How Heavy Should My Cat Be

How Heavy Should My Cat Be? [Ideal Cat Weight in 2024]

How heavy should my cat be? How Much Should a Cat Weigh? Cats are one of the favorite pets, but as they spend their lives indoors, they can put on more weight. Obesity can lead to various health issues. In fact, it can shorten a cat’s life.

Therefore, if you want to keep your feline healthy then you must understand when she is overweight. 

An average house cat should weigh between 8-10 pounds. However, there are different factors that can change this value. Hence, keep reading the article to understand ‘How heavy should my cat be?’ 

Why does Cat weight matter?

When your feline is fluttering by the treat box, it is easy to give them some extra treats. But, too many treats can add up some extra pounds. Also, this can cause stress on the body.

Obese cats have a greater risk of pancreatitis, diabetes, skin problems, joint problems, and arthritis.

On the other hand, a healthy food regime with cat-friendly activities can really help your pet live a healthy and long life. 

How do I know that my cat is overweight?

There are some obvious signs that you can understand just by looking at your feline. In fact, these signs can help you understand your feline’s weight when you are looking at your cat’s bottom:

  1. The tummy should not be hanging down
  2. The cat should have an hourglass shape
  3. You must feel the ribs

The body condition system (BCS)

The body condition system is designed by Purina. Consequently, it is a scale that helps vets to assess a cat’s body weight and condition. Also, it is totally based on how well you can see your feline’s ribs and how much fat is present. 

1 – Ribs are visible with zero visible fat. Serious abdominal tuck. Iliac crest and lumbar vertebrae are easily discernible. Noticeable waistline.

2 – Distinct abdominal tuck. Ribs are visible with zero visible fat. Lumbar vertebrae are evident. Severe waistline.

3 – Ribs are visible with little fat. Minimum abdominal fat. 

4 – Ribs are visible But, fat is present. Minimum abdominal tuck. The waistline is prominent. The abdominal fat is absent.

5 – The abdominal fat is minimum. Ribs are visible with correct fat covering. Ideal weight cat.

6 – Ribs are visible. Less amount of fat is present on it. The abdominal tuck is absent. The fat pad is noticeable. Still, not that prominent. 

7 – Moderate quantity of fat covering the visible ribs. A bit of abdominal fat pad is present.

8 – Ribs are not visible. A high amount of fat is present in them. The abdominal tuck and fat pad are absent and prominent respectively. The waistline is not that apparent. The Lumbar vertebrae are not that prominent.

9 – Ribs have a huge amount of fat. Hence, they are not visible. The abdominal fat pad is prominent. Lumbar vertebrae are not visible because of fat. Fat deposition on limbs, trailhead, and face. 

Underweight Cat

  • Shoulder blades and ribs are easily visible. 
  • The abdominal tuck is serious and no fat is present. 
  • The neck is very thin. 
  • The Lumbar vertebrae are visible. 

The overall look of the cat is very unhealthy.

Overweight Cat

  • Shoulder blades and ribs are not visible. 
  • They are only visible when you apply high pressure. 
  • The Lumbar vertebrae are not apparent. 
  • Huge fat deposits on them. 
  • Tummy hangs down. 
  • The feline is not active. 
  • Less workout leads to more weight gain.

Ideal weight Cat

  • A moderate amount of fat on ribs
  • Ribs are visible
  • No extra fat in the abdominal area
  • No prominent abdominal tuck

How does weight vary depending on breed?

There are more than 80 cat breeds and you cannot tell one ideal weight. For example, a Maine Coone weighs 25 pounds and a Siamese cat weighs only 5 pounds.

Hence, your feline’s breed is the first factor that you should consider while asking “How heavy should my cat be?”

Given below are some of the most common cat breeds that you will find in houses. We have complied with their age, sex, and ideal weight. 

Persian Cats

Persian cats: ideal Weight chart

1 year9 – 14 lbs7 – 11 lbs
2 years11 – 15 lbs12 – 14 lbs
3 years16 – 18 lbs15 – 16 lbs
4 years18 – 19 lbs17 – 19 lbs
5 years20 – 22 lbs20 – 24 lbs
6 years23 – 25 lbs23 – 26 lbs
7 years26 – 29 lbs27 – 30 lbs
Siamese Cat

Siamese cats: ideal Weight chart

Kitten ageKitten weight
1-2 months0.8 – 1.3 lbs
2-3 months1.4 – 2.6 lbs
3-4 months2.7 – 4 lbs
More than 4 monthsMore than 4 lbs
Maine Cat

Maine cats: ideal Weight chart

1-2 months1.36 – 3.52 lbs1.21 – 3.08 lbs
3-4 months1.7 – 3.8 lbs3.3 – 7.71 lbs
5-6  months3.3 – 6 lbs5.95 – 9.47 lbs
7-8 months4.1 – 6.9 lbs7.27 – 11.02 lbs
9-10 months5 – 7.8 lbs9.03 – 12.12 lbs
11-12 months5.5 – 9 lbs9.47 – 13.33 lbs

This information can help you to find the answer to the question “How heavy should my cat be?” 

How to keep a cat’s extra pounds off?

Vets suggest that a feline’s weight gain depends on the quantity and type of food it eats. Also, when cats are bored, they do gain weight. Confusing right?.

Actually, when cats get bored, they think to eat something. Similarly, they feel eating can reduce boredom. Being pet parents, we have a soft corner for our pet’s needy eyes. Hence, we end up feeding them multiple times. 

But it is fairly possible to prevent weight gain:

  • Feed fewer treats. Cats do well with other rewards like a toy.
  • Provide canned food that has fewer carbs and more protein. Canned food is a great way to set an eating schedule. Many felines gain weight when their parents leave a bowl of dry kibble. 
  • If you have multiple cats, then feed the obese one in a separate room. Else, you can keep the food up high so that the feline cannot reach there.
  • Make your feline work. Many vets have seen that felines are healthier when their parents use food puzzles. 
  • Try to use a microchip pet feeder. It makes the food available to the registered cat.

Final words

In conclusion, I would say that you must maintain your feline’s body weight. And the simplest way to do this is to follow a proper food regime.

When your cat becomes overweight, other health issues start showing up. Hence, it is better to take precautions rather than cure. 

I hope you enjoyed the article. Stay connected for more interesting and informative pieces of writing. Thank you.

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