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Red Point Birman Cat: A Complete Guide in 2024

The Red-point Birman is a rare type of Birman cat bred to exhibit a red colorpoint pattern. Birman cats come in many different colorpoint patterns, and the red point Birman cat is one of them. These cats tend to be very affectionate. 

The red point Birman cat also prefers getting attention to reciprocate it by constantly climbing or sitting on you. Before you get one, it is essential to conduct your proper research to know whether it is a suitable breed that suits your lifestyle or not. 

Always note that not all breeds are suitable for all of your family members. If you have kids, then the pet behavior you intend to adopt should also be calm, friendly, and affectionate. Let’s talk about what precisely a redpoint Birman cat is in depth.

What Is a Red Point Birman Cat?

There are more than 12 types of color patterns in Birman cats, and the red point Birman is one of them. It features tabby cats features and markings. Its point orange color with reddish gold points border usually fades into the pale base coat. 

The actual origin of a Birman cat is still a mystery, and there are many Unverified tales of their beginnings. They were first born all white and had never developed their full color until maturity. They are highly sociable and affectionate cats happy to be involved in your daily activities. 

They’re one of the breeds that prefer hanging out at ground level or on the couch rather than climbing and jumping onto high places. Therefore, the red point Birman cat is suitable for senior citizens because it causes less damage and requires minimal grooming. 

However, they are more recommended for kids because of their playful side. Redpoint Birman cat will always play fetch or chase when engaged with kids. All in all, this is the breed that prefers to lounge with their family members and stay aside with one caretaker all their lifetime. Let’s take a look at some pictures of Red Point Birman. 

Red Point Birman Cat: Appearance

They are surprisingly beautiful with their pattern that somewhat exhibits tabby cats’ features and markings. Their orange color pattern is bordered with bright reddish gold points that look remarkably appealing by far. Along with this pattern, the point color also starts fading into the pale base coat. They come with gorgeous glittering Blue Eyes that will leave you mesmerized. They are trendy among people and cat enthusiasts. 

Red Point Birman Cat: Characteristics 

They will reach a height of 8-10 inches while weighing around 10-12 pounds. They will have a good lifespan of 13-16 years and reach their full maturity until approximately three years. The red point Birman cat is a hearty and healthy cat breed, famous for its highly affectionate, loving nature and willingness to snuggle in a person’s lap.

Red Point Birman Cat: History

There is little left to learn when it comes to knowing the history of a redpoint Birman cat. This is because of the history of the actual Birman cat origin, which is much left unknown. There are many legends, tales, and stories about the origin of Birman cats, but there is no justifiable evidence. 

According to most people, the Burman cat breed might have originated in Burma, which is Myanmar, in the present day. According to some origin stories of this cat breed, they are the descendants of Burma temple cats who used to be very loyal companions of the priests. 

Another tale about the Birman cat is that they were brought to France by the famous Cornelius Vanderbilt when he purchased two Birmans from the servant at the temple of Lao-Tsun. 

Red Point Birman Cat: General Health

They’re highly prone to obesity or sudden weight gain. Apart from this, red point Birman cats are also prone to a disease known as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which can also lead your cat to heart failure. Sadly hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is not easily curable but can be treated with lifelong medication. 

Apart from this, they are also prone to kidney disease. This is why I highly recommend you visit your nearest veterinarian with your cat. The blood test of your young red point Birman cat is mandatory to know about impaired kidney function or the possibility of kidney failure in the future. 

Other issues like separation anxiety are also common in cats’ like red point Birman cats because they don’t do well when left alone for an extended amount of time. 

Adding to this, gum and dental diseases are also ordinary. This is why excellent quality food with balanced Nutrition is mandatory. In addition, make sure to provide proper diet regulation to your cat. 

Like any other cat, red point Birman cats are susceptible to viral and bacterial infections. Most of the allergies and conditions in the red point Birman cat are preventable by vaccines. Plus, your red point Birman cat can also be susceptible to some health issues throughout its life.

Red Point Birman Cat: Behaviour

Believe it or not, the red point Birman cat is a more private breed that tends to attach herself to one person only all life long. Apart from this, they may be jealous if their caretaker or partner doesn’t pay attention to them. 

While being territorial, they are not very aggressive and perfect for kids. They are not only affectionate but one of the cuddliest cat breeds who don’t limit their love to humans. Redpoint Birman cats also do well with other pets in the home and have been found to cuddle up with dogs. 

Redpoint Birman cats do best with a family that gives them plenty of attention and loves to play. Apart from being jealous, red point Birman cats can also be needy or loving some time while enjoying laying on your lap. 

They don’t meow a lot and are known to have soft voices. But, it doesn’t mean that they are not social. They are very communicative in their ways but make less noise. 

The only downside of adopting a red point Birman cat is that they don’t take well to being left alone for long periods. As red point Birman cats are said to be docile; they’re likely to lie back with their humans and enjoy the lazy life.

Talking about negative behavior, red point Birman cats give you small nips or bites when they are overexcited or feel a strong bond with you. It’s another form of communication that red point Birman cats usually do to let you know they want your attention. This site can be more frequent during a place session.

Taking Care Of Red Point Birman Cats

Kitten Care

Please pay close attention to your red point Birman kitten to keep her away from the sharp objects she shouldn’t put in her mouth. It is a must to supervise kittens as you would a young child. 

Always keep the doors closed and block off rooms as necessary to help keep her out of trouble. A newborn Red Point Birman kitten should weigh around 3-5 ounces along with 3 inches body. 

I don’t recommend you adopt such a young kitty unless it is six months to a year old. Redpoint Birman Kitten’s ears and eyes will not open until they are nine. A full-grown red point Birman cat should measure 15 to 18 inches long. 

Your kitten is expected to reach puberty between 15 and 18. Don’t expect her to get her full maturity until she is three years old, ready to breed.

Grooming A Red Point Birman Cats

Proper and effective grooming not only makes a massive difference in terms of appearance but also in terms of health. Despite your cat’s long silky hair, she is expected to shed little. She will need minimal grooming.

You must brush your red point Birman cat at least once a week. In the shedding season, brushing twice every week would be enough. Redpoint Birman cats usually come with healthy teeth, which can be kept perfect by brushing them at least twice a week.

Always look out for debris, wax, or signs of infection around her ears. Clean her ear when necessary. Apart from this, your red point Birman cat will also need some meticulous cleaning.

Always ensure your red point Birman cat has a clean litter box, and you scope the waste daily. Apart from feeding the right food, offer an adequate amount of water.

Feeding A Red Point Birman Cats

Feeding a high-quality feline diet appropriate for the red point Birman cat’s age is essential. Diet regulation is mandatory, which should be managed fairly well for months to years using medications and supplements before & after she’s vaccinated. 

Make sure your cat is vaccinated adequately against common infections and allergies. Rather than feeding any cat food, you should look at the one that provides the proper balance of Nutrition needed for Birmans to stay active and healthy. 

Always remember that feeding the wrong food may lead your red point, Birman, to obesity, leading to diabetes or fatty liver. Usually, red matter Birman cats prefer food that is high in protein from meat sources. 

They will usually thrive on quality nutrition-dense adult cat food to help them manage weight and aid their growth and development.

Pros & Cons Of Adopting A Red Point Birman Cat

Pros Of Having A Red Point Birman Cat

  1. They’re perfect for introverts or lonely people. They are known to be wonderful companions. 
  2. Redpoint Birman cats can be very entertaining and will give you a good laugh at something they have done. They are entertaining to kids especially.
  3. Having a red point Birman cats
  4.  It will help you a lot in reducing anxiety or stress.
  5. Redpoint Birman cats are perfect for apartment living.
  6. Redpoint Birman cats are low-maintenance cat breeds that need minimal grooming and care.
  7. Unlike other cats, red point Birman cats don’t smell much. If their little box is clean, red point Birman cats will be odorless.
  8. They don’t make lots of noise and are perfect for people with neighbors.
  9. Having a redpoint Birman cat will positively impact your lifestyle with specific health benefits like reducing the risk of heart disease. 

Cons Of Having A Red Point Birman Cat

  1. The vet visit can be costly regarding redpoint Birman cat care. 
  2. Redpoint Birman cat is prone to dental diseases and obesity. 
  3. They require food that is specially designed for weight management. 
  4. They need proper exercise and diet regulation to avoid obesity which can be a downside for busy people. 
  5. They don’t do well alone on their own as they don’t like to be left in isolation.
  6. They quickly exhibit the science of separation anxiety as soon as they’re left for more than 6 hours.
  7. Redpoint Birman cat needs to be vaccinated; some of them can be expensive. 

Some Amazing Red Point Birman Cat Pictures

red point birman cat

Finding Red Point Birman Kittens For Sale.

Here are a few reputable breeders and websites where you can get a redpoint Birman kitten for sale.

Final Thoughts

Birmans are an amazing breed, and if you have one, it will certainly stand out from other cats. Birmans are not only amazing to look at, but they also make great companions.

I did my best to give you all the information about the red point Birman cat, and I hope you enjoyed reading about this scarce breed of Birman. If you find this article helpful, please share this guide on Facebook and Twitter. When adopting a cat, you should research and conduct a quick survey within your family before adopting one. Not all breed