Why Does My Ragdoll Follow Me Everywhere

Why Does My Ragdoll Follow Me Everywhere? (10 Reasons)

A cat’s natural instinct is to hunt and roam. Cats are territorial, so they will tend to follow their favorite human around the house. If you have a kitten, it may be following you because it wants more food than it normally gets and thinks you might provide better-looking food: our pet cats can’t read!

Make sure to put out enough food for your kitty so that he or she won’t constantly expect you to feed them while you are together in one room.

Ragdolls were bred as lap cats, so they also enjoy being near their favorite people. They have long fur, which makes them feel comfortable when kept warm by the heat from your body, legs, or hands.

As long as no harm is done, allow your kitty to decide when he or she wants to sit on you and for how long. endearing but can also prove to be quite annoying. Here are reasons why your ragdoll cat might be following you everywhere

10 Reasons Why Your Ragdoll Might Be Following You Everywhere

1) She’s Lonely

One reason for this could be that your cat wants company because she feels lonely at home while you go to work.

If this seems like the case, try spending more time with your kitty at night after you get back home or asking someone else in the family to take over pet sitting duties if possible so that it happens less often. Your feline friend will surely appreciate added attention.

If she has a buddy she likes to play with, try inviting them over to spend a few hours with your cat.

2) She Wants Affection

Another reason why your feline companion is glued to you all the time could be that she craves additional attention from you and figures out that the easiest way for her to get it is by following you everywhere around the house.

This means that she has learned where else in the home she gets attention from and will hang out there as well.

If this is not something you can accommodate, try finding ways to make her feel special every now and then without necessarily giving extra kisses or cuddles every day, such as giving her an exclusive meal at a quiet place in a different room, playing a certain game just with her or buying some toys designed specifically for cats.

3) She Wants You To Play With Her

If your kitty is very playful and enjoys stalking, pouncing, and chasing things (especially if it’s you she chases), she might be following you around because she wants to play.

Providing additional toys for your cat to chase wherever you are in the home could prove soothing for her boredom when you’re not there during the day.

Some of these could include small balls that roll fast across the floor or other objects she can bat at. You can also give her a long piece of string so that she can grab it and swipe away while chasing after it all over the place.

Your pet should stop giving you this kind of trouble once she has other outlets for releasing her pent-up energy while you are away at work, school, or elsewhere.

4) She Is Bored

If your cat has plenty of toys but still decides to follow you around the house every time you do something, she could be trying to tell you that she’s getting way too much idle time on her hands.

Try adding more playtime into your daily schedule with your kitty so that she gets some exercise and fun for herself while you’re busy doing other things.

Combine this with additional toys for cats in different corners of the home so that she can have some variety when it comes to hunting down exciting new targets.

5) She Feels Insecure

Your pet might also feel scared or nervous if she thinks that nobody else is home while you go out somewhere every day. This is why she sticks to you like glue because it makes her feel safe and secure.

If this is the case, try adding more scratching posts with lots of toys around the house so that your kitty has other things to do while you’re away (assuming that they haven’t already been installed).

You could also leave on some soft music or even talk radio in another room so that there are always familiar sounds coming from somewhere within the home.

6) She Wants Attention

Some cats are attention seekers of the worst kind, following their human friends around wherever they go just to ensure they will get what they want before I start trying to understand why my ragdoll follows me everywhere, read about cat behavior.

Sometimes, ignore your pet’s demands for more attention unless you can actually afford to give them at the time of asking.

7) She Loves You

If nothing else seems to work, it could be that your cat simply adores you and wants to be with you all of the time just because she is so happy that she has a family who loves her unconditionally. If this is the case, don’t try changing things up by forcing her away when there is no need.

Your kitty will only suffer if you do something like this out of an abundance of caution or fear about letting him or her follow you around everywhere in the house.

This kind of treatment does not help anybody involved, so ask yourself why my ragdoll follows me everywhere.

8) She Is Trying To Protect You

If she feels territorial threat by an intruder of some kind, your kitty might want to defend the entire house by being around you all day long, just in case somebody decides to try their luck.

If there are no other potential problems that explain why my ragdoll follow me everywhere, consider getting a better security system for your home because it could be enough to put her mind at ease.

9) Your Cat Has Health Issues

It’s possible that something might feel wrong with your pet if she follows you everywhere and doesn’t stop bothering you even when you ignore her.

Have a chat with your vet and see what they can tell you about your pet’s problematic behavior, as it may be due to specific health or medication problem.

If this is the case, you will need to decide why my ragdoll follows me everywhere, either by using natural remedies or simply taking her out of the home for a short while to calm down and then bring her back when things have settled down a bit.

10) She Has An Anxiety Disorder

Sometimes, cats can change their behavior dramatically due to overwhelming feelings of fear and stress associated with various conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Stress is one of the most common causes of anxious cat behavior so try managing your pet’s environment well enough that she doesn’t feel threatened all of the time.

This should help her relax and feel less insecure which would allow her to relax and stop following you everywhere.

Final Thoughts

We hope we answered your question of “why does my ragdoll follow me everywhere?Ragdolls are highly territorial. They also get separation anxiety and hate feeling closed off or feeling separated from their loved ones. It can also trigger by health issues and anxiety from feeling alone.