why i love my dog so much

Why Do I Love My Dog So Much? 9 Solid Reasons

Why do I love my dog so much? The bond between you and your pet is like no other. They are our true companions. They make us understand the real joy and even listen to us like they understand what we are saying. 

A dog is a man’s best friend”. This expression is very true. Canines greet us at the door, trust us, love us, and help us to have a happy life. 

There are many different reasons why dogs are the best kind of pet. They provide comfort, companionship, and protection. They’re also great to have around just because they’re so adorable. 

Dogs are also very obedient so you can teach them tricks, but they also train us. They are incredible animals that can be a huge help around the house.

Unfortunately, some people don’t have a dog for all the wrong reasons. If you want to be a good owner of a canine companion, you will have to put in a lot of hard work. 

You need to be willing to spend time with them, train them, and love them. In return, they will love you back!

10 reasons why I love my dog so much?

Dogs are great friends

Humans may hurt you, but your canine will never do that. Canines have been human best friends.

They always stick to us in any situation. Our furry friends never judge us and are happy to see us when we return from outside. 

Their loyalty says it all

I understand properly that there are canines so loving that they have thrown themselves into the identical grave with the dead bodies of their parents; others have stayed upon their parents’ graves without stirring a second from them, and have voluntarily starved themselves, refusing to touch the meal that was brought them.

There are a few that might say a canine is only loyal as long as it is getting meals and shelter. But if you have ever recognized a canine and seen the response it has while you come home or it is reunited with a fellow 4-legged pal you know it’s far approximately greater than that.

There are masses of examples of canines displaying loyalty to their owners. Some of the well-known are the canine pictured lying next to the casket of his Navy Seal proprietor, or the canine that might greet his proprietor at the train station each day after he arrived home from work.

Even after the proprietor died, this canine, Hachiko, went to the station each day for the subsequent 9 years looking ahead to the arrival of his exceptional pal.

Canines are therapeutic

Animal-assisted remedy has been connected to the reduction of pain, anxiety, and depression in humans with quite a number of mental or bodily fitness problems.

Many humans can benefit from canine therapy, including sufferers undergoing chemotherapy, veterans with post-traumatic strain disorder, and bodily remedy patients operating on their great motor skills.

Even college students can benefit from canine therapy that alleviates emotions of homesickness and melancholy.

They shower the unconditional love

It is evident that canines shower us with unconditional love. The wagging tail and happy barking are the signs of that.

Many experts have proven that canines love us the same way we do. These body wiggles are not just because he is excited about treats. 

Dogs boost our health

It is said that people who have canines live longer than people who do not. There are numerous ways that having a fido is good for your health.

People with canines are shown to have heart issues. This is because they get regular exercise from walking. 

Having a canine reduces stress and improves mood which ultimately lowers your blood pressure.

Spending 15-30 minutes with your canine will help you feel more relaxed and calm. Playing with your pooch increases the serotonin and dopamine level.

They are your ultimate protectors

It is said that the first interaction between dogs(wolves at that time) and humans was beneficial for both parties.

Canines have the natural instinct of protecting their leader. Hence, your canine sees you as the leader of the pack and always tries to protect you.

Dogs make you exercise

Your pooch needs daily exercise and you need to provide it. You have the responsibility to play and work with your fido. Hence, you need to be active as well.

One research says that 34% of pet parents achieve an average of 150 min/week of exercise than people who do not have dogs.

Canines are selfless

Canines never miss a chance to say he loves you. The more you give yourself, the better the connection he will develop with you.

There’s nothing better than coming back home from a tiring day and finding your pooch waiting for you and showering all his love on you. 

Dogs are very forgive full

Canines do not hold grudges. They do not hang on to what anyone said months ago.

When one of those pays too aggressively, the other canine lets them know by letting out a yelp.

Do dogs know we love them?

Dog fans anywhere love nothing greater than to bathe their pets in treats, snuggles, and toys.

And it turns out that your doggy is aware of simply how much you care about him.

According to Dr. Brian Hare, canines have feelings and emotions much as we do. Your canine is aware of how much you adore him!

Dogs and human beings have a totally unique relationship, wherein canines have genuinely hijacked the human oxytocin bonding pathway. In fact, this is generally reserved for human babies.

When you stare at your canine, each of your oxytocin tiers goes up, similar to when you pet them and play with them.

It makes both of you experience good vibes and reinforces your bonding. Does your canine ever stare at you for no reason? They are simply “hugging you” with their eyes.

This is probably the cutest factor in the complete world. When canines have interaction with human beings,  oxytocin tiers go up, much like when human beings engage with canines or maybe their very own children.

And as a win for canine people, canines had those hormones spike greater than cats did in comparable situations.

How do I tell my dog I love him?

Daily playtime

Having a playtime with your canine can add some of the best moments in your canine’s life.

Just play with him, toss the ball, play fetch, etc. your canine will then feel more energetic. 

Ear rub

Canines love ear rubs! The exact spot is behind the ears where one of the nerves is located. This pint triggers impulses in the entire body.

As a result, endorphin hormones are released. These hormones work as pain killers. Therefore, mild scratches can make your canine feel very good. 

Teach him new tricks

Canines love to learn new things. Therefore, teaching them tricks can be a way to tell them you love them.

Try making your pooch learn new tricks. Do not let him get complacent by the same old tricks. 

Have some cuddle time

Always cuddle with your canine whenever you have time.

Daily cuddles make your canine understand that you love them. This will also make them feel good.

Have hearty and warm conversations

It can be a little strange but it is a great way to bond with your canine.

They may not know what you are trying to say but they will understand your affection and tone. 

Hang out with your canine

Canines have been humans’ for ages. They love to spend time with you, go out, play and sit casually.

Your canine and you will love each other’s company. Also, it will create a great bond that will stay forever. 

Surprise your canine with treats

One of the best ways to tell your canines that you love them is to offer them treats.

But make sure that you are not overfeeding any treat. Your canine will love the surprise treats.

Final words

In conclusion, I would say that dogs are very loving animals. They showed so much love for you that you cannot resist yourself love them back.

When you ask yourself “why do I love my dog so much?” There are many reasons. Some of them we have mentioned in the article. 

I hope you loved the article. We will be back with more interesting and informative articles. Till then, stay connected. Thank you. 

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