Are Siamese Cats High Maintenance

Are Siamese Cats High Maintenance? (Find Out!)

Are Siamese Cats High Maintenance? If you are looking to add a cat to your family, there’s no doubt that you have stumbled across the very popular and beautiful Siamese. These cats have strikingly beautiful blue eyes with a gorgeous coat that can range in color from white, tan, or gray.

Regardless of how visually pleasing these cats maybe, you need to make sure that they are right for you and your family. One look into those enchanting blue eyes should have you asking yourself, are Siamese cats high maintenance? So keep reading to discover if this breed is right for you.

Depending on which cat owner you ask, the answer could be that all cats are high maintenance due to their extravagant personalities, but keep in mind that some breeds are harder to manage than others. So, the consensus is that Yes, Siamese cats are, for the most part, high maintenance.

Keep in mind that not every aspect of the Siamese is difficult to manage, some qualities are actually on the easier side. If you are energetic, patient, and stay at home a lot, the care required for a Siamese might sound like a walk in the park for you.

On the contrary, if you work all day, like alone time, and prefer a quiet environment, the Siamese might prove to be too much. A lot of their high maintenance characteristics also vary depending on the type of lifestyle that you live.

Some people may find them easier to manage than others. If you want to know more about which features make the Siamese cat high maintenance, then keep reading to learn more.

How much attention does a Siamese cat require?

This particular breed of cat actually requires quite a bit of attention. This is one of the main reasons why the Siamese is high maintenance, they require your attention the majority of the time. They are very social and friendly cats that always want to be around you, either cuddling, playing, or both.

They have even been notable to trail behind their owner throughout the day just so that they can stay close.

With this in mind, that means being at work for eight to twelve hours a day is unacceptable for them, they won’t do very well being on their own for long, extended periods of time.

On the other hand, if you have a stay-at-home job, you won’t have to worry about being away too often. Just prepare yourself to go about your work with a new companion glued to your side.

Siameses are also incredibly smart cats that need pretty constant stimulation.

If you aren’t at home to keep them busy, get ready to find that they have entertained themselves by destroying some of your furniture.

You can try and combat this issue by buying toys and puzzles to keep them busy, but that will only work for so long. These cats need human contact for the majority of their day in order to feel content in their lives.

So, in general, Siamese cats are high maintenance concerning how much attention they need throughout the day.

Do Siamese cats have good health?

We all want our pets to be as healthy as possible for a long time, but some breeds have a history of poor health, the Siamese included. If you are looking for a cat that can withstand a lot and has a great health record, the Siamese might not be the right choice for you.

This breed is often prone to eye disease, stomach disorders, and bladder problems. You need to make sure you have the financial resources needed to keep up with the changing health of this cat.

These are all pretty serious ailments that may not happen but are at a higher risk with a Siamese. This breed lives around 12-15 years old, which isn’t bad, but it is a shorter lifespan when compared to other cats.

The Siamese also struggles with either undereating or overeating when it comes to mealtime. They can be really picky, which causes them to quickly lose weight due to their refusal to eat what you serve them.

They also struggle with not being picky at all, and swiftly devouring everything that’s put in front of them. Both of these eating habits pose serious problems that need to be addressed early on. To combat this issue, use a mixture of wet and dry food, and feed on a schedule.

If you have the money, time, and patience to keep up with the health problems of the Siamese, then great, but their needs can prove to be a little too high maintenance for others.

Are Siamese cats easily trained?

Although these cats are incredibly smart, they are actually really difficult to train. Along with their high intelligence comes their stubbornness as well.

Training can quickly become a pain once these cats learn that treats are involved. Instead of fulfilling the task you asked them to do, they will make a personal mission to get a treat using their own methods and strategies.

This also means that training them to obey certain commands will become a near-impossible task. Training isn’t just fun tricks you can teach your pet to do when asked, it also includes tasks you need them to know.

Their resistance to training can easily become overwhelming if your Siamese runs around the house using the bathroom anywhere they please. When it comes to how easily they can be trained, these cats definitely rank high when it comes to being high maintenance.

Do Siamese cats do well with other animals?

This is one of the few characteristics of Siamese cats that aren’t high maintenance. Due to their social personalities, they can get along really well with cats, dogs, and even children. It is even encouraged to give your Siamese a companion to ensure they do not become depressed from a lack of socialization.

If you want to introduce a Siamese to your family, go for it, but make sure it is in a controlled environment that you are in charge of. The worst thing that could happen is a fight breaking out between your new cat and the original animals.

Make introductions slowly and give each animal enough time to properly and effectively get to know each other before you can leave them alone.

Siamese cats are incredibly loyal, once they bond with their family, they will stick by their side and show them plenty of love and affection. Keep in mind though that leaving them alone in the house with the other animals is not enough stimulation to keep them from becoming destructive.

If you are only wanting one pet, the Siamese might be high maintenance because of their need for other furry companions. These cats get along best with other cats, but if you have a dog, don’t let this sway you from considering adding a Siamese to the family.

Can you live anywhere with a Siamese cat?

Unfortunately, this cat breed has a few qualities that make it difficult to live in an apartment or anywhere that has neighbors close by. Siamese cats love to talk, a lot. You will never have to worry about missing out on your cat’s day because they will constantly be filling you in on what they’re up to.

While this quality is cute and endearing, you might run into problems with neighbors that can hear your cat chatting their ears off all the time.

As mentioned earlier, Siamese cats do not do well with training, which will become a problem for anyone that is renting a place to stay. Any damage to the furniture or flooring of the building will end up costing you some money.

If your cat keeps peeing on the walls, it will eventually stain hard enough that you won’t be able to get it out. To avoid this problem, look for an apartment complex where the majority of people own pets or live in a house.

This will help to lower the chances of encountering an unhappy neighbor. Due to their constant vocalizations and resistance to training, they become high maintenance for anyone living in a rented space.


So, if you started this experience by asking “are Siamese cats high maintenance?”, hopefully, you have all the information you need to now make an informed decision on whether they are the right choice for you.

When looking at all these traits of the Siamese cat, it’s easy to see what makes them high maintenance. Keep in mind that every cat is different, you might get a Siamese that is the complete opposite of what is mentioned above.

These are qualities that represent the majority of this breed, but not all of them. On the other hand, If you think even one of the characteristics you learned about this cat is too high maintenance for you to handle, consider getting a different breed.

Overall, if you have read through all the aspects that make Siamese cats high maintenance and you’re still interested in getting one, that’s great! Go and find the newest member of your family and have fun getting to know your new four-legged feline friends.