Where Do Cats Like To Be Stroked The Most

Where Do Cats Like To Be Stroked The Most? [5 places]

Cats love to get attention. My cat loves it when I touch its face and a few specific body parts. Stroking is a way to nurture your cat and make it feel the warmth of your love. Sometimes it becomes tough for us to understand where we should touch our beloved pet to make it feel the most petted.

So, Where do cats like to be stroked the most? Cats enjoy it when you stroke in their perioral, temporal, and caudal glands. That means you can stroke it around its lips, cheeks, eyes, and ears. Also, your furry friend loves to get stroked under the chin. It’s better to avoid the tail and lower back. 

But you can also follow some tactics and tips to make it feel more affectionate. Today, I am going to share all of those with you. Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Where to Stroke a Cat? 

Most cats want to lick each other on the chin, cheek, tail, and even lip area. But as a human, you won’t lick your cat. So, where do cats like to be stroked the most? You can start by rubbing your cat’s head and mouth area, and then slowly reach near its tail. Stroking underneath the chin will make it more relaxed.

The table below shows where to stroke a cat and where not to stroke a cat:

Where to stroke catWhere not to stroke cat
Upper headUnder the paw
NoseLower back
EarsBack legs

Every animal has its unique nature, so even if you know each stroke-sensitive body part, you have to notice which one is relating to your cat the most.

Most of the sensitivity that a cat can feel is when you touch its mouth area. It would be best if you mostly chose the scent gland areas of your cat. Please avoid its lower back and tail. Usually, if you stroke the scent gland, it helps them remember you and your smell.

They feel comfortable when you stroke in the scent glands. A cat’s scent gland is in the mouth, inner ear, chin, and periback passage area. So if you specifically target those areas, you can make your cat non-offensive to you.

Besides, to properly stroke the cat, you can use your palm or all your fingers. But please avoid the back and tail area for the first few weeks.

Because most cats do not like getting stroked in those areas. It’s best if you rub your cat in between its eyes, ears, or mouth and chin area. These places are the best to make a cat feel invulnerable towards you.

Why Should I Stroke My Cat?

Suppose you have a new cat in the house. How will you make it comfortable around you? As cats take a little while to develop bonding and trust, that’s where stroking or scratching helps.

You can stroke your cat to build that trust and comfort. Your cat will notice the scent from your hand when you stroke it and remember your touch. 

When you stroke your cat, it develops affection and comfort with your touch. But it depends on where you touch it. Especially if you touch your cat in the scent glands, they tend to release a particular hormone (scent). And that scent helps them to remember your touch.

Besides, another scientific reason is when you touch and stroke your cat in some specific areas, they feel they are being nurtured by their mother. So this builds up trust and bonding between you and your cat. As a result, they like you and feel comfortable around you.

Stroking will make your cat super-friendly toward you. But rubbing inappropriately can make your cat uncomfortable and aggressive as well. So it’s always suggested to rub or stroke in specific areas.  

How Can I know That My Cat is Enjoying the Stroking? 

That’s a complicated question, but I am going to back you up here too. As I have mentioned before, I have petted more than seven cats. 

So after studying their characteristics and doing a little bit of scientific research, I learned about a few signs that can assure you that your cat is enjoying the stroke.

The following signs show your cat is enjoying stroking or scratching:

  • It will uplift its tail and show restless behavior.
  • If it doesn’t show restless behavior, it will come closer to you and relax. 
  • Your cat will constantly move its tail.
  • They will use their front paws for kneading or purring. 
  • Your cat will want to make more intimate contact. 
  • Will insist on continuing by nudging if you pause for a while.

But what if your cat doesn’t like the way you stroke it? The following signs show your cat is not enjoying stroking or scratching:

  • Won’t show any happy sign. 
  • Will keep the tail lower and stiff. 
  • Will keep its ears backward and down, flat. 
  • Will try to move away.
  • Will try to scratch, bite and groan.

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Does Stroking Annoy Cats? 

Sometimes stroking annoys cats if it’s done inappropriately. So make sure to stroke or scratch cats in an appropriate way. The right way of stroking can make your cat comfortable around you. 

As I mentioned above, though stroking may seem simple to you, it is challenging work to do. Doing it wrongly over and over can make your cat aggressive towards you.

But if you stroke in the right way, you can make your furry friend relaxed and happy. In fact, the right way of stroking can make your cat comfortable around you. For that, you have to know where your cat likes to be stroked the most. 

Usually, it’s around or nearby the facial area where cats feel the most enjoyment while stroking. Cats do not like to be stroked in the back of their body too. So if you do that, you are annoying your cat rather than making it relaxed.

Also, some cats do not like to get stroked in some specific areas apart from their tails. So it’s your job to find out what your cat enjoys the most. Moreover, you have to avoid stroking any painful area of your cat’s body.

As they tend to fight and jump a lot, their body can have injuries. If you do not notice those areas, you will possibly annoy your cat, making them angry.

Will Stroking Help Also Help the Cat Owner?

Interestingly, yes. Stroking helps the pet owner as well. Stroking helps to reduce anxiety and stress. So if you are stressed out after a long day of work, get your little buddy and stroke it. You both will feel better and affectionate. 

Stroking your cat also helps to make you happy as well. So if you are feeling constantly sad or stressed out, get a cat and stroke it. It will reduce your sadness within a few minutes. Also, as cats are not that high-maintenance, stroking can help you to know your cat better.

Do Cats Like To Be Stroked While Sleeping?

Never stroke or rub your cat while they are in sleep. Cats love comfortable sleeping without any disturbance. So, if you stroke your cat during its sleep, you are probably disturbing it rather than making it feel good. 

Also, stroking in its sleep is not a good idea. Because cats feel aggressive and vulnerable when you touch them while sleeping, if you wake your little buddy up from sleeping by stroking its body, it will possibly bite you or scratch you. 

But if your cat chooses your lap to sleep on, then it means that your cat loves you and trusts you. In such situations, you can stroke it while it’s sleeping. 

Otherwise, if you bring a new cat home, stroking it while it’s sleeping will ruin the bonding between you and your cat. Yet, if you want to pet it while sleeping, you have to do that gently and slowly so that you don’t wake your cat up.

When Should I Stroke My Cat?

Though there is no exact timing, if your cat is friendly to you, you can stroke it anytime. But please avoid stroking when your cat is sleeping or showing violent behavior—the best time to stroke your cat is when they are playful with you. 

So, when you notice that your cat is playful and restless, you can stroke it to make it happier and more relaxed. Also, in some cases, you can rub or scratch it while it’s sleeping.

When you come back home from outside, if your cat becomes excited after seeing you after a long time, you can stroke it to make it feel good. 

Do not stroke a cat when it’s angry or fighting. You will possibly hurt yourself with its nails. Also, when cats feel vulnerable, they scratch and bite their owners. As a result, if you stroke your cat during those times, you will end up injuring yourself badly. 

How Do Cats Feel When You Pet Them? 

Cats feel good, relaxed, and happy when you stroke or pet them. If you can rub or message properly, then the cat will be fond of you. Also, they will feel comfortable and free around you.

Petting your cat makes it fearless. Stroking helps to create an inner bond between you and your cat. So if you have just got your cat, there is no better way to make a connection between you and the little furry creature.

Cats feel so relaxed that they start purring and kneading. When you notice your cat is getting closer to you, your cat is probably enjoying your stroking. Cats build up a unique motor feature when you pet them. 

Why do cats like being stroked under their chin?

Cats have scent glands in different parts of their body, including their chin area. Therefore they like being stroked or scratched under their chin.

When you rub under the chin of your cat, it releases one kind of pheromone that gives away one type of scent. It helps them to recognize you and build trust. That’s why they like it when you rub underneath the chin. 

The scent is essential for your pet to identify different things. Also, your cat uses this scent to identify you as well. They notice this smell in your hand when you stroke them, and thus, they create a bond with you.

Furthermore, the nerves present in the chin area help your cat to relax. As a result, she enjoys your touch and feels safe when you make her relaxed. 

Do Cats Like Their Tail Pull While Stroking? 

Though cats have their scent glands present in the tails, they do not like it when you pull their tail. But it can vary for different cats. Gently stretching your cat’s tail can make it happy.

Some of the cats like it when you pull or stroke their tails. But some of the cats become annoyed and aggressive when you do so. If you want to pull its tail, you can do it gently. Otherwise, it’s better not to touch its tail.

So, Did I Answer All Your Concern on Where Do Cats Like to be Stroked the Most?

In the end, I hope I have been helpful to you with numerous answers with the answers to Where do cats like to be stroked the most.  Cats are very fond of your affection and nurture. So, now you know how to nurture and stroke your little furry friend in a better way. 

Be careful where you stroke or massage your cat because sometimes your cat may have injuries in different body areas. As a result, it will make the stroking worse rather than making your cat feel relaxed.