How to raise a kitten to be cuddly

How to Raise a Kitten to be Cuddly? 9 Ways Explained!

How to raise a kitten to be cuddly? Well, Kittens are lovely. Their cute little paws are something that I love the most.

But they do not tend to be as cuddly as dogs. However, many individuals love cats and want them to be as cuddly as dogs. 

Therefore, here are some tips to raise your kitten to be cuddly. So, let’s get started.

1) Keep the kitten with the mom for initial 8 weeks of life

Only a mother can teach her kids the best life lessons.

Hence, it is better to keep your kitten with her mom for the initial 8 weeks of her life.

This will make your cat healthy and will promote a great life. 

2) Make your kitten comfortable

Kittens hide when they are scared. In fact, they also get easily overstimulated with anything.

It is your duty to make your kitten more confident and comfortable around different things. To do this, take your pet out for socializing.

Also, block the areas where your kitten can hide. You can use food to let her come out of the hiding area.

This way your kitty will become comfortable in the surrounding area and stop hiding again. You can also use toys to encourage her to come out and play. 

3) Handle the cat carefully

You need to handle your beloved pet carefully in the initial weeks. The American Animal Hospital Association says that handling a kitten for 15 minutes per day can help her to be comfortable and cuddly with humans. 

Hence, make sure that your kitten is getting love, pets, and a lot of care & handling.

However, many people do not adopt a just born kitten. In this case, you can ask the shelter where the kitten was.

Many kittens live their initial days in a foster home. These foster kittens can be great cuddle partners. 

4) Do not force the kitten to stay on the lap

Many individuals feel that keeping the cat on their lap will make her a cuddly cat. But this is not true.

This will frighten her. Also, this will make her untrust you. Just set her free on yourself. This will make her trust you more. 

5) Do not discipline the cat

If you try to discipline your cat, she will become afraid of you. Also, you will damage your relationship with her. In fact, she may never come close to you for cuddling. 

Instead, you can train her with some treats. This will help you maintain a healthy relationship with your pet. Also, training her with treats will make her trust you more.

If your cat is doing something wrong, do not shout. Instead, say “No”. Do not discipline the cat.

6) Pet the cat the way she wants

Pay attention to your cat’s choices so that you can see what sorts of stroking she enjoys. Every cat has a different personality.

As you spend time together with your cat and look after her, you may begin to recognize her personal choices.

Remember to not pet close to the bottom of her tail. Many cats do not like to be pets there. They have particular heady fragrance glands close to the bottom of the tail. Also, do not pet too harshly. You do not need to overstimulate your touchy cat.

7) Do not bathe your cat unnecessarily

If you want your cat to hate you, then give her regular baths! Cats do not like bathing, and most do not want regular baths.

Cats typically do an excellent task of cleansing themselves. Their tongues are for cleansing the fur. 

Hence, let your cat clean herself. You can nevertheless offer grooming and brushing, especially if your cat has long hair. You also can clean your cat’s ears.

8) Take care of your cat’s needs

As you take care of your cat’s needs, she can be able to back passageyze that she can trust you. Give her nutritious meals and clean water. Talk to your cat in a calm and pleasant voice at the same time as you supply her with sparkling meals and clean water.

Clean out her clutter box at least twice a day. Give her treats. Provide her with a comfy cat bed, and a scratching post. You will win her and you are certain to have a cuddly kitten that will quickly grow to be a cuddly cat!

However, do not supply your cat with too many treats. You do not need your cat to turn out to be obese. Obesity can cause a number of health issues. It also can make it tougher for your cat to clean herself due to the fact she would not be able to lick herself.

9) Do not stare at your cat

When cats sense competition toward each other, they start staring. Therefore, do not stare at your kitty, or else she will sense that you are a threat. Imagine if your cat was in the wild. A predator could in all likelihood stare at her earlier than looking to trap her.

Instead, provide your cat the gradual blink, additionally acknowledged as “kitty kisses.”  Slowly close your eyes, and then slowly open them. Repeat this technique as frequently as you want.

This method will assist your cat to feel safe with you. In the wild, you will not usually close your eyes, unless you feel safe.

Closed eyes symbolize friendship and trust. Your cat would possibly even slowly blink back at you! If she does, that means you have proven to her that she is safe.

How do you train a kitten to be a lap cat?

What can be more beautiful than cozying up with your cat curled up to your lap? But, most cats do not like it.

Cats are unbiased creatures and could only spend time with you when they want; so once in a while, they may be glad to take a seat on your lap, and at others, they will choose to simply take a seat down nearby. 

It’s essential to take into account here that a few cats will never need to be cuddly lap cats – and that’s completely normal!

But if you want to inspire your kitty to spend some time on your lap, here are a few recommendations that will assist you in bond with her, and help you educate your kitten to be a lap cat.

  • Start teaching er at an early age
  • Do not force the cat to do anything you want
  • Build a healthy relationship with the kitten
  • Create a safe environment for her
  • Keep her favorite blanket on your lap
  • Offer her treats
  • Find their favorite spot

Just make sure that you are not forcing your cat in any way. If you do this, your cat will stay away from you even more.

How do you gain a cat’s trust?

Gaining a cat’s trust is an important process to make her feel comfortable with you. Here are some steps you can take to gain your kitty’s trust.

  1. Minimize the noises around the cat – Cats get afraid when they hear the loud noise of the vacuum, fireworks, sirens, etc. hence, it will be helpful for you to keep the house environment calm and silent. Also, you can use room diffusers to create a calm atmosphere.
  2. Give the cat her own space – Many cats become anxious while using the litter boxes around other humans or pets. Hence, try to keep their personal belongings in a silent place where other pets do not go. 
  3. Play with your cat – Figure out which toys our cat likes. Shy cats usually focus on their favorite toys. Other cats can be distracted by catnip toys. 
  4. Do not force the cat – Forcing your cat to do something will make her afraid of you. In fact, she will lose trust in you. Hence, it is better to let the cat do whatever she likes. Also, do not try to discipline her, rather you can train her with specific commands. 
  5. Try to learn about cat body language  – Learning a cat’s body language will help you understand what your pet cat is trying to convey. Learning some facts about body language and vocalization will help you avoid the general mistakes that humans do while handling cats. 

How do I get my cat to cuddle with me?

  1. Keep calm
  2. Pet her the right way
  3. Bond with her
  4. Play together
  5. Do not stare at her
  6. Give her the personal space

How can I bond with my cat fast?

  1. Observe your cat’s moves
  2. Offer favorite treats
  3. Play with her
  4. Give her the personal space
  5. Do not force the cat
  6. Pet the cat the right way

Final words

In conclusion, I would like to say that do not expect much from your cat. Cats are like this. They do not like to socialize, cuddle, pet, etc. But if you want your cat to be cuddly then you can try the above-mentioned tips. 

Cats love their personal space but if they allow you to enter their personal space then consider yourself the luckiest. 

I hope you enjoyed the article. We will be back with more interesting pieces of writing. Till then stay connected. Thank you.

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