Best Way To Travel With A Cat In A Car

How To Travel With A Cat? [By Plane, Car or Train In 2024]

All pet lover knows that a cat is one of the prettier pet than others. A cat always looks fresh, healthy, and pretty funny. In your home they always stay with you, play with you and you get more comfort from them. 

If you love them you must also take care of them, you should take care of their health, food, and other things. When you travel from one place to another for work or other things- if you want to feel happy you must take your cat. They may help you to find happiness. Here are the ultimate guidelines on -how to travel with a cat on planes & cars.

Travelling On a Plane

Many airlines company has a set of rules for travelling with a cat. You must follow and respect the rules for travelling with your cat on a plane.  There are two ways to take your cat on the plane:

1. Transporting cat in the cabin

2. Transporting cat in cargo

Transporting Cat on Cabin

  • At first, you should talk with the airline company about your pet cat. If they allow you should take some necessary steps for travelling.
  • Book tickets earlier, and as soon as possible. Confirm your tickets and ensure that the plane has some space in the cabin to put your cat carriers.
  • And you can request the cabin crew to take your cat with you and put it under your seat. Most of the plane have some space under the seats. A cat career will easily fit in there.
  • When you buy a carrier for a cat, you can practice your cat, how to inter stay in the career. This helps your cat to travel more comfortably inside a pet career.
  • You can take some fresh pad and tissue for cats. If the cat pee or gets shits, you can clean it as soon as possible.

You can talk with a pet doctor about how to take care of your cat when you are going to travel a long journey. If your cat needs a vaccine or takes a pill the doctor will help you suggesting. You need to take a health certificate for your cat from the doctor. Many airlines want this certificate before they allow you travelling.

On the day of travel, you should cut his long nail, take a token of your information and bind it to the cat’s neck.

You can take some tissues and cat wipes, it will help. Feed your cat before travelling, do not feed while travelling. 

Transporting Cat in Cargo

If the airlines have no place to take your cat in the cabin you can put your cat in cargo. But you must ensure that the cargo is safe for your cat.

Many cargoes are not good and the temperature could be too high or too low. It can kill your cat. So before you put your cat on cargo make sure that the cargo is safe.

Please take a direct flight and a short time flight (avoid flights with transit)

Attach a collar to your cat with your full information. Take your cat to the Airport on time and other information is the same as cabin transportation.

Yet I think cabin transportation is more comfortable and safe for your cat.   Traveling with a pet and a cat on the plane will never be complicated if you follow all the rules and regulations.

How to Travel With Cats in a Car Long Distance?

If you want to travel a long journey with your cat by car, it is not so easy for you and your pet. There are many things you need to know. In this section of the article, I am going to share some travel tips that may help you to travel a long distance with your cat.

You must know that cat doesn’t like travelling, It can make your cat sick. But if you take good care of your pet cats and follow some rules, they will be okay.

  • Before travelling you need a very good quality car, it helps your mind fresh and also your cat.
  • Take some fresh food, water, cloth, and some fresh tissues and other necessary things.
  • Take a good quality carrier for your cat. It must be fresh, neat & clean. But if you want to play with your cat while travelling, you can take him/her in front of the dashboard.
  • Take some toys for your pet cat, it will help your cat for playing and the cat will not feel bored. I know many cats enjoy playing with toys.
  • If you travelling in winter you should take blankets for you and your pet cat. It helps your cat warm in cold.
  • When travelling, you should attach a collar on your cat with your information. If your cat lost it help to find your cat.
  • For long-distance travelling, you should take a break and feed your cat. Take a break for 10 minutes after two or three hours of travelling, take your cat out of the car for refreshment.
  • At night you need a pet-friendly hotel where you stay at night. At night take care of your cat, feed and bathe him with warm water. Because of long travelling, the cat suffers from allergy because of dust. You must know that cat is a very soft animal.
  • After finishing your journey you should appointment with a pet doctor. Because after the journey many cats feel sick. So, a doctor can help your cat for healthy.
  • I know every owner of a pet cat wanted to protect their cat-like their own child. They want to play with them and love them. If a cat stays with you for a long time, it becomes a part of your life.
  • Long travel is not good for anyone, but we need to travel for number of reasons.  However, following some necessary rules and travel safely guide mentioned above, you can easily travel with your cat comfortably.

How to Take a Cat on a Road Trip?

A road trip with your pet cat is very enjoyable. If you do your best it might your best trip. For work, we can’t play with our cats, and we don’t give them much time.

So, the road trip is very helpful for bonding with our pet cat. Here I am trying to give you some tips, that can help you and your cat for the best trip ever.

  • While travelling, you need to spend time and play with your kitty in your car. Like talking to your cat, give them toys etc. Play music and feed your cat in the car, it helps your cat to get familiar with your car. 
  • Talk to your vet about your kitty. If you can, you should go to the vet office and checkup your cat health.  You can also get some opinions from the vet about travelling on a long journey.
  • Before travelling give your cat food and water. On the way, you might not get good food, so take some fresh and healthy food for you and your pet.
  • Please take a good carrier for your kitty. Because sometimes it might not be safe for your kitty to be free and moving around your car.  You know that your kitty can be sometimes very naughty and they can disturb you’re driving.  If you don’t use the carrier there might be a possibility of an accident.
  • If you feel bored you can hear some solo music. But don’t high your music volume, your cat may feel disturbed.
  • Every two or three hours you should take a rest and feed your cat. You know that road trip is so hard for us. That’s why you and your cat need a break and take some meal.
  • I think it’s a good idea to bring some toys for your cat. When you driving, your cat busy with their toys and you drive safely. Every time we must buy a new type of fun toys. Because if you give old one the cat feeling bored and your cat will disturb you while travelling.

At last, you must drive safely. Because when you drive safely it will be very joyful for both of you. I know that if you follow these rules and regulations your trip will be very peaceful.

How to Sedate a Cat for Travel?

Everyone knows that cats don’t like to travel. They don’t like to change their place. Cats always like their home. They always like to play on their home turf. For this reason, they need more care. According to some veterinarians, sedation is the most useful thing for these cases.

  • When you wanted to travel one place to another and you chose a Car, you should make your car a less scary place, because when you get your cat inside the car, if they don’t like they become feel unsafe.
  • After finishing your trip don’t forget to reward your cat, this reward makes your kitty happy and healthy.
  • We want to say that if you travel with your cat please visit your vet because the vet can help you how to sedate a cat for travel.
  • Sleeping pills: Like human cats has also sleeping pills. When the vet wanted to perform surgery they have you give sleeping pills to the cat. It helps him for safe operation. But make sure don’t give your cat sleeping pills which made for humans. It has many side effects on cats. So don’t do that ever.
  • If you want a safe journey with your cat you can take cats sleeping pills and feed your cat. It will help your cat sleep while you are driving.
  • Diphenhydramine is a drug which is safe for your cats, it helps your cat for a sedate journey. But you should talk with your vet because only they know which drug and pills are good for your cat.   If your vet allows you to feed diphenhydramine pills, you can feed your cat 24 hours before the trip.
  • If your cat is not healthy or doesn’t want to travel is best for you to leave your cat at home or pet sitters home. It might be hard you but it is the right decision.

If your kitty is healthy, you can find them playing on home turf or running around your house. Travel with your cat when they are healthy. Maintain all the rules, take safety pre-caution and take your cat to the vet (at least once) before travelling.  Feed your cat all necessary medicines suggested by a vet, before traveling.


I think now you are more confident about travelling with your cat. We know that a pet is a part of your life and we must take care of them in a proper way. Maintaining some rules and regulations you can travel with your cat without any difficulty, safe and healthy.

You can also talk with the veterinarian for more information and medical help. The veterinarian can help you with more guidelines on— how to travel with a cat. At last, we wish you to have a safe, joyful, and happy journey with your cat.