When do Tonkinese Cats Stop Growing?

When Do Tonkinese Cats Stop Growing? [2024 Review]

Tonkinese cat goes through many stages in the growth process. They change their physical appearance as well as temperament, maturity, and characteristics while growing. So, if you have a Tonkinese cat, a question may pop up in your mind, when do Tonkinese cats stop growing?

When Tonkinese cats reach 2 years of age, they eventually stop growing. Once they become an adult, there will be no noticeable physical changes, but their weight may fluctuate depending on their diet. The average length of an adult Tonkinese cat ranges between 30 to 38 cm. 

According to CFA, the neonatal period of Tonkinese cat begins after their birth and end after 10 days of life, at this stage they have the ability to touch and smell but they cannot move much and depends on their mother or owner to survive. 

There are six stages of growth that are fundamental to Tonkinese cat development. However, after 15 days of their birth, they will open their eyes and be ready to consume solid food. 

At the initial stage of their life, they will gain more weight, the weight gain gradually decreasing once they reach adulthood. 

How big can Tonkinese cat grow?

The average weight of an adult Tonkinese cat is 6 to 12 pounds. They can reach an overall height of 20 to 25 cm. They have an average body length of 30 to 38 cm and a lifespan of 13 years. Some Tonkinese cat lives up to 18 if taken proper care of.  

Tonkinese has a short coat which makes them look smaller than they really are. They are medium-sized cats like most other domestic cat breeds. But many factors can contribute to the growth of Tonkinese cats, especially diet. 

Follow the diet plan to make your Tonkinese full-grown and give them healthy life:

Tonkinese cat weightBody type: LeanBody type: NormalBody type: Overweight
4 lbs28 gram28 gram18 gram
6 lbs43 gram43 gram28 gram
8 lbs68 gram58 gram43 gram
10 lbs88 gram68 gram43 gram
12 lbs58 gram
Diet plan for Tonkinese cat

Besides age and diet, many factors can restrict Tonkinese cat’s growth such as living environment, breed, a genetic disorder etc. Read my recent article on how to nurse a malnutrition cat with proper diet plan.

This cat is a mix of Burmese and Siamese cats, so a genetic disorder can also restrict their growth phase.

How to care for Tonkinese cat to make them full grown?

Tonkinese cat is active, healthy, and friendly. By taking proper care, you can give your cat a happy, healthy life and make them full grown. 

  • Get your Tonkinese vaccinated.  When your cat reaches six weeks of age, take her to a near veterinary clinic and give distemper vaccine (DAPP or DA2PP vaccine). Also, talk to the vet to schedule other vaccine & test types like rabies vaccination, feline leukaemia test & dewormer.
  • Take your Tonkinese to vet clinic for examination. As your Tonkinese grows, you should take her for regular veterinary care. It is suggested to see the vet twice a year for health checkup and vaccination. 
  • Provide them with quality cat food. Nutrition is one of the main factors that help your cat to grow accordingly. So, before buying cat food for your Tonkinese, make sure the food contains meat as a top ingredient. 
  • Serve your cat right amount of food. Proper feeding is necessary to keep your Tonkinese healthy and also help them grow accordingly. It is suggested to consult a vet and create a diet plan chart according to your cat age & weight.
  • Keep your Tonkinese active. Tonkinese is known as an active cat breed. It would be best if you offered enough toys to keep your cat healthy and stimulated. I would suggest to play with your cat at least 1 hour daily and take them to walk twice a week. 

Tips: if your Tonkinese cat tests positive for diabetes if you buy insulin and preserve it in the refrigerator because your cat may need it at any moment.

The physical appearance of Tonkinese of cat 

Tonkinese is a medium-sized cat with muscular body types. They are heavier compared to their body ratio. The legs and tails are slim compared to other cats, and they have distinctive egg-shaped paws.

The American Tonkinese has a wedge-shaped head with a shorter body and ears set towards the outside of their head. 

Tonkinese cat is officially recognized by Cat Fanciers’ Association in four different colors: medium brown, blue, platinum, and a paler budd-beige. However, all this color is divided into three coat patterns, i.e. point, solid, and mink. 

Did I cover everything you wanted to know about when do Tonkinese cats stop growing?

To sum up, once the Tonkinese cat reaches 2 years, they stop growing. There are no noticeable changes in their physical appearance once they become an adult.

However, there are some factors like diseases and genetic disorders that can affect their growing process.  

Daily nutrition intake also plays a crucial role in determining whether your cat’s reach will reach its full-grown or not. Therefore I would suggest consulting a veteran to create a diet chart plan for your Tonkinese. 

You can also follow the diet plan for the Tonkinese cats that I mentioned above.

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