Why Two Kittens are ALWAYS Better Than One

Why Two Kittens are Always Better Than One When Adopting

If you’re considering adopting a cat, you might wonder whether it might be a better idea to adopt two.

There’s a healthy amount of debate on this kitty question, but, on the whole, experts agree that two cats are always better than one.

Before we start, let’s admit that the answer for many is simple – two cats means twice the mischief, litter, toys, and overall chaos. So, folks that feel that way are going to miss out on all the benefits!

On the other hand, it seems that having two cats can drastically improve your cat’s life, with studies have shown that having two cats can massively improve their health and wellbeing (as well as yours).

There’s no doubt that a cat can live a long and healthy life by itself, but it may not be living the best life that it can on its own. This is because cats are surprisingly more social than may meet the eye and many benefits enormously from having an extra furry friend around for many reasons. 

Let’s see what those are.

Why Two Kittens are ALWAYS Better Than One

More Mental Stimulation and Copious Amounts of Fun

Cats have a reputation for being very independent animals, leaving the house for most of their waking hours and sleeping for the rest. 

However, you might think they are sleeping pretty much all the time, they’re likely to get bored easily.

This is especially true if you have long working hours and are unable to be with your cat throughout the working day.

Cats can benefit from an extra playmate and companion without you at their beck and call all day.

Having two cats who know each other means they have a full-time furry friend to keep them company. There’s always someone to chase, play cat fight, cuddle and curl up with.

Two cats can also ease your worries about your cat’s mental health; studies have shown that cats act out less and are more affectionate when they come in a pair due to the constant companionship.

Cats have been proven to establish long-lasting relationships and deep-rooted friendships (with other cats – not just with you!), taking comfort when the other one is present and being able to rely on each other. There are even countless examples of cats who mourn their furry friend when one passes. 

Credit: Haidan – https://unsplash.com/@hydngallery

Adoption Often Separates Cats Causing Stress

Cats from the same litter can often be found in adoption centers and shelters will promote the adoption of both, which is for a very logical reason.

These cats have formed strong bonds from birth and it has often been shown that separating cats that have grown to rely on, trust, and love each other can cause serious repercussions for your cat.

They may become more solitary, find it hard to trust their owners, act out more, and leave the house for long periods, leaving you worrying.

That’s why many professionals and adoption centers recommend adopting a pair of cats or kittens due to the harm separating cats can cause for their mental health.

Curb Behavioral Difficulties

Cats are very suspicious and cautious animals when solitary.

However, when they have companionship, cats often mimic behavior, allowing both cats to make more adventurous decisions and it is also likely to mean fewer behavioral issues.

People who adopt cats in pairs often observe that there’s no picky eating due to cats feeling safer in their environment and mimicking positive behaviors.

This is very useful for cat owners as things like picky eating can be infuriating and often very scary if your cat ends up not eating for a few days.

So, an easy way to avoid this stress is to adopt two cats.

And these supportive behaviors will apply to many more things that could be an issue, such as litter box use, scratching, and so on.

Easier to Train!

That means that across all the things you hope your cat will learn to do, having two is going to make that easier.

Kittens are hard to train, but having that mimicking behavior is going to make it a little easier to get both cats to behave how you’d like!

If you adopt kittens, some training will need to take place in order for them to stop climbing the curtains, scratching your furniture, and peeing everywhere.

It seems for kittens that having a companion to follow and mimic makes it easier for them and quicker for them.

The key here is that you only have to get one of the pairs to catch on to what you’re trying to get them to do. Then the other is likely to copy.

That means you have twice the chance of getting one (and then the other) to learn the behaviors you want to instill in both cats.

Kittens can learn good behaviors like using a litter box and not scratching by seeing their counterpart demonstrating these behaviors.

So, the time you spend on training your kitten can be cut in half and also made twice as easy!

They Will Keep Each Other Clean and Well Groomed

Credit: Ayely van Veen – https://unsplash.com/@ayeltvanveen

Any cat owner knows that cats can spend hours grooming themselves to keep clean and pristine, but they might not be doing an all-together good job!

A companion can do a more thorough job, making sure that every inch is clean.

More importantly, it has been proven that cats groom to help reduce anxiety and stress and doing this together can help bond and solidify trust and friendship by helping each other de-stress.

Grooming also helps with disease prevention and flea and parasite control.

Having an ‘extra’ cat allows for a complete certainty of “no spots miss” allowing for a healthy and happy pair of cats!

Adopt One More Cat, Save Another Life

Arguably the best reason to adopt two cats is that you get to give a home to one more life.

Shelters are already overfilled, with many having to turn away cats due to overcapacity.

So, if you adopt two cats, not only are you saving another life, but you’re giving an opportunity to another cat to be in a shelter and find a new home.

Rehoming as many cats as possible is really important as so many have lived hard lives and struggled to find a comfortable home surrounded by love and affection.

If you can, you should always aim to adopt a pair, and shelters often prefer and promote this because it has far-reaching effects.

When two cats are adopted, adopters also feel far less likely to return a cat as they settle in better to their new surroundings due to having a companion to rely on and trust.

Adopters who take two cats are a massive benefit to shelters!

Far Cheaper Than it Seems!

Many cat lovers decide against adopting two cats because they fear it will cost them twice as much to adopt two, but this is not true.

Yes, food costs and medical costs may seem like an unavoidable costs, but many adoption centres will include a price drop in the initial medical expenses such as deworming and immunizations when you adopt two cats.

And, when you have a pair of kitties, you can buy food in bulk to lessen the cost and, generally, there will be less food waste.

Cats can also share many supplies such as toys, beds, and litter trays, so it isn’t necessary to buy two of everything! 

It Takes Two!

So, if you are considering adopting a cat, keep in mind the benefits of adopting two.

From drastically reducing stress when they’re introduced to new surroundings and new people to helping with behavioral difficulties, as well as all the increased fun factors for them and you.

And, not to mention the good you’re doing for all shelter cats.

It really seems that there is no downside to adopting two cats. You are helping to save two lives and providing each with a lifelong companion. What do you have to lose?