Is It Better to Get a Male or Female Ragdoll Cat

Is It Better to Get a Male or Female Ragdoll Cat? [5 Facts]

Have you ever asked yourself: Is it better to get a male or female ragdoll cat? This article will explain the benefits and negatives of both genders of cats to help you pick!

Some people believe it is better to get a male ragdoll cat. Males are friendlier and more docile than females, and they tend to get along with children better than female ragdolls.

On the other hand, female ragdolls seem to be easier to train and less destructive than males. It comes down to the personal preference of the individual owner, which gender is right for them.

What Makes Male and Female Ragdoll Cats Different?

Both males and females of the ragdoll breed are known as “docile” cats, which means that they are very gentle, calm, relaxed, loving, non-aggressive cats who don’t mind human interaction (socialization).

They both tend to be more laid back than other breeds of cats, but this does not mean that they won’t try to hunt or even play with toys.

  • Unlike most other breeds of cats, ragdoll cats will allow their owners to pick them up without putting up much of a fight (but don’t mistake this as permission for you to manhandle them).
  • They can be carried around like babies because they are so laid back and relaxed; the only difference is the cat might enjoy being held under your chin instead of on your chest like an infant.
  • Ragdoll cats are also known to be “talkers,” which means they meow more often than the average breed, but it’s usually just one long purr that turns into a meow sound.
  • Males may sometimes howl/meow like a dog instead of the traditional “purr meow,” but it’s not very common.
Is It Better to Get a Male or Female Ragdoll Cat

The Different Personalities of Male and Female Ragdoll Cats

Males and females have very different personalities, even from a young age.

Their instincts tend to guide them in how they interact with humans and how they get along with other kitties.

While both genders are loving and affectionate, males tend to be more laid-back, while females can be a bit aggressive at times when they play together or while trying to get your attention while you’re busy doing something else.

5 Differences Between Male and Female Ragdoll Cats

Males Don’t Run Away Often

Males are generally less likely to run away from loud noises or react strongly when startled by outside noises such as fireworks or children running through the house after playing all day outdoors.

Females Run and hide Often

Females are the type of kitty that will quickly run and hide under a bed or in a closet when they hear a loud noise outside, even if it’s nothing serious such as fireworks going off in your neighbourhood. They tend to be sensitive about these types of things.

If you have small children who may pick up your ragdoll cat firmly with their hand under its belly, make sure they understand proper handling techniques, so they do not injure the cat without meaning to.

Males are easy to Handle

Males have been known to enjoy being picked up by both children and adults alike, while females prefer being picked up very gently from behind their front legs for fear of them falling over when lifted straight up by the belly.

While both genders love getting attention from humans, males tend to be a bit more laid back, while some females can be aggressive and run and hide from humans who attempt to pet or play with them too roughly.

Females Meows a lot

Females are the type of kitty that will meow at you incessantly until you come and pet them, especially if they have been spayed early on in life before their first heat cycle around six months old.

Many male ragdoll cats will watch from a distance while your interactions with other pets or even ignore your presence altogether unless they want something such as food, water, or a cuddle session on the sofa.

Males spray urine more Often To mark territory

Males may sometimes spray urine against walls after puberty at about 12 months old because they mark their territory for any other cats that come near them. They may also spray urine when they become excited or while playing with their favorite toy.

It is very normal, and it’s a good idea to neuter your ragdoll cat around ten months old to avoid spraying altogether, even if your cat is not the Alpha in the home.

Females who have been spayed will occasionally spray urine on vertical surfaces such as walls, doors, and even furniture if they feel they need to mark their territory too. Still, this behavior is much less common than with male ragdoll cats.

What About Owning Multiple Ragdoll Cats?

If you plan on introducing another adult ragdoll cat into your household, then it would be best for both cats to be spayed/neutered if they are adults.

Suppose they are not yet at least ten months old. In that case, you will want to wait until they have gone through one heat cycle before having them both fixed so that you prevent any accidental kittens from occurring and ending up in a shelter and also because there is no risk of the new ragdoll cat’s personality changing after getting fixed.

If your ragdoll cats end up fighting for dominance over who gets to be a leader of the house (top cat), neutering both males and females early on in life may make them too laid back and relaxed around each other when it comes time for playtime.

Which Gender Gets Along Best with Children?

If you have young children who are going to be playing around the house and you want a cat that they can easily pick up or pet, then having a female ragdoll cat in the home is probably better suited for your family since it will be timid when strangers attempt to pick it up.

Males may get too excited from being held by their little human friends and accidentally scratch or bite them, while this is not usually an issue with females unless something frightens them.

The main thing to watch out for when bringing any new animal into your home is to make sure that they do not harm smaller pets such as hamsters, gerbils, fish, reptiles, etc.

What conditions are Ragdolls prone to?

You may want to consider having a separate room for your new ragdoll cat to prevent children from having access to it. This will prevent any accidents with smaller pets if they are curious and attempt to pick them up without you being there.

Is it better to get a male or female ragdoll cat? It is a difficult question to answer. Male cats are more likely to roam, while female cats tend to be less aggressive. It is hard to know whether it will be better in the long run if you get either a male or female ragdoll cat, but some small differences may help with your decision.

Ask yourself what type of personality you want. Do you need a pet who has the best chance of staying home and not roaming outside? Or would you prefer one who can go out on walks around town and still stay most of the time indoors? If this sounds like something up your alley, then consider getting an adventurous male kitten!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, when you ask yourself “is it better to get a male or female ragdoll cat?” you need to consider what type of personality you are looking for in a cat before deciding.

We hope this article helped you draw a more concise solution to that very question! A beautiful little Ragdoll awaits your purchase or adoption!