Do Flame Point Siamese Get Along With Other Cats?

Do Flame Point Siamese Get Along With Other Cats?

In the old days of flame point, Siamese was considered to be royalty. They were treated that way for their loyalty, intelligence, and playful personality. They get attached to their owner very quickly. But do flame point Siamese get along with other cats?

Flame point Siamese cats are very affectionate, and they get along with other cats as well. However, they don’t like it when they are not the center of attention. They can get jealous if their surrounding cats get better treated than them. Otherwise, they are quite playful with other cat breeds. Also, they don’t prefer to be left alone.

All Siamese cats breed, are known as highly demanding. They require high maintenance and constant care. And an important part of their healthy lifestyle is engaging in different activities.

As flame point Siamese is playful by nature, mixing with other cat breeds makes them happy. Their intelligence makes it easier for them to maintain communication with other cats. So yeah, flame point Siamese do get along with other cats.

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Do Flame Point Siamese Get Along With Other Cats?

What other cat breeds does Flame Point Siamese get along with?

Flame Point Siamese breeds feel comfortable around friendly breeds. Though Siamese is their best companion, they go along with other breeds as well. Ragdoll, Persian, Abyssinian, and Siberian breeds can be their best friend.

Siamese is a very friendly and affectionate cat. But they have a personality. They don’t like people ignoring them and always want to be in the spotlight.

They have the tendency of being the main attraction. That’s why they don’t go along with moody breeds such as the Sphynx. But they mix pretty well with dogs.

Despite being a bit moody, flame-point Siamese is friendly and playful. That’s why they do get along with other cats from the same and different breeds.

As long as they don’t have to share anything and get the affection they crave, they can get along with pretty much anyone. However, there are some potential companions they can quickly get along.

Please take a look at what does Flame Point Siamese prefer and what they don’t:

Suitable CompanionUnsuitable Companion
Active and playful kidsReclusive and inactive pets
Calm cat breeds such as Birman andRagdollRabbits or old dogs and cats
Adventurous and playful cat breeds such as the SiberianUnsocial cat breeds such as the American shorthair, and Russian blue
Social and intelligent cat breeds such as the Abyssinian and the Maine Overexcited kids
Playful dogs and puppies such as Retriever and PoodlesAny rude pet or human

How to introduce Flame Point Siamese to other cats?

You can use their olfactory sense to introduce a flame point Siamese to another Siamese or a different cat breed. By getting both cats accustomed to each other’s smell, it’s easy to create a bond between them.

Flame point Siamese love being around other playful breeds. But the first stage of introduction matters a lot in creating a bond. To get both cats used to each other, you can follow a few simple tips.

Here is what you can do.

Create a comfortable territory for your new cat and keep it separate from your Siamese. Make sure this place should be fully equipped with every necessary thing, such as a litter box and water bowls. Have a resting spot as well.

Keep the new cat in a separate area, away from your Siamese, for a few days. A week is a perfect duration. And after this period, take your new cat to a different area. Make sure this place has all the essential elements.

After a few days, allow the Siamese to enter where the new cat previously has been. Let it roam around the territory and get used to its smell. Getting them used to each other’s odor is your goal.

Eventually, bring them closer to each other but keep a boundary between them. Let both animals smell each other and see each other from their separate spaces. It will help them to know each other better.

If both the cats seem okay with each other’s presence and don’t show any sign of aggression or fear, you can place them in the same room with all the mandatory equipment. Make sure you make arrangements for both cats in the opposite corner of the room.    

Try to bring them closer. Keep an eye out for any sign of aggression. Slowly they will learn to feel comfortable around each other. With time they will be relaxed and make close interaction.

Following these steps will get your flame point Siamese a friend. But as you can see, you have to be attentive while making every move. If you insist on doing anything forcefully, your Flame Point Siamese may not feel safe around any cat at all and you obviously don’t want that.

How to deal with the jealousy of Flame Point Siamese cat?

Flame Point Siamese cat is smart; they notice things and can interpret your actions. They always want to be the center of attention as well. That’s why if you get another cat to go along with your Siamese, it may get jealous. In this case, try demonstrating affection to your Siamese, and convince it through your action that it is getting all the love. Otherwise, it will sulk all day and may even get sick.

When you get a new pet, you obviously tend to show it more affection in the beginning. It may make your Siamese feel left out and uncared for. It goes without saying that your Siamese will be upset and obviously jealous. But how do you know your Siamese cat is jealous?

When a flame point Siamese is jealous it will:

  • Demonstrate strong affection to you
  • Always stay within your space
  • Behave aggressively with other pet
  • Poops and pees outside the litter box

These are some of the basic and apparent signs that tell you that your Siamese is jealous. But what do you do in this situation? You cannot just simply ignore this fact or give up the other cat.

So the best way to deal with this is to make the Siamese feel loved. How do you do that?

Give your Siamese what it wants. If it wants to sit on your lap, then give it space. Shower, it will all the care. Keep it close to you most of the time.

Don’t let it see you caring for the other pet. And most importantly, don’t make your Siamese share anything with the other kitty.

Basically, you have to make it look as if you only take care of the Siamese and not anyone else.

How to deal with bullying of Flame Point Siamese cat?

You may find your Siamese bullying the other cat even after you introduced them effectively and watched them getting along. In case of such bullying, you can punish your Siamese just by ignoring it. If everything is done accordingly, your Siamese will make a habit of living with your other pets.

If your Siamese is jealous, then it will bully other pets. It can be playful around them but when you are around, it may bully the other pet to get all of your attention. This bullying can turn into aggressive behavior if it’s not properly dealt with.

If you pay close attention, you will see your cat’s bullying tendencies. It will jump on you or run toward you if your new cat comes anywhere near your space.

It may also chase your cat away from its territory and drive it to a different room. Simply put, your Siamese won’t let the other cat get any attention from you. 

Are Siamese cats temperamental?

This behavior surely convinces you that your Siamese is bullying your other pet. If things get to the extreme, your Siamese will scare the other cat.

Your other pet won’t come out of its space and show signs of fear. It can even be afraid of your touch as well.     

To deal with this behavior of your Siamese, you have to punish it. Other method doesn’t promise efficiency.

But remember, punishing doesn’t mean hurting your cat physically. You can simply take away what it adores most, and that will be enough.

Whenever your Siamese prevents you from getting in touch with your other pet, ignore the Siamese, and pay attention to the other cat.

Do it every time your Siamese shows aggression or jealous behavior. And when the Siamese shows indifference, be affectionate to your Siamese. This will make them realize what is right and what is wrong.

But no matter what you do, make sure your cats are getting their food and water properly. Don’t take away any of their necessary equipment. This is important to keep them healthy. And if everything goes accordingly, your cats will start to get along in the near future.   

Did I answer everything you want to know weather do Flame Point Siamese get along with other cats?

Your Siamese needs a friend. If it doesn’t get along with anyone, you can help your cat to do it. Understand your pets’ problems, situations, and needs. Don’t lose your patience during the process. Calmly deal with your pets, and eventually, your Siamese will be playful and healthy to its fullest.

Never force your pet to get along with someone it doesn’t want to. Just remember, everything can be done with love, care, and affection.

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