How Much Does a Birman Cat Cost

How Much Does a Birman Cat Cost? 101 Guide

Dogs are the most popular pet worldwide, but cats are not far behind. Cats are the second favourite house pet, with more than 42 million households keeping at least one cat. Moreover, cats are easier to care for than dogs since they don’t crave that much attention. 

Plus, a cat has many advantages, like you don’t need to walk a cat or train her. But Before you bring any cat home, there are a few things that you need to consider first. Multiple factors can affect your lifestyle and your family’s lifestyle differently. One such factor is budget. 

Make sure you purchase a kitten on a budget and have all the essentials prepared for your pet. When you visit a shelter or breeder to bring a new cat home, there is some obvious cost associated with purchasing your Kitty. 

Their supplies are also initial costs, including first-time veterinarian visits, etc. Besides that, you will also have to bear a one-time fee when you get your first new cat. But is it necessary to pay for all the particular items? 

In this article, I will give a brief Idea of Birman’s cost of ownership. You will not only get the answer to the question: how much does a Birman cat cost but also what are the expenses of having one. 

How Much Does A Birman Cat Cost?

Adopting a Birman from a shelter shouldn’t cost much. At the adoption center, you will only encounter adoption fees of around $150-$300. The prices may also vary depending upon the cat’s age. Adopting one from a reputable breeder cost around $600-$1650 at least. 

Besides this, you will have to look after vaccinations, spaying, and more. In the case of a typical Pedigree Burman, it costs you between $550 to $700. An excellent pedigree Birman from a well-known breeding farm or reputable breeder costs around $650 to $1650. 

You know that getting a Birman from a breeder will be more expensive. Believe it or not, adopting one from a reputable breeder has its advantages. However, I would advise you always to visit a shelter and choose one of those kitties. 

There are many beautiful cats and kittens in need of loving homes. Plus, it is better to save a life by adding a shelter cat to your family than purchasing a newborn one.

Birman’s Adoption Cost


There are many situations when people can no longer care for their Birman and ask for health. You should check newspapers or online because sometimes a free Birman cat is advertised. But, whatever the situation is, always make sure to check the health of your cat. It would help if you always learned that there is no such thing as a genuinely free pet. Before putting your hand on a free cat, make sure you can bear the cost of caring for your new Birman, even if you don’t have to pay anything right now.

The Myth of the ‘Free Kitten’

There is no such thing as a free kitten. Even if you get one from your relative or a person who can no longer care for his Kitty, there is no such thing as a freebie. Before adopting a new kitten, you should consider not only your financial budget but also the budget of the time you will devote to your cat’s care. Pets like cats need a lot of energy, work, time, and attention to be healthy, happy, and safe. Therefore, if you cannot care for a cat or have budget issues before you adopt one, then avoiding a pet adoption is the responsible decision.


Adoption is the best strategy to get a new pet in your home. You might need to be patient when adopting a specific breed from a shelter. There are many local animal Shelters or breed-specific rescues to look for a Birman who needs a new home, a new life. Adopting one from a local shelter or rescue center should be between $100 and $300.


If you’re 100% sure and looking to adopt a pet directly from a recruitable breeder, then do your research. A reputable breeder does everything to work hard to ensure they are breeding healthy kittens. 

I would advise you to check the international cat association list, where you can find all types of PET breeders. I would say TICA is an excellent place to start your research. Make sure that you are prepared to pay a premium fee on adoption. 

Getting a Birman listed as pet quality will cost around $600 to $750 or even more sometimes. 

The availability of the kitten in your locality also plays a massive role in what amount you will be paying for Birman’s adoption to a breeder. However, if you are getting a Birman that is show quality, be ready to pay over $1000 to $2000.

10 Birman Color & Their Average Cost

Birman Colors / PatternAverage Adoption Fee
Seal Torti (female only breed)$900-$1500
Seal Tortie Tabby$1050-$1750
Blue Tabby$750-$1550
Seal Tabby$750-$1150

11 Expenses Of Owning A Birman

Expense1st YearEach Year
Adoption Fee($0)–300N/A
Veterinary Care and Vaccines*   $150–480$110–550
Flea/Tick Prevention$24–180$20–200
Food and Water Bowls$10–30   N/A
Litter Box$10–200$10–200
Cat Bed$20–100$0–100
Toys and Scratching Post$20–50$0–50

4 Must Haves For Birman’s Lifestyle

Litter Box

The price of a litter box will always depend on what type of litter you are looking for. There are many types of litter boxes that are specially designed for cats. Online, you can find plastic trays that are affordable as well as automatic self-cleaning models. 

An automatic self-cleaning litter box tends to be costly but saves you a lot of time. However, if you have multiple floors in your residence, you might have to put more than one box on each one. In that case, go with the plastic trays. 

If you live in an apartment or usually spend your daytime outdoors/ or working at the office, go with the pricier automatic self-cleaning leader boxes.

Collar / ID Tag

Even though your cat will spend most of her time indoors, she must wear a collar and ID tag. Whether your cat is microchipped or not, you should get your Kitty wear as most people will see that first if they come across your pet.


It is a must because you will need to visit your veterinarian occasionally. You will have to take your cat to the veterinary or anywhere else required for health checkups. Like litter boxes, there are also plenty of options for the the pet carriers. I recommend you avoid spending too much on the Deluxe version, which costs more. Choose an inexpensive model.

Scratching Mats / Post

Cats have a natural desire to scratch anything out of boredom or play. Therefore having a scratching mat will help you save your carpet and furniture from your Kitty. Just purchase a scratching post or mat for Cats to scratch that itch without damaging your belongings.

Scratching posts or mats: Cats have a natural desire to scratch. Sturdy bases and mats give them a good place to scratch that itch without damaging carpeting and furniture.

5 Optional Purchases To Improve Your Birman’s Life

Cat Bed

Even though your cat is fine lying on the sofa or curling up on a soft blanket, a pet bed can give them a cozy place to sleep and rest. Having a cat bed will improve your pet’s life while bringing joy & happiness to her.

Cat Shelves

You already know that cats usually love climbing up high to enjoy a full view of their surroundings. This is why I would recommend you install a sturdy shelf that allows them to climb up.

Pet Fountain

Did you know that cats sometimes reject drinking from the water bowl? Cats have often been seen licking water directly from the faucet even if it dries out quickly. Therefore having a pet fountain will encourage your cat to drink it. Plus, most cats prefer drinking running water. Therefore a rush might be a good investment to keep your pet hydrated all year around.

Window Perch

Make sure to have a window Perch to keep your feline busy watching birds, bugs, and whatever is going on outside. Make sure she is in a shape spot.

Tech Gadgets

Many pet tech gadgets can be provided to domestic cats. These pet tech gadgets range from computerized cat toys to a 2-way video. Believe it or not, many techs are available for your cat’s well-being.

4 Recurring Monthly Expenses

Recurring Medical Expenses

Limited North, but most cats are prone to periodontal diseases. You will need to get your cat visit but Nigerian for routine checkups, annual checkups, free treatment heartburn medications, and vaccinations.

Cat Food

Make sure you are not investing in cheap food. Most of the cheap food available for Cats online or offline does carry nutrients but doesn’t carry the right balance of Nutrition that is necessary to fulfill your cat’s needs. Therefore, make sure you are not only investing in complete and healthy cat food. But also in the one that’s right for your felines’ age and lifestyle. If you are confused, you can ask your veterinarian for a recommendation.


Who doesn’t love treats? Whether it is Christmas or New year, tasty treats bring us Joy. Therefore tasty treats can also help train your feline. Always remember that you should avoid traits that are high in calories or have unhealthy ingredients. Treats should always be offered in moderation. 

Safe Toys 

Cats are arguably one of the most playful pets who tends to be energetic in their kittenhood. But it doesn’t mean that playfulness goes away as she enters adulthood. A cat will likely play less as an adult and needs toys for mental stimulation. A cat is prone to separation anxiety and depression without proper mental stimulation. Appropriate entertainment or company is recommended for keeping a cat healthy and happy. Many safe toys are interactive and chewable for cats. These kinds of toys don’t get easily destroyed by scratching or continuous chewing.

Extra Birman Cat / Kittens Expenses To Consider

Emergency Veterinary Care

You don’t know when an emergency arises with your pet. You should always keep a few hundred dollars to $1000 or even more. I hope you will never have to bear this cost. However, this is only a recommendation because you want to have some funds aside that can be drawn in an emergency.

Pet Sitting Fees

If you are traveling to a different country or planning an extended trip but have no one to take care of your pet, you can go with commercial boarding or pet sitting, which may cost you $15 to $50 a day.

Professional Grooming

Even some cats are low maintenance. A Birman may need some extra care with the long hairs. Birman’s coat has silky hair that doesn’t get tangled easily but can be trimmed. While trimming, a professional groomer can give your cat the exotic look you are looking for. If you want your feline trimmed by a professional groomer, always have 300 dollars or more aside every year.

9 “SAVE MONEY” Tips For Adopting A Birman At Budget

  1. Think about adopting a Birman instead of purchasing one from breeders. Adoption fees tend to be lower than buying from a well-known breeder or reputable farm. 
  2. When purchasing cat foods, make sure to buy in bulk. 
  3. Instead of investing in chewable or interactive toys, you can make your toys. 
  4. It is essential to have pet insurance as it helps manage veterinary costs. 
  5. Instead of purchasing tasty food, whip up your cat breeds. 
  6. To save on veterinary costs, never skip routine visits and stay up-to-date on vaccines. 
  7. Always keep it basic by skipping the fancy collars or self-cleaning litter box. 
  8. Food will be the high recurring cost of bringing a cat into your home. You can save some money on Nutrition by searching for the best deals and coupons on quality kibble that go a long way. 
  9. Instead of visiting a professional groomer, learn how to trim a cat’s hair from a tutorial. Instead of practising on your cat, practice it on a stuffed toy first. You can also join grooming classes. After two or three sessions, you can trim your cat’s hair conveniently.


Regarding the cost of a Birman or a wide range of prices, the cat adoption cost depends on your budget and individual pets’ needs. I hope I have given you all the information needed to know about the scope of the cost. 

Regarding pets, cats are more cost-effective to keep than dogs. If you are serious about adopting a Birman from a reputable breeder, you will need at least $1000. 

However, you can also find your cat for free or adopt one with minimal investment, but that needs patience and research. I hope you like this article and will share this. I have tried my best to give you all the information about how much a Birman cat costs. If you have any questions regarding this, please comment below. See you in the next post till then, take care, and goodbye.