What Should I Name My Dog

What Should I Name My Dog? Things To Know

It doesn’t matter whether your dog was adopted from an animal shelter or a breeding place, you need to give her a good pet name for identification purposes.

Doing this can be easy if you have a pre-determined name and sometimes, it can be very difficult if you have to think critically about such a name.

It is easy to consider popular names like Billy or Jack or some trending names like Ghost, Tyrion, or Stark, it is worth considering the dog’s personality or some other factors before you settle for that special name.

The following options are great considerations when choosing a dog’s name.

How To Choose The Right Name For Your Dog

You should keep in mind that dogs normally find it hard to understand some consonants and long vowels, so a combination of short vowels and consonants like Billy and Lucky will be easier for the dog to distinguish from other sounds.

Dog-training experts will likely recommend that you give the dog one or two-syllable names and these are names you will likely say quickly.

Experts also recommend that you avoid names that normally sound like commands. Kit, for instance, is a name that sounds like a “sit” command- the dog may misinterpret such names.

When you pick a name that is easy for you and the dog, then you wouldn’t have to yell before grabbing your dog’s attention.

If you have a new puppy or adult dog and you are unsure of what name to give her, experts suggest you consider one of the Alcohol-Related Dog Names.

For instance, if you are a lover of beer, you may want to consider terms related to beer, the most popular ones may include; Amstel, Bosch, Corona, and Guinness.

The popular beer-theme dog-names you may consider include; Barrel, Barley, Pint, Hops, and Keg. The popular wine dog names you may want to consider include; Bubbly, Bellini, and Bordeaux.

If you enjoy cocktails, some cocktail-theme dog names are just so cute and playful. Common cocktail dog names you may consider include; Cosmo, Gimlet, Amaretto, and Julep.

Other types of liquor with some cute and special dog-themed names are; Bourbon, Brandy, Cognac, and Gin.

Obedience Training Is A Must

It can take a while for a dog to learn to respond to the name given to her. This is the reason why the name of the dog must be distinctively different from commands.

As mentioned earlier, names that sound like commands are unfit for dogs, most especially puppies. A name like Joe sounds like “No”, hence it can create confusion in the senses of the dog.

You should give your dog a name before or after you begin obedience training so as to avoid confusion.

Shorten The Long-Version Dog Names

If you are considering giving your dog a long name, perhaps you should try your luck with the shortened version of such a name.

You will probably go for the shorter version of a dog’s name and that will make things easier for you and the dog in the end.

Similarly, it always makes sense to pick a dog name that you wouldn’t feel embarrassed to call out in public.

It will even be more embarrassing when you call out a dog’s name and the dog is not responding.

It is also important that you choose a name that will simply roll off your tongue, this means the name must be easy to pronounce.

High-Pitch Names Are Better

Experts in dog training have observed that giving your dog a high-pitch name is more effective than a low-pitch one. A high-pitch tone name will help in getting your dog’s attention easily.

You should keep in mind that your pet dog will likely change with lifestyle changes hence you may need to change certain names as your dog grows into adulthood.

If you name your dog “puppy” for instance, you will surely need to change her name at a certain age.

If you don’t mind giving your dog one of the popular trending names, then you should simply go for it. Just like baby names, certain names for dogs will rise and fall in popularity.

In 2018 alone, the number of names for dogs from the characters of the movie- Frozen, rose by more than 900%. Dog names like stark, Tyrion, and Ghost also became popular after the last season of the movie- Game of Thrones.

Food and drinks have always remained trending dog name themes over the years. From 2013 to 2019 alone, there was an average of 40% rise in dog names coined from different foods and recipes.

Sports figures have also become perennial favorites when it comes to naming dogs after celebrities. Derek Jeter who happened to be a former New York Yankees player was one of the top dog names in the last few years.

In some cases, people tend to give their dog names inspired by true-life events. For instance, the death of a loved one or the birth of a new baby can inspire you to give your dog a name.

You may also want to name your dog after a road trip to a remote village or city. Some dog names are inspired by company products or some characters in video games.

If you have certain hobbies you indulge in, you can be inspired by characters in such hubbies to find a suitable name for your dog.


Meeting your dog and getting to meet her a bit can help you find a permanent name that will suit her personality. There is no rule that states you must give your dog a name immediately after she enters your home.

You can always wait a little while to get to understand your dog more before finding her the most appropriate name.

Once you settle for a name and your dog accepts it, you should probably print it on a tag that can be clipped around the neck of the dog. This will help in easy identification of the animal.

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