How Big Do Siberian Cats Get?

How Big Do Siberian Cats Get? (Weight and Height in 2024)

Those that are looking to buy a Siberian cat often ask themselves, “How big do Siberian cats get?” This article will explain the answer to that popular question!

Siberian cats are one of the most majestic cats out there, in terms of reputation, appearance, and, of course, size. Siberian cats are classed as kittens until the age of five, although they are viewed as one of the largest cats when fully grown.

However, breeds such as the Maine are often larger in size than a Siberian cat.

As well as showing greater bulk in overall physique, Siberian cats are also recognizable for their huge round paws and solid, strong, and muscular frame.

How Big Do Siberian Cats Get?

When contemplating the size that a Siberian cat can grow, an owner should regard their cats to be fairly ‘medium to large’ in size.

An adult Siberian cat usually weighs between 17-26 pounds and might achieve a maximum height of 9-11 inches. Comparing genders, males might weigh between 5.5kg and 8kg. Females might weigh between 3.5kg and 6kg.

What Is A Siberian Cat?

Siberian cats are one of the more sought-after breeds of cats today. This beautiful breed originated from Russia over 1000 years ago. Specifically from the taiga in Siberia, but were only recognized by the International Cat Association in 1996.

Russian children read about the mysterious Siberian cats in Russian fairy tales and folklore and wondered at the glamorous fur patterning on their coats. Traditionally, Siberian cats inhabit forest environments in subarctic temperatures, hence their thick, long-haired fur coats.

Owners and breeders desire a cat of abundant proportions, like a Siberian cat. The traditional name of a Siberian cat is a Siberian Forest, but today this people call them as the ‘Siberian’. Some refer to a Siberian Cat as a Moscow Semi-Longhair.

Indeed, the Siberian cat is characterized by a long, luxurious coat of intricate patterns, and shows physical similarities to other breeds such as the Norwegian Forest cat; a feline that also originates from Russia with beautiful green and blue eyes.

They tend to live long spans; on average between 11 and 18 years, dependent upon a healthy diet and plentiful exercise. Many Siberian owners praise the cats for often being hypoallergenic, although this is not true of every Siberian cat.

How Big Are Siberian Cats in camparison to Other Cats?

A Siberian cat is known as a feline of larger, majestic size. The size of the cat is a hugely important factor to consider when preparing to purchase a kitty, especially if there are already other cats within the household, or the cat purchaser has a family at home.

Siberians being fairly posses a large cast, but just how large are they in comparison to other feline pets?


Surprisingly, Maine Cats are even bigger in size than Siberian’s. Maine Cats originate from North America and are perhaps one of the biggest breeds of cats that could be regarded as a domestic cats to own as a pet or for showing purposes.

Maine Cats tend to be around 3 feet long in size and can weigh an average of 18 pounds, therefore Maine’s are both heavier and larger in size than Siberians on average. Like Siberian, Maine’s are also friendly, affectionate, and calm.

Therefore, despite their imposing weight and height, Maine’s are suitable to inhabit with other felines or even children.

Maine Cat

Norwegian Forest Cats

Norwegian Forest Cats share many similarities with Siberian cats, including characteristics of size and weight.

Whilst most Siberian cats are visually larger than Norwegian Forest cats, some particularly small Siberians can appear to be somewhat similar in size to a larger than average Norwegian Forest cat.

Norwegian Forest cats tend to weigh around 9-16 pounds and in terms of height can grow to between 12 and 18 inches from head to tail. Like most cat breeds, males tend to be larger in weight and height than females.

Like Siberian cats, the Norwegian Forest cat originates from a colder region of the world and shares traits of an affectionate, loveable personality, making this cat a perfect serene family pet.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Ragdoll Cats

Whilst Norwegian Forest cats tend to be smaller in size than Maine Cats, Ragdoll cats are typically larger in weight and height than Siberian cats. In fact, a female Ragdoll cat can weigh the same as a male Siberian cat.

Classed as one of the largest domesticated cat breeds, the Ragdoll weighs 8-20 lbs, dependent upon diet, exercise, and genes.

In terms of size, a Ragdoll can measure 17 to 21 inches from head to tail. Like Siberian cats, Ragdolls are one of the most desirable breeds in society today.

People praise them for their distinctive blue eyes, beautiful coat patterns, and relaxed affectionate nature.

Ragdoll Cat

Siamese Cats

In comparison to Siberian cats, Siamese cats are far smaller in size and weight. They tend to weigh between 8 and 10 pounds and grow to between 11-14 inches from head to tail.

There are further differences in terms of personality between Siamese cats and bigger breeds like the Siberian, Ragdoll, Maine , and Norwegian Forest cats.

Siamese are more irritable and easily affronted personalities, whereas other cats are more affectionate and family-friendly.

Siamese cats are more angular in appearance. While Siberian cats are stronger and bigger in bulk, with thicker and longer coats.

Siamese Cat

Final thoughts

People often view Siberian cats as a fairly sizeable domestic breed in comparison to smaller, more angular felines, like Siamese cats. They share similarities with other large cat breeds, like the Norwegian Forest cat, Ragdoll cat, and Maine cat.

Despite their majestic weight of between 17 to 26 pounds and height of between 9 and 11 inches, Siberian cats are a friendly and lovable breed, making them the perfect family pet to easily share the home with children and other pets.

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