Why dogs are better than cats

Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats? 10+ Scientific reasons

Why dogs are better than cats?’ this is a neverending debate of all time. Dog lovers support the dog community and cat lovers support the cat community. Talking logically, there are many reasons to believe that dogs are better than cats. Similarly, there are very few reasons to believe that cats are better than dogs. 

According to many people, dogs are far better than cats. They think there is no comparison between both. Dogs use the bathroom outside, are more trainable, protective, adaptive, active, and much more. 

Today we will see 10 reasons why dogs are far better than cats. 

Why having a dog is better than a cat?

1) The synonym for “Dog” is “Play”

Talking about cats, they love to play with balls and string toys. But they are most likely to indulge you. They don’t need you. Cats can play alone and be happy.

In the case of dogs, they love to play. Specifically, they love to play with you. Because they want to spend time with their parents as much as they can. You can play fetch with a disc or ball, tug of war with a piece of cloth or rope, play chase in the backyard, etc. 

If your pooch loves the company of other dogs then you can even arrange a date for them. 

2) Dogs keep you healthy

It is a universal fact that cats are lazier than dogs. Cats can stay on the couch for the whole day. They can play with a feather, a laser beam, or a ball. Cats don’t need you while playing.

If we talk about dogs, these furballs have a lot of never-ending energy. When you own a dog, you have to get up in the morning and go for a walk. Dogs need to walk and run to stabilize their energy. Also, they love to explore new things in their surrounding. Going for a walk with your pooch helps you to get fit. 

3) Dogs are smarter

Have you ever seen a cat appointed in a military or police force? But you can see a dog there. Dogs are great learners. Sniffer dogs have the ability to detect drugs, explosives, find criminals, etc. 

Dogs can also detect cancer with the help of their sense of smell. There are also some mobility assistance dogs that help physically disabled people. Dogs are a good option for managing the livestock as well. 

4) No litter boxes needed for dogs

It is a fact that even cat owners don’t love litter boxes. It does not matter how well you keep it, there is always an odor that travels in the house. Also, you can’t have a fixed place for the litter box. You have to change its position more often. 

In the case of dogs, you don’t need a litter box. You can easily potty-train them along with a fixed schedule. Your dog can poop during the walks or in your backyard. You just have to pick up the potty and dispose of it in the dustbin. You can also use poop scooper in the backyard and poop bags on walks.

5) Unconditional love matters the most

Cats love their parents but on terms and conditions.  They will let you touch and caress them but once they get bored, they will move away. Cats love you more when you are eating something. Once you are done eating, they are done with you.

Dogs are different. They don’t care how you behave, how much you feed them – they will love you no matter what. They make you the center of their universe and think you are the only one of them. 

Dogs ‘ unconditional love makes them the best pet for humans.

6) Dogs are obedient

Can you give commands to a cat? Have you ever seen a cat behaving obediently and following your commands? The answer is no. it is a rare scenario where you will call your cat and he will come to you. But if you have a bag full of treats then surely this can happen. 

Dogs are sweethearts. They follow you and your commands religiously. You just have to call out their name once, and they will be in front of you in a fraction of a second. Dogs understand their owners’ moods and act accordingly. 

7) Dogs are technologically fast

Cats are sharp enough to pull out tissues from the tissue box and tear them apart. They can make a mess out of those tissues and place them in the whole house.

But some dogs are smart enough to understand technology. Canines can respond to a command written on a tab or iPad. Some even know how to take selfies. 

8) Training is easier in dogs

Cats can be trained, but it is much more difficult to train a cat than a dog. The food-greedy cats can soon get bored of training and walk away. Or else, they will snatch the treats from your hand and walk away. 

Dogs enjoy training sessions. I think they consider it as playtime. And we already know how much they love to play. Also, it is a sense of purpose for them. They find it as a job to be done. 

Most of the dogs love attention and food. They will voluntarily sit, shake, stay, roll over, and lie down in an exchange for treats. Also, they feel proud when they do a good job and are appreciated by their owners.

9) Man’s best friend Since Ages

Dogs are termed as man’s best friend. Dogs are considered pets since 30,000 years ago. They are the most faithful companions to humans. The bond between dogs and humans is unbreakable. 

Talking about cats, they believe they must be worshipped. Hence they can never be considered as a good companion for humans. Cats treat humans as servants and dogs treat humans as the center of their universe.

10) Dogs keep their masters safe

Have you ever heard about ‘guard cat’? If a thief breaks into your home, your cat will do nothing. He will just do his regular things.

On the other hand, a dog will risk his own life to protect his owner. Your pooch will guard your house, your belongings, and you. He can also step between you and a bear or you and a psychopath. 

11) Dogs make you laugh

According to a study, dog owners laugh more than cat owners on a daily basis. Intentionally or unintentionally a dog makes you laugh. Dogs are full of energy and do some funny things while playing. Laughing is good for your health. Similarly, dogs are good for you.

Final words

Comparing cats and dogs is a lifelong debate. Both the animals have their pros and cons. Plus both of them are special. Some people love cats and some love dogs.

Though this article was all about dogs, we can’t change the minds of people who love cats. It is their personal choice and reason to have a cat as a pet. 

Cats and dogs are fantastic in their own ways. Your decision of bringing anyone or both of them home will be the best decision of your life. 

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