Do Maine Coon Cats Meow? [2022 review]

Do Maine Cats Meow? [2024 Review]

Have you ever wondered to yourself, “Do Maine Cat’s meow?”

Maine Cats are a very unique breed of domesticated cats. Yes. They are known for being extremely vocal creatures, so they do meow. However, the meow of a main C00N cat is different than the meow of a regular domesticated cat. Maine Cats typically chirp and trill, rather than having a normal meow.

Maine Cats love their people, and they meow at them for a variety of reasons. These cats are one of the largest breeds of domesticated cats. They are very social animals and enjoy spending time with the people they love.

If your main C00N cat is persistently chirping, trilling, and meowing, it is likely they are trying to tell you something. Below are some common reasons why your main C00N cat is being so vocal:

Your Maine Cat Might Be Hungry

If you notice your Maine Cats being extra vocal, they might be trying to tell you they are hungry. Check their food bowl and make sure they have fresh food and water available.

Depending on the size and weight of your Maine Cats will determine how much food you should feed them.

For example, if your Maine cat is around 13 pounds, you should feed your cat between 50g to 70g of food a day. If you also feed your Maine Cats wet food, take that into consideration as well.

Sometimes your Maine Cats could benefit from a well-balanced diet of high-quality dry food as well as wet food.

If your Maine exhibits any concerning symptoms such as obesity, or an allergic reaction speak to your veterinarian as soon as possible about getting your Maine Cats on a specialized diet.

Your Maine Cat Might Want Attention

Maine Cats are sociable cats by nature, so they do like a lot of attention. If your Maine Cats is chirping, trilling, and carrying on, try giving them some love and affection. If this seems to calm them down you found the issue. Your Maine Cats will let you know when they want attention.

Make sure to give your Maine Cats lots of love and attention. It is also recommended that you spend at least 30 to one hour each day playing with your Maine cat. Since Maine Cats are such big breeds, they require a decent amount of exercise to remain healthy and fit.

Make sure you provide plenty of toys and climbing spaces for your Maine Cat. It is recommended when owning a Maine Cats to have a decent-sized living area.

Your Maine Cat Might Want Treats

If you have raised your Maine Cats with lots of treats, your Maine Cats might be telling you to give them a treat. Maine Cats are very large, and very intelligent. So make sure you keep your treats in a place your Maine won’t be able to get them on his or her own.

You can feed your Maine treats to reward them for wanted behavior, or just to show your appreciation. Make sure to get your Maine Cats high-quality treats, and if possible ask your vet what they would recommend you give your Maine cat.

Your Maine Cat Might Be Angry

If your Maine Cats is being vocal due to anger, it will usually be followed by hissing and spitting. There are a few reasons why your Maine Cats might be angry, including being territorial, being annoyed, or not having one of the previous needs met.

If you have other animals, and you just got your Maine Cats you should introduce them slowly to prevent any fighting. If possible, you should raise your Maine Cats as a kitten with the other animals. Animals that are raised together as babies are far less likely to fight as they grow older.

If your Maine Cats is being vocal due to anger, the first thing to do is remove them from the situation. If your Maine Cats are annoyed with you, leave them alone. Sometimes, Maine Cats can get angry or upset if they are persistently annoyed by their owners.

Your Maine Cat Might Be Hurt

When Maine Cats are hurt or injured that can be another reason they are being so vocal. If all the other possibilities have been checked, examine your cat for any injuries such as limping.

If your Maine Cats are hurt, you need to take them to the vet as soon as you possibly can. Usually, the injury will happen outside.

If you let your Maine Cats outside it is highly recommended you do so under close supervision, and only if your Maine Cats have been spayed or neutered and had all their vaccines.

If you have a Maine cat, you might benefit from having a big yard for your Maine Cats to play in while you sit outside and enjoy the fresh air.

Your Maine Cat Might Be Sick

If you suspect your Maine Cats are sick or ill, you should take them to the vet as soon as you can. The vet will be able to guide you and take care of your Maine Cat. Your Maine Cats will tell you when they need something, make sure to rule out all possibilities before panicking and assuming the worst.

So, yes Maine Cat meow, and there are a ton of different reasons why they might be meowing. Overall, Maine Cats are very vocal, energetic, and sociable animals who require a lot of time, affection, and attention.


If you are not home often, your Maine Cats might get lonely. Sometimes, Maine Cats benefit from having a companion animal to keep them company. As mentioned earlier, it is advisable to introduce your Maine to another animal at a young age. If not though, your Maine Cats will adjust with time.