Do Himalayan Cats Get Along with Dogs

Do Himalayan Cats Get Along with Dogs? [2024 Fact-Sheet]

The Himalayan cat is a mid-sized cat, and it is a sub-breed of a longhair cat. Many people mistake them for a Persian cats. The only difference they have is that they have beautiful blue eyes, and they have a colorpoint marking of a siamese.

Those beautiful eyes attract me, so I decided to buy one. As I already have a pet dog in my house, which leads to the question- do Himalayan cats get along with dogs?’

The Himalayan cats get along just fine with dogs as long the dogs are not excessive barkers or restless. Himalayan cats are calm and devoted pets, so they don’t like being disturbed by other pets.

Whoever has Himalayans cats describe them as an affectionate and loving cat. They become very attached to the family members, but does not demand constant attention from owner.

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How Long Himalayan cats Take to Get Friendly with Dogs?

Himalayan cats are amiable, and they are excellent companions. They are calm and loving. So they get along just fine with any dogs in a matter of weeks.

Himalayan cats are also very friendly with other pets. They can get along with any pets very easily and super fast.So if you have a dog in your house and are worried about getting along, don’t worry because they will get along just fine and very fast.

However, if your dog has a habit of excessive barking, Himalayan cats will have a hard time getting friendly. Read this helpful article to stop dog excessive barking.

Why is my Himalayan Cat Getting Aggressive Towards My Dog?

Your Himalayan cat can get aggressive towards your dog for many reasons. One of the key personalities of the Himalayan cat is they don’t like being disturbed too much, and they don’t like noise or sudden loud noise. So if your dog is an excessive barker or annoys your cat too much, they will get aggressive towards your dog.

Himalayan cat is adorable, and they have a friendly personality. So whenever the Himaliyan feel disturbed too much or hear a loud sound, they become aggressive and try to fight whoever is making that noise.

To make them less aggressive, you should make sure that your dog doesn’t make excessive sounds or bark too much.

If your dog is barking too much while your cat is around, take your cat to a separate room

Can I keep My Himalayan Cat with My Dog?

The Himalayan cat doesn’t mind being with the dog. Himalayan cats are amiable and love to play with other pets. So if your dog doesn’t do excessive barking, they will stay with the dog without any problem.

Himalayan cats are adorable, obedient, and quiet, and they love to play with dogs if the dogs are friendly enough.

However, if you notice that your dog has an excessive barking habit and is very restless, then you can reconsider bringing a Himalayan cat into your house.

As they are peaceful pets, they will have a hard time adjusting to your dog. But if you have a quiet dog, then they will get along perfectly.

Why My Himalayan Cats Get Aggressive in Front of My Dogs?

Whether your cat will be aggressive in front of dogs will entirely depend on your dog. If your dog has a habit of excessive barking and is restless, it might get aggressive in front of the dog. So if you notice that the cat is getting aggressive in front of the dog, try to calm them.

Just like longhair and Persian cats, Himalayan cats are adorable, quiet, and docile. They love to sit in their rightful place quietly and play with the owner whenever they want. They are peaceful pets, so any loud noise or sudden noise will disturb them greatly.

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Moreover, if you live in a noisy environment, then your Himalayan cat will get very aggressive with everyone. So before bringing the cat, make sure that you have a quiet place as they are very peaceful pets.

Characteristics of Himalayan Cats

Along with the answers to Do, Himalayan cats get along with dogs; you should also know the characteristics of Himalayan catsA Himalayan cat is a very lovable cat. Let’s look at their characteristics at a glance.

Average weight male Himalayan cat13 Ibs
Average weight of female Himalayan cat8 to 13 Ibs.
Life Expectancy9 to 15 years
Body Length43 to 48 cm
Eye ColorBlue, Green, Copper
Tendency to ShedHigh
Attention NeedsModerate
Grooming NeedsHigh
Body Colour White, Chocolate, Red, Seal,
Lilac, Blue, Cream, Black,
Frost, Silver, Brown, Cinnamon, Flame, Golden.

Many people mistake the Himalayan cat for a Persian cat. Yes, they do look alike, but Himalayan cats are different.

Himalayan cats are adorable medium-sized cats. They have beautiful blue eyes, and they have a colorpoint marking of a siamese. Also, they have creamy bodies and darker faces, ears, tails, and feet.

The Himalayan cat is a sub-breed of a longhair cat. Its weight is about 8-12 pounds, and its lifespan is 10-15 years.

Himalayans have a small body type, meaning they are sturdy and strong despite their round appearance. Also, they have thick and short legs, tails, and broad chests.

Aside from their beautiful blue eyes, they have either traditional or extreme face shapes. Their traditional face is also called a doll face, and their extreme face is adorably squashy.

Moreover, they have a body colors, ranging from white to blue, seal, chocolate, red, and hot cream.

The Personality of a Himalayan Cat?

Himalayan cats are very peaceful, and they have kitten-like activities. They don’t mind very much if there is any change in their routine.

They are very friendly with family members, and when they start to trust you, they will sleep with you, stretch beside you and sit on your lap if she is in the mood.

The Himalayan cat has a kitten-like activity. One time you may see them sleeping, and suddenly they will wake up and start running around the whole house and rolling around.

They are a very energetic playmate and also a quiet companion. And many people consider them one of the most friendly cats.

Moreover, they reserve special attention to family members and a few guests whom they can trust.

They don’t like significant changes in their life and in their environment. And this is the only cat who is unlikely to climb up your curtain and jump around in your kitchen.

Did I Cover Everything Wanted to Know About Whether Do Himalayan Cats Get Along with Dogs?

To sum up, Himilayan cats have a unique personality than most other cat breeds. They are not aggressive and can get along with family members and other pets in the house quickly.

So after you bring a cat to your house, let the cat make it home. They will come to you and your dog by themselves. Himalayan cats are not aggressive unless you make a loud noise or make them scared.

Himalayan cats are very fond of quiet environments and are very playful. So if you have a quiet place and your dog doesn’t make much noise, then the Himalayan cat is the best cat for you