How Much Does a Birman Cat Cost? in 2022

birman cat cost and price

Cats are furballs that make amazing companions. Their lovely and elegant physiques never fail to mesmerize. Many cat owners will confess that cuddling, observing, and caressing their pets destresses and relaxes them. If you want to choose a cat as a companion, you may consider the Birman cat breed. It has many positive qualities that can make it an amazing addition to your family.

For one thing, Birman cats, with their loving and affectionate nature, make great companions for kids. 

Know how much does a Birman cat costs and other important things to note when purchasing a Birman.

What are the main features of a Birman cat?

A Birman cat is a long-haired cat with dark coloring on points on the face, legs, ears, and tail.

A distinct feature is a pale tone of cream or silver. It is a fairly large cat and big-boned. It has short legs, so it walks near the ground.

The Birman usually has blue eyes and unmarked feet that are pure white in color.

The front gloves cover only the feet, but the rear shocks are longer. The head is broad and rounded tipped with medium-sized ears. Birman cats come in different shades. 

If you decide to own a Birman, consider yourself lucky since the breed was almost wiped out during World War II.

There is no clear origin of the Birman, although it is considered to be the sacred cat of Burma. All modern Birmans originated from the one pair which was taken to France in 1919.

The breed has since proliferated, and by the early 1950s pure Birman cats were once again being produced, and the breed was fully restored and recognized in Britain by 1965. 

Cat’s Quality

The quality of a cat and its price is determined by the cat’s standard published by cats’ associations such as CFA, TICA, and FiFe.

Responsible breeders will give you the pedigree paperwork obtained from these organizations, and the prices will be based on these standards.

There are usually four cat quality degrees, and you have to pay attention to the quality standards. Just because you have a Birman with symmetrical gloves doesn’t mean you have a show-quality cat.

The price of a kitten is determined by its quality whether or not you are going to put them on the show or not, and the quality is determined by the CFA or TICA official standard

Some examples of Birman cat breed faults:

  • asymmetrical gloves or a runner
  • no laces on the back paws
  • a white spot on the chin
  • no roman nose
  • a weak color
  • light blue eyes
  • dark spots on the robe
  • a knot in the tail
  • body too small

When you buy a cat, you should receive a contract and cat association paperwork. The paper will have details regarding the quality of the cat. 

Are you ready to have a Birman in your life? How much does a Birman cat cost?

Average Breed

The average breed will have one purebred parent but will have some inconsistencies and faults based on a standard. This cat is something you cannot enter in a show because of its faults.

However, this doesn’t mean they will make less of an affectionate or loving cat. Although they may not win in a contest, what matters is you will be able to recognize your cat’s worth, and they are trainable enough to make for a good companion.

The average breed is considered a household cat and is the most affordable range among all how much does a Birman cat cost?

Price: $600 to $1,000, with males selling for about 30% less than females

Low Show Quality

This type of Birman cat will have a parent with pet show quality and may fulfill some of the prerequisites of a standard.

However, they are not that high quality enough to be a champion. This type of cat, like the average breed, is best treated as a household cat and companion cat.

They still retain the personality of the Birman and can give you hours of fun and affection. They are also trainable, so they can integrate well into your lifestyle. 

Price: $1,000~

Premium Show Quality     

This type of Birman can give you pride and joy because they will be total head turners. They fulfill the feature of a cat standard and are eligible for top shows.

These Birmans are of high quality and come from a champion line of purebred parents. You can count on them to be beauty queens and kings and be the prettiest cats not only in your neighborhood but in a cat show.

Because of their good quality, you have to shell out a pretty penny for them, and when it comes to how much does a Birman cat cost, they are the most expensive.  

Price: $1,000 to $1,800


There are instances where breeders may give up their retiring queen or stud for adoption. This is definitely a good buy since these will be top show quality cats, which you can get at a much lower price.

Cat breeders usually have a program, and to progress with it, they have to give up some of their cats.

Usually, they won’t have enough space for a cat or stud, and there is also the case wherein a cat is not behaving well due to jealousy and is thus not cooperating with other cats in the house.

Getting a retired show-quality cat is a great opportunity for you to get an amazing cat at a much lower cost.

You can also gain a lot of information about your new cat because the breeder already knows them well.

They are also sold neutered or with a neutering cat, which comes in handy if you have no interest in breeding your cat and just want a beautiful companion cat you can give all your love to.

When it comes to how much does a Birman cat cost, this is a good deal you can grab. 

Price: Less than $600

Other things to consider with How much does a Birman cat cost?

Adoption fee

Responsible and reputable breeders will often have registration paperwork, up-to-date vaccinations, a health guarantee, and a travel crate if the cat is going to be shipped.

Some breeders may also include a microchip and TICA (The International Cat Association) registration. 

Before you take your kitten or cat home, a breeder will ask for a deposit that is non-refundable. The amount ranges from $200-$400.

Once you get your cat, the deposit will be added up to the total cost. Responsible breeders know that the proper time to wean the cat from its mother is 8 to 12 weeks, so you should wait for this time before you get your cat. 

What are the extra costs that can affect how much does a Birman cat cost?

Food and Veterinarian Fees

Animals have recurring needs, so you should consider these needs when deciding to adopt a pet. These costs can greatly affect how much does a Birman cat costs overall.

You will have to spend on food, accessories, and litter, as well as routine visits to a vet. On average, a cat owner will be spending $600 per year on one cat alone.

This amount applies if the cat is healthy and doesn’t need any interventions. The amount can go up if the cat is diseased or needs surgery. 

Professional Grooming

If you want your cat to be healthy and looking good all-year-round, you may also consider spending on professional grooming services.

Although it isn’t a necessity, professional grooming can help keep a healthy-looking coat. Grooming doesn’t just keep a coat healthy and beautiful. It also helps in blood circulation and removes pests and debris on the coat. 


Birmans are quite a rare breed, and they can be tough to find locally. You may have to pay extra fees to have your cat shipped or transported via airline or cargo.

Breeders themselves who sell in your area may also offer the Birman at a higher cost because they themselves have to pay for importation fees, and they need to get this amount covered when they finally sell to gain a profit.

One of the reasons for the higher price of a Birman is that in order to renew the pool, breeders will have to import cats from distant countries such as Australia and Europe.

Plus, they will be importing show quality cats with costs ranging in the thousands of dollars.

They also have to pay thousands for transportation, and these middle pet services are quite expensive, and the price of transportation can either go up or down depending on the airline carrier’s whims. 

Some Notes on Buying a Birman Cat

Buying from a cattery

  • If you are buying from a cattery, go to the place personally so you can have an in-depth inspection of the quality of care.
  • Some things you should be asking: are the cats well-groomed? Are they healthy? Is the cattery clean and organized?
  • Do a personal inspection especially if you are buying from a big cattery. If you look at how much does a Birman cat cost, they can be pricey so you have to make sure you are getting a quality kitten.


  • Make sure that the kittens are well taken care of. They should be socialized, exhibit good behavior, and are clean.
  • There shouldn’t be any strong smell of urine in the area. If there is, it is better to pass and look for some other cattery. 

Beware of excessive price

  • You may find that a certain kitten is cute, which gives breeders the confidence to offer them at a much higher price.
  • If the price is excessive for the cuteness of a kitten, you have to go look for another breeder. Do not get trapped. 

Sick kittens

  • There are some instances that a kitten will be sick. In this case, do not take him or her until declared healthy again by a vet. Health, in this case, means recovery from a major disease.
  • Cats and kittens can also get minor afflictions such as ticks and floes, which are not as serious. 

Friendly kittens

  • A kitten must have a good attitude when you first meet them. If the kitten is shy or aggressive when you first meet them, does not come to you or is not playful, consider other choices, and choose another kitten that is friendlier and more socialized. 


  • Be sure to read up on the contract with your breeder. The contract should stipulate what happens in case your kitten dies or gets diseased after a short period. It should stipulate what should happen if you bought a show quality kitten, and it does nothing on shows and if the cat is a breeder and is found to be infertile. 

Proof of pedigree

  • You should be able to get a Cat Club paperwork to obtain proof of pedigree and official documents.
  • You may have to pay a fee to get these documents. Many breeders will send you your cat’s paper sonly after the cat has been neutered if you have not bought a breeder cat with reproductive rights.

Reliable breeder

  • Try to obtain a kitten from a breeder, you know. Get references, especially about the health issues of kittens you will be buying.

Kittens from pet stores

  • Avoid buying kittens in a pet store. Buy directly from a breeder. You will want to know the kitten’s history and its living conditions. 

Veterinarian checkup

  • Have your cat tested by a veterinarian to see if they have any major or serious diseases. You should do this within the next 24 hours you have gotten your cat or kitten. 

Scout for breeders

  • If you do not feel good about a breeder, go with your gut instinct and pass. Do some further research with breeders in your area. 

Rescue centers

  • There are Birman adult rescue centers that are backed by Birman associations. If you want to give a neglected cat a new home or if you looked into how much does a Birman cat cost, and realize you don’t have the budget for it getting a Birman from a shelter is a good option. 

Final Thoughts

There are many cats on earth, but a Birman is truly one of a kind because of its exotic and mysterious look. Imagine waking up and gazing into those limpid blue eyes that have nothing but full adoration for you? You can get Birmans of all types from ordinary to ones to show quality ones.

If you have never participated in a show before now is your chance with a Birman because they are a truly rare breed and exhibiting them also gives you the chance to educate and open the eyes of the public regarding this wonderful and affectionate breed.

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