract infection and polycystic kidney disease are also a problem with Ragdoll if not cared for properly.

Birman: like all cats, Birman is also susceptible to some viral and bacterial infections. They’re also prone to many health issues like corneal dermoid and congenital hypotrichosis. Congenital hypotrichosis is a disease that leads the offspring to be born with no hair. 

A Birman might also be suffering from an immune deficiency, “thymic aplasia,” that might lead to an increased risk of death. Spongy from degeneration, trembling and shaking are other diseases related to their nervous system and hindlimb weaknesses. Kidney dysfunction is another problem too. However, Birman has no breed-specific illness and can live up to more than 15-18 years if cared for properly.

Ragdoll VS Birman Shedding

Talking about Birman, they are known to shed less compared to other cat breeds. Whereas ragdolls come with long hair, you should expect a certain amount of shedding in the shedding season. However, both species will not shed as much as you might think. 

In the shedding season, they might release a certain amount of hair to adapt well. But, proper grooming can keep it at a minimum. Even though both come with thick coats, they have a little undercoat. If we brush both breeds twice weekly, the shedding, matting, knotting, and tangling will not occur. 

Brushing a cat twice a week will keep both breeds beautiful. There are other specific grooming requirements like nail trimming, ear cleaning, and brushing their teeth since Birman and ragdolls are known to develop the periodontal disease at least once a month or two. 

Ragdoll VS Birman Care

Diet: Both will thrive on the nutrition of quality adult cat food. Most cats are healthiest when they are given whole meat-based wet food daily. We all are aware that real meat carries more nutrients. Real meat-based wet food prepared from chicken meat, fish, insect, or bones are said to be perfect for both ragdolls and Birman’s consumption.

Ensure you are not purchasing highly processed mystery meats with filler ingredients. You should avoid feeding any food with sodium or grain. Also, avoid brined tuna packed in a tan and milk. As adults, both breeds will need 300-300 calories per day. In the case of female felines, exclude 52-80 calories. 

Toys: it is vital to supply varieties of interactive toys, chewable toys, and cat toys to Ragdoll or Birman. Usually, the ball seems to be cats’ favorite toy, so you should go heavy on this. Give your best shot to varieties of cat toys to prevent boredom.

If you tend to be busy all day long, then an interactive may be what you need. Since cats are energetic and playful felines, they always look for things to roll, pounce, pat, and climb.

Training & Exercise: Birman are prone to obesity. This is why training or exercise is mandatory. If you want enough practice, you should play with your cat for at least 20 minutes using a ball or a fuzzy mouse. 20-30 minutes of playtime is enough to drain your cat’s energy and keep her calm. They can become very destructive at home in your absence if they are full of energy.

Ragdoll Birman Cross: Is it possible?

After knowing how similar Ragdoll and Birman are, you should know ragdoll cats came from a mix of cats, including Birman. Therefore, ragdolls are likely to be very much like a Birman. The cross between the two results in an offspring with a more excellent coat that doesn’t mat or shed quickly. Let’s learn about ragdoll Birman mix.

Birman Ragdoll Mix

With devoted nurturing, a Birman ragdoll mix can be raised as a superb well-mannered companion with growing children. This mix is suitable for families with kids as long as proper care, training, and exercise are given. Do you know that Birman ragdoll mixes were used in the past for small game hunts? Now they are more common as a pet.

Birman Ragdoll Mix: Characteristic

The lifespan of a Birman and ragdoll mix is expected to be 12-15 years while weighing 10:15. The height should be 9-11 inches with an average activity level.

Birman Ragdoll Mix: Training & Exercise

To be happy and healthy, your mix will need plenty of time with you multiple times a day. If you give them 5 minutes of your precious time at least 3-4 times today, they will not need any exercise. Talking about training, it is only for enrichment purposes when it comes to cats. The ragdoll Birman mix is expected to be an apartment dweller, content to lounge on your couch all day long. However, their high energy level and prey drive can be a problem for novice cat owners who are busy at work or the office. Leaving a Birman ragdoll mix alone in your home can prove destructive. They can destroy, bite or scratch your essential items, furniture, and important stuff. Therefore, keeping their energy level low before you leave them alone is a better way to keep them calm and quiet all day long until you return home.

Birman Ragdoll Mix: Health

With ragdoll Birman mix, obesity is the most common health issue that can lead to secondary health issues. Obesity can increase the chances of fatty liver and diabetes. As a cat ages, its desire to chase or play will decrease. 

Epilepsy or seizure disorder-like problems are widespread in Burman. Due to being a mixed cat breed, they are prone to many genetic health issues. Most of these diseases are genetically inherited and can be easily managed with veterinary care. 

However, you can adopt a healthy mix from a reputable breeder if you research correctly. Make sure to purchase who offers Health insurance and the details of kittens. Whatever their parents carry off, the swing will likely inherit the same. Therefore, an occasional visit to the veterinarian is necessary.

Birman Ragdoll Mix: Coat & Grooming

A ragdoll Birman mix is likely to come with the dense double coat. The undercoat will not be thick. It is essential to keep their grooming on top if you want to prevent shedding and matting on their jacket. The dense coat inherited from the Ragdoll will require more frequent brushing. 

Brushing your ragdoll Birman mix’s coat for 1-2 weeks is necessary. Make sure to do regular year inspections as they are from. To avoid getting scratched, you should trim your cat’s nails. 

If you need to bathe your cat, do it the right way using the right shampoo. It is unnecessary to wash a cat because it can remove natural oil from its skin, leaving it dry and prone to itchiness, excessive shedding, and more.

Birman Ragdoll Mix: Cost 

Since ragdoll Birman mix is not a pure breed, you have less chance of finding one in your locality. You will have to look at a shelter or rescue center more often than a breeder. The average cost of the Ragdoll Birman mix in the United state will be around $300-$400. 

If you are adopting a mix from a reputable breeder, they may also charge you up to $500. Even though the ragdoll Birman mix is not one of the most popular designer cats in the world, the rarity makes the price quite awful. 

Birman vs Ragdoll

Birman Ragdoll Kittens For Sale 

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Both cat breeds are prevalent. However, the ragdolls are considered the most famous cats in the world. Both look almost similar to each other because they are in many ways. If you want a car that stays inside, you can adopt any Ragdoll or Birman. 

But, Birmans are a more lazy & laid back breed who prefer lounging on a couch all day long. However, the decision will likely come down to your preference. Care and temperament-wise, both of the breeds have similar needs.

Visit a nearby shelter and look for the kitty that comes to you or makes you fall in love with its look. All the information around Birman vs. Ragdoll is acquired from different sources. If you like this article, please consider sharing it. Your one share will motivate us. Do check our other helpful guide on Birman cats. See you in the other post, till then, take care and goodbye.

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