are dogs allowed in costco

Are Dogs Allowed in Costco? [2024 Policies]

There is an inclination among many humans to have a dog. Animals have proved their characteristics as excellent companions, unswerving friends, and emotional support. As maximum pets, specifically, dogs, are very social and they normally battle when their proprietors aren’t at home.

Many proprietors need to take their pets to the locations they go to on an everyday basis like neighborhood stores. In this article, we will take a more in-depth look at the pet policies of Costco.

So, Are dogs allowed in Costco? No, Costco only allows service dogs inside the store. Also, the store does not allow Emotional support animals or pets. Individuals or professionals train the service dogs for benefiting many disabilities. Emotional support animals (ESA) are not trained to perform any specific taste. They provide good companionship for relieving loneliness or depression. Service dogs are not pet animals and hence they fall under the rules and regulations of ADA.

Official dog policy of Costco

The official dog policy of Costco states that only allow service animals inside the store. The store does not grant permission to pets and emotional support animals. Many stores have a signboard that displays the policy. 

The enforcement of policy is not the same in all the Costco stores. Because you cannot recognize which dog is a service dog and you cannot ask for proof. You just rely on the honesty of customers. If a dog misbehaves inside the store, the store associates can ask the customer to walk out of the store.

How to recognize a fake service dog?

Despite the rights of humans with disabilities and their service dogs, there can be dishonest humans with fake service dogs. 

In such instances employees, in addition to the other customers, have to understand fake service dogs. Numerous signs certainly display that a canine isn’t a service dog:

  1. If the canine is barking at humans;
  2. If the fido is behaving aggressively;
  3. Your canine is seeking out attention;
  4. If the canine is sniffing and seeking to steal food;
  5. If the furry friend is pulling the leash.

As ADA acknowledges only doggies as service animals, taking exceptional kinds of animals like snakes, parrots, hamsters, etc. is a clear signal that their proprietor is lying.

In addition, it’s essential to remember that the minimum age for a canine to become a service canine is 6 months. If you spot a service dog below that age you have to maintain in mind that their proprietor may lie.

Pretending that a canine is a service animal is a criminal in lots of places in the US states and it’s open for penalties.

Pet policies of other stores- Dollar General, Walmart, and Target

Target also has a pet policy just like the pet policy of Costco. Their pet policy explicitly allows only service dogs into the warehouses. Target additionally clarifies that therapy dogs and ESA are not servicing dogs and are not welcome in the store.

In a few cases, a canine proprietor can also additionally decide to carry their doggy hoping that he/she may stay, as he/she does now no longer walkthrough.

These canine handlers want to preserve the thought that the shop’s pet policy is strict whether you carry the canine or make him walk.

Walmart also has an identical pet policy like Target and Costco. The store calls for the canines that enter their stores to be service dogs. Neither pets nor emotional support animals can stay in their shops.

Customers can bring their service dogs to all regions in Dollar General shops. However, the studies of a few clients indicate that relying on the shop manager, you can bring normal dogs as well.

Shopping in huge stores with a canine can also additionally cover dangers to the hygiene, health, and protection of the customers, this is why proprietors constantly need to hold their furry friends on a leash and take care of their behavior.

Your responsibility with your service dog

Just because you have a service dog doesn’t mean he can stay inside. Costco has the right to refuse the entry of a service dog if the handler can’t control the dog.

Normally, that is done through in-depth training and specifically designed leashes and harnesses. But if the handler is not able to bodily tether their service dog—because of disability or otherwise—voice command is enough.

However, if the handler can’t manage the dog, this will imply some trouble. Any canine displaying aggression towards any individual in the Costco premises must leave immediately.

Also, people with service dogs have to make sure that they have given the necessary vaccination to the dog. This is more important for taking your pooch into public areas including Costco stores.


You can take your pooch with you in Costco but only if he is a service animal. Any other pet animals are not permitted due to ADA and FDA rules. According to these rules, animals create a hygiene risk in stores. On the other hand, service dogs have proper training and can adhere to safety and health laws. 

Keep in mind that if you take your service dog to Costco, you must stick to the rules. You must understand the surroundings and try not to create problems for other customers.

I hope you enjoyed our blog post. It is important to understand the policy of the store and how you should take care of your pooch. Stay connected for more such interesting articles. Thank You.

Can you put your doggy in the shopping cart at Costco?

Some customers have seen canines and different animals around Costco shops in shopping carts. However, that is strictly against FDA guidelines. Shopping carts are for transporting groceries and different products.

Carrying an animal in a buying cart is, therefore, unsanitary and now no longer permitted. If a Costco customer with a service dog incorporates their animal in a shopping cart, the management will nicely request to depart.

By sporting their canine in a shopping cart, the proprietor isn’t always adhering to the vital health and protection laws.

Are dogs allowed in Costco California?

Costco California now no longer permits canines inside their shop premises. The retailer’s service animals’ policy extends to all their shops within the United States and California is no exception. This is due to the fact Costco has to conform to California’s strict food safety rules and sanitary guidelines. 

The food safety legal guidelines of California simply state that canines and pets aren’t allowed inside shops and restaurants wherein meals are prepared and served. Retail meals institutions can serve fidos only if they have a chosen outdoor eating space, including a patio, with its outside entrance.

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