Why is my dog acting weird

Why is My Dog Acting Weird? (12 Logical Reasons Explained)

My dog is acting weird and restless! This statement is a nightmare for a dog owner. We have a special bond with our dog and hence are emotional about it. There are a lot of emotions that come with being a dog owner. We love our dogs and they’re an important part of our family.  They’re loyal, warm, and loving. And because we have such a close bond with them, it’s hard not to notice when they’re acting weird, get sick, or when skip a meal.   

When we notice our dog acting strangely, we know there’s something wrong and we should do something about it. For example, when you get back from work, your dog no longer greets you at the door and seems to be avoiding a specific part of the house. 

He also seems to be shaking more often than usual, having accidents outside more than normal, and/or just doesn’t seem as interested in anything that’s going on around him.

Dogs can act weird in different ways that include illness, anxiety, boredom, change in environment, injury, etc. These may be the signs of minor problems but in some cases, can be fatal. 

Today, we are going to discuss the reasons for a dog acting weird. and possible answers to the following Queries

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dogs acting Weird Signs to Watch for

#1 Hiding

One of the most common and weird behavior we may see in our dog is hiding. They can hide behind any furniture, beneath the bed, or hiding in the closet. In some cases, the dogs are naturally fearful and they need a sense of security. 

If our dog is hiding, then the possible reasons must be environmental factors, loud noises, fear, etc.

#2 Crying or whining

Crying or whining is not as loud as yelp or screaming, but it clearly shows that our dog is in a problem.  

If our dog is crying and whining, then many things can be responsible. Our dog might be bored, stressed, or in pain. 

#3 Screaming or yelping

Many times it happens that we step over our dog’s foot or tail by mistake. Of course, this is a painful incident.

But if something like this does not happen and still our dog is yelping or screaming then something is really wrong.

In this case, we must ask our dog’s vet for help.

#4 Excessive barking

It is completely normal for a dog to bark when it sees some unidentified person or senses something unusual.

But, if our dog is barking continuously then there is something weird. 

The possible reasons could be stress, illness, boredom, fear, or anxiety.

#5 Shaking, trembling, or shivering

If our dog is trembling or shaking, then cold is not the reason every time. Therefore, the possible reasons can be nausea, over-excitement, illness, like kidney disease, or pain.

Kidney disease is not the only sickness that results in trembling, shaking, or shivering. The possible reason could also be distemper.

Fear is one of the most common reasons for dogs shivering, shaking, or trembling. This can be due to loud noises like fireworks or slamming doors.

#6 Shying away

Some dogs are over-friendly while other dogs are scared, shy, and timid. These dogs seemed to have lost the ability to socialize in their past, or due to their environment never being capable of it. 

But if our dog is usually very friendly and easy to deal with and has recently started to snap or act out in aggression, there could be an unrevealed source for this behavior.

Our dog could behave this way because it has a fear of strangers. Many dogs actually enjoy being pet but depend on the person to be gentle, slow, and reassuring as you pet them. 

It may take some time for this to happen. We can consider sitting or lying on the floor with the dog while they approach so that it feels more secure, then slowly extend ourselves toward them with an outstretched hand.

We must be sure to let our dog approach us as well! However, if this continues, we must try having someone else come over who may be able to calm him down quickly with positive reinforcement training.

#7 Rubbing the butt on the floor

It is very common to see any dog rubbing its butt on the floor. This act can be caused by our dog’s back passage sac that may be injured or clogged.

Other reasons include irritation of the skin, allergy, parasite formation in the intestine, or trauma.

#8 Licking paws continuously

Although most times, dogs will lick their paws because they sweat a lot and it’s their way of cooling themselves down, paw licking can also be the result of allergies, parasites (such as fleas or ticks), injury, or even cancer. 

There are cases where the animal licks one particular paw only, which indicates a specific cause behind the licking.

It is advised to check your pet’s paws regularly for sores or wounds in order to avoid any further issues caused by aggravating them unnecessarily (e.g.: bacteria). 

The earlier an issue is found, the easier it will be to treat it in good time.

#9 Aggression

Few things can be as upsetting and alarming as when our dog acts aggressively towards us. 

Although this might seem to be a behavior that is exhibited by some breeds of dogs, other dogs will also have an aggressive streak if conditioned to do so.

 It’s essential to know how to recognize even subtle signs of aggression in order to prevent it from escalating into further problems which could affect us and our dog’s quality of life!

#10 Lack of activity and energy

As we likely already know, there are several different types of dog breeds. Some dogs probably have the energy of a bunny rabbit which is to say that they don’t always have much energy to spare. 

But then we will end up running into dogs that it seems like never seem to want to stay still and just love running around the entire day. 

If a dog with this sort of personality is suddenly acting lethargic without any preliminary warning signs, then it could be an indication that something is wrong inside their body or mind that needs immediate attention from you as their owner.

#11 Dogs stop eating

Dogs love food, but it is weird if they refuse to eat their favorite treat. Still, a dog’s appetite can suddenly seem to vanish and it’s often less obvious as to why. 

Your dog might appear to be turned off by their food or like they’re simply not hungry but there are several possible reasons for this hesitation that should be discussed with your vet who can help decipher the root of the problem.

#12 Dogs stopped drinking water

Unfortunately, it’s sometimes difficult to prevent things from getting stressful in our lives. If there are extreme changes that have taken place, we may notice our dog won’t be taking in water as much as usual. 

This could happen if our dog has had a distressing change in lifestyle, for example moving to a new area. Or, the sudden appearance of several other pets in their regular home environment could also cause them to become unsettled and more stressed than normal. 

If this happens, we want to let you know not to panic; it doesn’t necessarily mean your dog is suffering from any acute medical conditions. Some dogs will drink more water when it’s warm and drinks less when it’s cold outside.

Another reason would be due to an illness or a lack of appetite — two very serious problems. If your dog appears to have stopped drinking water altogether, you might want to take them to the vet. 

The dehydration that can happen as a result of prolonged and chronic refusal to drink water can lead directly to health problems like kidney issues and other problems that may require medical treatments.

Why is my dog acting weird at night?

What are the signs your dog is dying?

  • The dog has stopped eating
  • The dog is in pain
  • The dog stopped moving
  • The dog stopped doing its favorite activities

Final words

It’s important to understand why your dog is acting out of the ordinary. Some of the reasons are stated above.

If your dog is acting weird, you should take them to the vet to get a diagnosis and treatment. After you’ve got them on the right treatment, you can reward them with a yummy treat! That way, they’ll be happier and behave better in your home.

Dogs sleep more during the day and less during the night. Therefore, they become more aware and their sensory nerves become more active. Hence, they start acting weird at night.