Why Is My Persian Cat Losing Hair

Why Is My Persian Cat Losing Hair? [4 Causes, 3 Solutions]

I adopted two Persian cats when I worked at an animal rescue center, one seven months old and another one year old.

Mostly I like Persian because of its long hair and calm behavior. Once in the morning, I found my cat’s room was full of hair. Though the Persian cat sheds more than other cats, I know it was not normal this time.

So, I did a little research on what makes my Persian cat lose excessive hair, and here is what I know after my research:

Why Is My Persian Cat Losing Hair?

Why Is My Persian Cat Losing Hair? Persian cats lose excessive hair when there is a lack of protein in their diet or when infected with specific allergic diseases. Sometimes Persian cats can shed rapidly when they are stretched, scared, or depressed, which is considered normal. 

Diet is one of the significant reasons behind Persian cat hair loss. Therefore, I would suggest not feeding them food that contains more than 15% to 20% carbohydrates. Give food that has a high amount of protein. Protein helps to reduce excessive hair loss in cats. You can provide beef jerky to your cat, it contains a high amount of protein.

Sometimes stress and depression can also cause hair loss in cats. There are 90% chances that the Persian cat will start shading if they are in anxiety, stress, or depression for more than two weeks.

Another reason behind Persian cat hair loss is deworming. So, if you don’t get deworming done, it can be one reason behind Persian cat hair fall. If your cat is not dewormed, the cat’s digestion system will not function properly, which may result in excessive hair loss.

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How to Stop Persian Cat Hair Fall?

To stop Persian cat hair fall replace a regular diet with a more protein-based diet, brush your cat hair regularly and provide them with enough attention to overcome stress & depression. Shedding or hailfall can also occur because of allergies, in this case, consult a veteran. 

If you notice the presence of any small creatures (Mites, Ticks, Fleas, and Lice) in your cat’s hair, immediately take steps to remove those.

Age is another reason why Persian cats’ shed more. If your cat is growing older, hair loss is usual. The way you can help her/him, in this case, is you can brush his hair regularly. Thus, it will help them to keep everything clean, and they will feel nurtured too.

As stress and depression are one of the main reasons behind Persian cat hair loss. To help your Persian cat overcome stress or depression do the following activities:

  • Play with your cat regularly.
  • Give your cat a window seat, let your cat watch the outside world.
  • Don’t allow an outsider to pick them for a cuddle.
  • Stroke your cat regularly.

Best Hair Fall Solution for the Persian Cat

There are many-sided solutions to stop Persian cat hair fall. Here’s is a short list of things that we think is the best hair fall solution for Persian cat:

  • Make a change in your cat’s diet, provide a more protein-based diet. Lack of specific protein can lead to your cats’ hair fall.
  • Brush the hair regularly using soft brushes, do not brush the hair with a stiff brush; it can make the problem worse. 
  • If the cat is affected by mites, ticks, fleas, or lice, try removing those small creatures from your cat’s hair coat. 
  • Notice if the shedding is because of stress or environmental change, take necessary steps to reduce stress.
  • Try using anti-hair fall cat shampoo.

I use Pet Oatmeal Anti-Itch Shampoo that help my cats to relieve allergies, itchy, dry, and Irritated Skin

If the above hair fall solution does not work on your Persian cat, consult a veteran for the best suggestion. Use medications prescribed by the veteran.

What to Do When Persian cat Loses Hair in Clumps? 

Allergies, flea attacks and hormone imbalance can be a possible reasons behind hair loss in clumps in a Persian cat. In this case, immediately visit the veteran and try to figure out the actual problem. If the problem is because of a flea attack, try flea removing shampoos.

Sometimes a medical term named alopecia can be the reason for hair loss in clumps. You can identify this when you see that your cat is prone to licking the areas of hair loss. Usually, if you excessively groom your cat, it may result in stress and, later on, alopecia. To avoid this, you can make the environment lively and playful for your cat.

If your cat has ringworm, then you have to use medications prescribed by the veteran. Ringworm can spread in different areas of your cat’s body because this is a fungal infection, which is super infectious.

Ringworm can cause losing patches of hair. If you use prescribed antifungal shampoos, creams, or medications, you can make it heal within a week.

If your cat is losing the hair in patches because of hormonal problems, then you might have to take him/her under surgery to avoid the hair loss. No matter what’s the condition, it’s always better to seek a professional’s help in such cases.

Home Treatment for Persian Cat Hair Loss

If you want to treat the hair loss at home, you can try brushing the hair, using prescribed shampoos, and changing the diet can help you with the problem.

But it’s always suggested to look after the matter thoughtfully with expert help because there might be some underlying health issues.

But yet, if you want to treat hair loss problems of your Persian cat at home, here are a few things that you can do:

  • Change the diet and increase the consumption of protein.
  • Brush the hair using soft cat hair brushes.
  • Use vet prescribed shampoos and creams to get rid of small creatures from the hair.
  • Change the environment and be playful with your cat.
  • If you notice a fungal infection, you can use turmeric and neem paste in the infected areas. But make sure that your cat doesn’t lick the areas.

Did I Answer All Your Concerns About Persian Cat Hair Loss?

So, now you know the answer to Why Is My Persian cat Losing Hair? I hope I have covered everything you want to know about Persian cat hair loss with the necessary solution. Hopefully, the above-suggested solution will help you in many ways to stop your Persian cat hair loss.

But in some conditions like aging or hormonal issues, you really can’t do anything without the help of a veteran. It will be best to seek expert help when you don’t know the solution, or you won’t be able to solve it on your own. Wishing that your Persian cat’s hair fall problem will get solved, all the best!