Do Maine Coon Cats Shed Too Much

Do Maine Cats Shed? Shedding Guide in 2022

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Maine Cats are beautiful. They are very affectionate, gentle, and friendly. These cats are perfect to be pet cats and that is why they are very popular. Maine Cats have long hair that is straight or wavy. Also, they come in various colors like grey, brown, white, black silver, etc. Talking about the grooming part, this is a big turn-off for many individuals. 

Maine’s do shed and the shedding level is different for different cats. They produce more unwanted hair than the other cats. If you see, Maine Cats don’t shed that much but many of them are sensitive to different things. 

The main cause of Maine Cats shedding is the hot temperature. Changing climates and temperatures contribute the most. The shedding amount also depends on sunlight exposure, heredity, and nutrition. 

To manage the body temperature, the Maine cat’s brain instructs the hair follicles to initiate shedding. They grow fluffy, short hair that acts as insulation when the body temperature decreases. 

Indoor cats do not get natural sunlight that much. Therefore, they might lose track of seasonal changes. This can result in year-round shedding. 

So, Do Maine Shed; The Logical Answer is Yes, Like all cat breeds (some exceptions like Bombay, Burmese, Siberian, Siamese) Maine’s cats also shed in order to get rid of their dead hair during growth cycles, to regulate body temperature, and in response to changing climates and temperatures. There are some more Reasons for shedding like Irregular Nutrition, Genetic issues, Improper Grooming, Allergies(Hypoallergenic nature), and Stress.

Are Maine’s hypoallergenic?

These cats are not hypoallergenic. This is because they produce allergen-containing dander, saliva, and urine. But, so do all cats! You heard it right. There is no such thing called a hypoallergenic cat.

Even hairless cat breeds which include a Sphynx will nonetheless shed dander and may cause hypersensitive reactions in people.

However, while Maine Cats aren’t hypoallergenic, they do now no longer cause any extreme hypersensitive reactions as other cat breeds do.

In fact, a few researchers have discovered that the Maine cat’s lengthy and thick fur can certainly help to spread the allergens throughout their fur, making them much less concentrated. Therefore, they will be more hypoallergenic than other cat breeds.

Their lengthy coats can also assist to preserve the allergens and prevent them from travelling around your house through the air and to more than a few different surfaces.

This all being said, every person with extreme hypersensitive reactions will nonetheless likely enjoy symptoms. However, a few proprietors have suggested that their symptoms have eased over the years as their bodies have been given extra use to the pet allergens, so it’s viable you may construct a tolerance over the years.

Why do Maine Cats shed?

Temperature –

Temperature is one of the main causes of Maine Cats’ shedding. As mentioned above, high temperatures make these cats shed their hair in excess.

The pet cats are less exposed to natural light and they mostly consume artificial light. This makes the seasonal shedding turn into year-round shedding.

Genetics –

Sometimes genetics is the most important aspect of the shedding process. If your cat is shedding due to genetics, then you can’t help it.

Nutrition –

Mental health and physical health equally impact your cat’s shedding process. Nutrition plays a vital role as well. A well-balanced diet promotes a healthy coat in cats. A cat needs proper vitamins and minerals for keeping the coat healthy. Ultimately, it minimizes shedding.

Stress – 

If a cat suffers from stress, it affects his body. Stress can cause sympathetic responses like slow hair growth. Changes in environment, surroundings, people, etc can cause stress or anxiety. 

Grooming – 

Cats lick themselves continuously. As pet owners, it is your duty to take care of your cat’s grooming. Regular washing, conditioning, and brushing the fur are very important. If you fail to do so, it will affect the fur and your cat will start shedding excessively. 

Other causes include – 

  1. Allergies
  2. Thyroid issues
  3. Kidney diseases
  4. Fleas attack
  5. A side effect of medicines
  6. Lice attack
  7. Adrenal issues
  8. Cancer
  9. Fungal infections
  10. Bacterial infections
  11. Ticks attack
  12. Skin diseases
  13. Worm attack
  14. Liver conditions
  15. Mites attack

How to reduce the shedding of your Maine cat?

Regularly Brushing and Dematting

Brushing in the direction of hair growth can assist to eliminate extra undercoats and helps to reduce shedding.

Regular Brushing weekly may even assist to keep away matts, which could make a contribution to elevated shedding.

Brushing in the direction of hair using a slicker brush, comb, or pin brush with wide-set bristles that appears snug for the cat, and also you should notice a distinction in less than a month. If that is not possible, make a weekly consultation with your cat a priority.

You have to additionally take the time to create wonderful associations, and also you should attempt to praise yourself at the conclusion of a grooming consultation.

Give quality food

Keep an eye on the meals your Maine Cats eats. A nicely-balanced eating regimen helps healthy skin and minimizes shedding.

A Maine Cats requires nutritious cat food. Your cat’s coat quality is in general tormented by how properly you feed it.

Provide a well-balanced diet. This allows it to maintain even little hair shedding on the inside to a minimum.

If it consumes cat food rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, and oils, its hair and skin could be as clean and healthful as possible. Always speak to your vet about the kind of meals you supply to your Maine cat.

Control or avoid parasite attacks

Not only can ticks, fleas, and different parasites make Maine Cats miserable, but they may additionally degrade the quality of their coat.

Flea bites might also additionally cause lots of hair loss in addition to ugly and angry skin if scratched constantly.

Make an appointment with your vet to speak about powerful flea and tick manipulation options.

Here are a few common methods your Maine Cats can get worms or different parasites:

  • Consuming fleas.
  • mosquito bite (heartworm).
  • Consuming a bug-infected mouse.
  • Litter boxes.
  • Inflamed rodents.
  • Consuming bug larvae.
  • potted plants around the home.
  • Small flower gardens.


Bathing your Maine can also additionally seem excessive, however, it’s going to considerably mitigate the hair loss in your home since it’s miles a relatively powerful technique of eliminating lifeless hair from the cat’s fur.

Bathe your Maine Cats a couple of times a month. Use a specific shampoo and conditioner that include natural substances like tea tree oil to offer your cat a bath.

This will take away stray hair before it falls out. Always communicate with your vet about the shampoo to apply.

Practice healthy hygiene-

Good hygiene practices are most effective as preventive measures to aid Maine Cats in avoiding pointless shedding.

Follow the below-given hygiene guidelines to keep your Maine from shedding:

  1. Make certain your Maine receives clean water.
  2. It’s vital to change your cat’s drinking water daily.
  3. Keep your Maine cat’s feeding bowls clean.
  4. It’s now no longer an excellent concept to allow your Maine Cats to use unclean litter boxes.
  5. Keep the ground clean.


One of the most essential things you may do to preserve your Maine Cats from losing excessive hair is to cope with allergies.

Allergic reactions in Maine Cats can be brought on by a number of matters. Allergies to pollen, mold spores, dirt mites, and shed skin cells are common.

Keep an eye on the skin and hair concerns for your Maine’since food allergies can present themselves in the shape of skin illnesses or hair loss.

Symptoms of allergies include-

  1. Continuous vomiting
  2. Constant sneezing
  3. Runny nose
  4. Runny eyes
  5. Itchy ears
  6. Swollen face
  7. Excessive licking
  8. Skin chewing
  9. Usual diarrhoea

Omega-3 supplement for shedding

The Omega-3 dietary supplements for shedding help Maine’s shed, however, you need to seek your vet before doing so.

Omega-3 fatty acids are useful for your Maine cat’s eyesight as well as containing additives that preserve skin health.

Before buying any Omega-3 Shedding Supplement, check with your veterinarian.

Avoid giving stale food-

Table scraps are inadequate for Maine, who may also have stomach pain and immoderate shedding as a result.

Allowing your cat to consume food from the floor isn’t a clever idea; instead, feed the cat from a smooth container.

Do not permit your Maine Cats to pull objects off the table while you are eating, and if they do, do not permit them.

The stomachs of Maine Cats are sensitive, and rancid food or table scraps may make them vomit.

Keep them hydrated-

Maine’s needs to have access to water. This is essential due to the fact cats with little water consumption have dry skin and hair, which results in immoderate molting.

Maintaining a clean and complete water bowl for your cat to reduce the danger of dangerous germs being swallowed.

Avoid anxiety and stress-

Your Maine Cats will shed greater hair than regular if it is apprehensive or agitated. They can also over-groom themselves, resulting in bald patches or skin discomfort.

Stress can cause pointless, immoderate shedding in Maine Cats, so avoid stress and anxiety.

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Final words

The Maine Cats would possibly look like it causes you a lot of work. Get rid of all of the cat hair in your residence by brushing the lengthy Maine hair every day. But, this is not true.

Compared to their large bodies and their lengthy hair this is best for surviving outside in the winter, Maine Cats do now no longer really shed a lot.

Further, the grooming of these cats is without a doubt easy and does not require a lot of your time. 

I hope that this blog helped you and that it confirmed to you that you do not need to be frightened of drowning in hair in your home.

If you’ve got any questions, or in case you need to share any memories about your Maine Cats and their hair, please let us know, we will be happy to hear from you.

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