Do Maine Coon Cats Like to Be Held

Do Maine Cats Like to Be Held? (3 Surprising Facts)

Have you ever picked up your beautiful Maine into your arms and asked yourself, Do Maine Cats like to be held? This article will answer that question for you in great detail!

Do Maine Like To Be Held?

A lot of people are not aware that Maine actually love being held so long as they are comfortable with their position and they have already established a strong bond with the person holding them.

Maine’s are actually very affectionate, especially with their humans who they have already established a certain level of trust them; they key is for this certain level of relationship to be established first before they allow someone to hold them.

Are Maine Generally Affectionate?

Maine are affectionate by nature and they can even be described as a very gentle breed of cats, however, it should also be expected for them to yearn for independence even when they are at home most of the time.

Even though they genuinely enjoy being around their humans, it cannot be denied that they still need their alone time every once in a while to be able to do things on their own because that is just how Maine Cats’ personalities are wired.

But once they are able to spend some time on their own, they generally appreciate being cuddled by their trusted humans after; there are even Coon Cats who sleep close with their humans just because they want to be close to them.

Maine’s and Human Trust

Sometimes they will also even allow their humans to carry them around or will even sit on their human’s lap when they are feeling extremely comfortable on that day.

It can be safely assumed that all the cats that have been brought up from when they were kittens have a higher chance of being more affectionate with their humans because chances are they have already established this very important bond over the years.

But even those who did not grow up with the humans who are taking care of them adapt pretty quickly because they are able to adjust to their environment as long as their humans nurture and take care of them properly.

Indications of a Maine Cat’s Trust

Now that it has been established how a Coon cat’s trust and relationship with the human play a huge role in their openness to being held by others, the next logical question is how to know if a Maine Cat finally trusts its human?

The good news is that they generally express how much they care about their humans the same way that other breeds do; for instance, one of the most common signs of trust for them is if they expose their bellies.

When Main Cats do this, it means that they feel secure enough to be able to roll on their backs because they trust that their humans will not do anything to hurt them.

This may not always mean that they are directly inviting you to touch their bellies, but what one can be sure of is the fact that they definitely do not see their humans as a threat because they are able to do this.

Can Maine’s understand humans?

One other obvious sign that a Maine Cat trusts their humans is if they blink slowly; there might be instances when a cat blinks slowly once and then immediately looks away.

This means that the cat is secure enough to close its eyes and look away even when people are around because it trusts the atmosphere of the environment they are in; this also means that the Maine Cat is not interested in starting a staring contest with the humans who are around.

Cat owners should remember that staring at their pet cats can be interpreted as a challenge, so it is always best to just blink and look away so that they do not feel threatened.

Other simple gestures that Maine cats usually do to show that they trust their humans is purring, curling their tails, and even pawing.

Lastly, if a cat rubs its cheeks against a human, it means the cat is marking that person as someone that they trust and love since they have scent glands in that part of their face.

Building the Trust of a Maine

Without a doubt, it is very important for humans to gain the trust of their Maine Cat, but some might be wondering what they can do to be able to gain the trust of their pet cat.

It goes without saying that getting the trust of these cats will take some time especially if the cat did not grow up with the people who are taking care of it, but this is just normal because even young cats take some time to warm up to the humans who are taking care of them.

Maine is a breed that particularly shows great loyalty to their humans, but is not very trusting of people they are not familiar with; the best way that someone can get the trust of Maine Cats is to talk to them often, feed them, and spend time with it as often as possible.

The good thing about this breed is that they are easy to read because once they do not want to interact anymore, they will just walk away and this should be a good clear sign for their humans.

It is also important to remember that raising one’s voice to this cat, in particular, will not make them feel at ease, as well as other sudden movements.

They will be more relaxed around their humans if they regularly pet this breed gently and allow them to have some time on their own because alone time is something that gives cats energy.

When these good practices are done on a regular basis, they will really see their humans as people they can trust and be unguarded with because of how comfortable they will feel around them.

Closing Thoughts

Hopefully, all this information has helped in answering the question “Do Maine Like To Be Held?” The answer is always yes as long as they will feel that they are safe around the humans they are with; trust is a very important factor in making sure that Maine Cats will not hesitate in allowing someone to hold them.