Should I Get a Kitten

Should I Get a Kitten? [6 Things You Must Know]

Sometimes people fall in love with a kitten by seeing its adorable pictures on the internet or neighbors kitten. And they asked themselves—should I get a kitten? Well, if you want to bring a kitten to your home, you must think about its responsibility.

You must be ready to take care of them for the next 15 to 20 years—that’s how long they live. You need to take care of your cats in the best possible way to make their life better.

Here are some pre-kitten questions, that you just need to ask yourself to help you see if you are ready  for taking responsibility:

  • Can you bear the cost of its everyday meal?
  • Can you afford the cost of its medical expenses?
  • Do you have enough time to train and play with your kitten?
  • Is your home cat friendly?

You must know that rising a kitten is completely different than having a senior cat. Kitten have more curiosity and they will play & jump from one place to another all-around your house. To make them socialize you need to spend a lot of time training and playing with them.

5 Tips for First Time Cat Owner

Taking Responsibility

As a cat owner, you need to fulfil many responsibilities. If you adopt a kitten between 6 weeks or younger, they need full attention.

You have to bottle feed them at least 4 times a day. If you’re not ready for these types of responsibilities then I would suggest you adopt an older cat.

Giving Them Protein Diet

Feeding your cat a proper diet is very important.  Cats are obligate carnivores, so 95% of their diet should be protein.

It’s always important to feed your cat a high-quality diet.  A high-quality diet can help you avoids vet visits.  We all know that vet visits are usually expensive.

Preparing a Quiet Place for Living

When you bring your cat to its new home, you need to make sure that it is a quiet place. Cats usually get nervous when they move to a new home.

They may also be frightened by noises all around.  I recommend keeping your cat in a small room or bathroom for at least a week until they get adjusts to the environment.

Do Not Feed Cow Milk

Don’t give a kitten or cat-cow milk.  Most cats are lactose intolerant, which means giving them milk can cause diarrhoea.

You need to avoid cow milk at all times.  However, if you get a small kitten I would recommend you to feed formula milk.

Buy a Cat Tree

Cats have really long nails.  And their nails continue to grow throughout their entire life like us. They will scratch anything around them like—furniture, dining table, sofa, etc.

Therefore, it’s really important that you have a scratching post or cat tree. It will help avoid your cat stretching your furniture, beds, or couch.

Benefits of Owning a Cat

Reduces Stress

Studies indicate that interacting with cats can significantly reduce stress and anxiety in humans.

Especially when they exhibit purring and kneading behavior, this results in a lower predisposition to cardiovascular disease.

In fact, cats can reduce the risk of heart attacks. These positive effects may be more noticeable if the cat is with us from an early age.

Cat Helps You Sleep Better

Sleeping with cats not only reinforces the bond we have between cats and humans but also has other benefits.

Cats can help us relax, stay warm in the winter, and provide emotional security, especially for children. This translates into a pleasant, restful, and quality sleep.

Cats Accompany the Smartest and Most Attractive People

A survey found that 82% of women find men with pets more attractive. But also 90% agreed that those with cats were believed to be kinder, more loving, and more patient than other men.

Another survey conducted in the UK indicates that people with cats are more likely to have a university degree.

However, it is unclear whether living with a cat supports intellectual development or whether intelligent people prefer feline companionship.

Children Who Grow Up With Cats Get Sick Less

A study in the scientific journal indicates that children living with cats have a lower predisposition to general illness.

Also, those who end up getting sick may need fewer medications. Why is this so? One of the researchers and co-author of the study suggests that cats by stimulating the immune system helped develop a child’s immune responses to better protect against viruses and bacteria.

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