How to stop a cat snoring

How To Stop A Cat Snoring? [6 Reasons and 5 Tips]

I adopted two cats about three months ago, both cats are growing up healthy and strong. But I notice, that one of my cats snores regularly while sleeping. I have heard that regular snoring can raise many health problems in cats. So, I was curious to know more about cat snoring which leads me to do a quick research on this topic.

Read on to find out the details I discovered on how to stop a cat from snoring.

How to stop a cat snoring?

How to stop a cat from snoring? To stop cat snoring, implement a regular exercise routine to get your cat back in tip-top shape.  Change your cat’s sleeping position, and provide them with a balanced diet.

Snoring is not unusual for cats, but this can be problematic if snoring becomes a regular habit. Being overweight is the most common cause that makes your cat snore, regular exercise may help to make your cat stop snoring.

But if you notice the problem is something serious and it is constantly happening even after you make your cat follow a regular exercise routine, balanced diet plan, and fix sleeping positing — it’s time to take a further step.

In case you notice respiratory problems or behavioral changes in your cat, then snoring might be a reason behind those problems. In this situation, you should take problems seriously and seek veteran advice.

Is snoring normal for cats?

When your cat is in a deep sleep, you most probably can hear it snoring. Cats normally snore when they are in deep or in relaxed sleep and it is totally normal. But if your cat snore regularly you shouldn’t consider it normal.

Usually, snoring is a sign of your cat having a relaxed sleep. Even if snoring during sleep continues from its childhood, it might be normal. Because as humans, a cat’s nasal passage can sometimes be narrow too.

A narrow nasal hole blocks the air circulation and creates snoring. Also, some the cat breeds snore naturally because of their genetic characteristics.

But otherwise, snoring might be a sign of serious health problems. Many health diseases of cats do not show a lot of symptoms.

If your cat is snoring rapidly all of a sudden, it is actually abnormal. In that case, you have to seek veterinary advice.

Does cat snoring indicate any underlying problems?

If you notice sudden and continuous snoring, it may indicate your cat is suffering from any underlying health problems. Snoring can be caused by general illness, respiratory problems, or even allergic reactions. 

Continuous snoring can indicate your cat’s respiratory problems and nasal passage blockage problems too. If your cat has any obstruction in its nasal or air cavity, snoring can happen.

6 underline causes that make your cat snore

  • Respiratory infections: cats are more likely to get infected in the upper and lower respiratory tract. If an infection occurs, it creates snoring in cats. As the respiratory tract is the main way of breathing, infection there can obviously cause snoring and breathing difficulties. You can figure it out by noticing if any discharge or mucus is being created in your cat.
  • Nose shape: if the nasal passage of your cat is narrow, then it’s more likely to face snoring. So, if you think that it’s a major problem for you, you can consult the vet. Otherwise, snoring because of the nose shape is pretty normal.
  • Asthma: asthma in cats can create breathing difficulties. As a result, because of the breathing difficulties, your cat is more likely to snore while sleeping. You can notice the sign of constant coughing, breathing problems, and unusual respiratory rate, as well as sudden snoring, you should immediately seek expert help.
  • External objects: if any external object gets stuck in the respiratory or nasal passage, it’s possible for your cat to snore. It is more like a breathing problem than snoring. Sometimes if any external object gets stuck in the airways, your cat can even die from it. So if you see any sign of airways blockage in your cat, take the condition seriously and urgently take it to the vet.
  • Heart conditions: as for heart conditions, your cat might feel difficulty with breathing. If you don’t notice properly, the difficulty may feel like snoring to you. That’s why we always suggest not to ignore even the slightest sign. If your cat has underlying heart issues, you shouldn’t delay any longer to take it to the vet.
  • Lung conditions: as the main respiratory organ is the lung, and if any respiration problem occurs, your cat will feel immediate breathing trouble. Also, because of the breathing trouble, the sound might feel like snoring to you. Moreover, this problem can be severe in odd sleeping positions. That’s why always try to notice the behavioral and health changes.

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When should I take my cat’s snoring seriously?

If your cat’s snoring is abnormal, then you should take it seriously. That means, when you see that it’s more like a breathing problem than snoring, then it’s a matter to be concerned about. Few health problems, such as respiratory infections, asthma, and chronic nasal issues, can cause abnormal breathing and harsh sounds. 

As a result, your cat can sound like snoring, but it’s actually a breathing problem. Even if your cat has any polyps or tumors, or anything stuck in its nose and mouth, a snoring sound may be created.

If you notice that your cat has started snoring all of a sudden and it doesn’t seem to be normal, it’s needed to immediately seek professional help.

6 Guidelines: How to stop your cat from snoring

Though most of the time, snoring is a normal and natural process of relaxation for cats. But yet if you are worried about your cat snoring, you should take some steps to stop that. Now we are going to share a few tips on how to stop a cat from snoring?

  • Veteran help: Schedule your cat to take on a visit to the vet every year. As a cat owner, you must know how good cats are to hide their feelings. So, it’s really difficult to understand if there are any underlying issues or not without any professional help. But the snoring becomes something to worry about, and then it’s suggested to take your cat to the vet immediately.
  • Puzzling game: how do you think wild cats manage to find their food? They look for it. As a result, wild cats are less likely to get sick or snore. Because when they search for their food, it becomes an exercise for them. But house cats don’t get that chance. You can play with your cat and also feed them by playing puzzling games with their food. If you do that, your cat will get enough exercise to be healthy. As a result, this exercise will help with its snoring.
  • Playful activities and exercises: house cats don’t get the chance to exercise or play that much. But exercising is very important for them to be healthy. If your cat doesn’t get enough exercise, this idleness may be the reason behind the snoring. So, in order to stop snoring, you can play with your cat. You can play using laser guns or toys. Climbing can also help your cat from snoring. You can encourage your cat to climb over anything too.
  • Changing the sleep position: snoring can be caused by different sleeping positions. If you notice that in a certain position, your cat is snoring more, try changing that sleeping position. Some sleeping positions can block your cat’s airways. Blocked airways cause snoring to the cats.
  • Medicines: before using medicines, it’s a must to visit your vet. Use the suggested medications from your veterinarian. Carefully follow the instructions and doses. Otherwise, if you mistake in doses, it can bring serious issues.
  • Lose the weight: overweight can cause snoring of your cat. In order to know the ideal weight of your cat, you can follow the body condition score chart. Otherwise, you can also ask the vet for the chart. Compare the chart with your cat’s weight. If you see that your cat is overweight than usual, make your cat lose weight. You can lose weight using different food formulas. After losing the weight, your cat will snore less. Also, read how to make your cat lose weight.

Final Thoughts

Now you have got a broad idea of the topic, I hope now you know how to stop a cat from snoring. If there is an underlying issue, please seek expert help.

Otherwise, if your cat does not snore regularly, it’s better to avoid the slightest noise. Have a good time with your little buddy!