Are dogs allowed in Lowes

Are Dogs Allowed in Lowe’s? (2022 polices)

Let us imagine that you are doing some renovation and need to buy something from Lowe’s. But, you cannot leave your pooch alone. Here the question is “Are dogs allowed at Lowe’s?”

This question is really very serious for pet parents. Some fidos cannot be left alone in the home due to various reasons. And the most common one here is separation anxiety. Thus, it is very important for you to know the rules and pet policies of Lowe’s. 

Pet policies vary with the store location. Some stores allow pets inside and some of them don’t. However, service dogs are allowed in all Lowe’s stores.  

Pet policy of Lowe’s

According to the customers, there is no official pet policy of Lowe’s. However, some reports suggest that they allow only service dogs in the stores. On top of it, you have to show the certificate that proves the same. However, the real thing is, Lowe’s usually never asks for the certificate. Hence, it generally permits well-behaved pooches in the store.

The store does not take any responsibility for the behavior of a dog. Hence, it is purely your responsibility to take care of your fido in the store. If he tears up something, you are the one who will pay for it. Also, if your pooch goes potty in the store, you need to clean it up. 

The pet allowance at Lowe’s differ from location to location. Allowing a pet inside the store is purely the decision of the store manager. The one thing that each store follows is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

What happens when a dog misbehaves in Lowe’s?

If your canine is not polite, then you’ll probably have to leave the store before the management asks you to leave. It’s now no longer clear how much misbehave they will tolerate, and that answer in all likelihood varies relying on the managers in question.

However, in case your canine does something truly awful — like biting someone — then the police can be called and you may be held chargeable for damages.

It’s doubtful as to whether or not Lowe’s could also be held responsible in any such situation, and the answer relies upon the laws in that particular jurisdiction

Lowe’s was charged in 2014 when an Akita attacked a 3-year-old child, inflicting the boy to acquire over 50 stitches as a result. The canine proprietor was charged with legal negligence and Lowe’s was charged with a $25,000 lawsuit by the boy’s family.

We don’t recognize the outcomes of that lawsuit, however, it ended up, it’s clear that it has now no longer discouraged Lowe’s from continuing to permit canines into its stores.

What measures to take while carrying a dog at Lowe’s?

1) Don’t be undisciplined

I know it is very exciting for you and your canine to go shopping together. Remember that you and your canine are not the only two in the store. You must control your and your fido’s excitement while shopping. Lowe’s solely expects you to control yourself as well as your pooch. 

Some of the signs of undisciplined behavior include jumping on people around, showing aggression, growling, barking, etc. 

2) Control the dog

According to Lowe’s pet policy, the owner must have control over the pet all the time. Walking or heeling calmly beside the owner is permitted. But to avoid any unnecessary circumstances, you must put a leash on your pet. You never know what your fido starts feeling or what he sees in the store. 

3) Clean up 

If your pooch pooped or peed in the store, then it is your duty to clean it. If you need any supplies for this, you can ask the associates. But it is better to carry poop bags and tissues to clean. Also, you must give a potty break to your pooch before entering the store. This will mitigate the chances of him doing such things in the store.

4) Enquire first

Of course, Lowe’s is a pet-friendly store. But it is much better to call and enquire about the permit first. The store policies may have changed before you knew it. And there is no sense to go and come back from the store.

5) Desensitize and acclimate

Lowe’s is a very busy store and it could be very noisy. Here your pooch won’t expose to scents and sights. And this can excite or irritate your pooch. 

Hence it is important for you to introduce different sounds to your fido before taking him to a busy place. 

6) Time to leave the store

I know shopping is a very exciting thing to do. But when you are carrying your pooch with you, you must keep an eye on the time. 

Caines need pee breaks more frequently. If you are taking too long to shop, your fido might pee or poop in the store. Then you will have to clean the mess. 

7) Do not bring hyperactive canines to stores

Hyperactive dogs don’t like leashes or tie-ups. If you do so, they start showing signs of aggression or irritation. 

To have stress-free shopping, you must consider not bringing a hyperactive dog with you. 

8) Be aware of kids

Children are either afraid of dogs or they love them and want to hug them. And this situation is scary because dogs cannot understand this. Many dogs love kids and others don’t. The latter ones don’t know how to behave with kids.

Hence, you must take care of the kids around in case your dog is not friendly with the pets.

Why you should take your pooch to Lowe’s?


Taking your fido for the outing is a good exercise. It impacts positively on your pooch’s body. You can easily take your dog to Lowe’s for an outing and some shopping. The store does not mind anything until your dog misbehaves.


Lowe’s is a great place to socialize your fido with other dogs. Many pet parent has admitted that socializing has helped them train their pooches how to behave in a public place. According to brill, socialization helps in the development of dog’s 

Field trip

Infield trips, your fido gets to explore new things around him. And Lowe’s is a great choice as a field trip for your canine.

Stores that are pet friendly

  1. Home Depot
  2. Petco
  3. Lowe’s Home Improvement
  4. Nordstrom
  5. Tractor Supply
  6. The Apple Store
  7. StoreAtwoods
  8. Pottery Barn
  9. Cabelas
  10. Macy’s
  11. Barnes & Noble
  12. LUSH
  13. TJ Maxx

Stores that are not pet friendly

  1. Jewelry Shopping Locations
  2. Target
  3. Trader Joe’s
  4. IKEA
  5. WalMart
  6. Groceries
  7. Costco

Is Lowes Black Owned?

Do black owns Lowe’s? Well Lowe’s is a privately held firm, not owned by any black folks. Despite the fact that Lowe’s is currently led by African American Marvin Ellison, company is not black owned. Lowe’s has a wide variety of owners, and a wide variety of races and ethnicities work there.

The business has been putting a lot of effort into cultivating an urban image in recent years, with everything from holiday-themed pop-up shops in SoHo to ads with music artists like Drake.

Finding out that a well-known company is led by an African American is always a welcome surprise.
When the subject of major retailers comes up, there aren’t many black-owned companies, so hearing that Lowe’s is one always raises some curiosity.


If you are planning to take your pooch to Lowe’s, just make sure you follow the tips that we have mentioned above. Lowe’s pet policy may allow pets inside the store, but the store cannot tolerate any nuisance. Respecting everyone just make sure your pooch is on a leash. 

I hope you enjoyed our blog post about “Are dogs allowed in Home Lowe’s”. It is important to understand the policy of the store and how you should take care of your pooch. We always enjoy hearing from our readers, so if you have any questions or concerns about the topic, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. Thank you