How Rare Are Flame Point Siamese

How Rare Are Flame Point Siamese?

What Is A Siamese Cat?

The Siamese cat is one of the oldest and most recognized breeds of Asian cats. These cats are characterized by almond-shaped blue eyes, large ears, and triangular heads with a muscular but slender body. They are also known to be very sweet, intelligent, vocal, and highly affectionate cats!

Siamese cats represent the classic and sophisticated-looking cat as they look like they are wearing socks and masks. They are very easy to recognize because of their iconic looks plus their character that fails never to seek attention.

What Is A Flame Point Siamese?

Siamese cats are classified by their “color points” in which they have a pale-colored body but have darker shades on their face, ears, legs, and tail. The most common color points of the Siamese Cat breed are the seal point, choco point, blue pint, and the lilac point which is the lightest shade of them all.

A Flame Point Siamese is another color point of Siamese cat that is characterized by its red colorpoint pattern. Flame point Siamese cats are sometimes called Red Point Siamese because of their unique red-colored and beautiful red tabby markings!

They look more unusual to the common Siamese because their bodies are mostly creamy-white while blending the flame color patterns with tabs and fades.

How Rare Are Flame Point Siamese?

Flame Point Siamese cats are extremely rare! Its red flame color point markings are very difficult to achieve and it rarely produces the tabby lines on its face. Breeders of this color point worked for several years to achieve and perfect a particular color point and it took so many attempts until this rare color point showed up around the 1930s. These cats are the rarest of the color points because they are the hardest to breed and they come out as male around 75% of the time!

While the Siamese cat breed is too common, the Flame Point Siamese is very rare because it is a very challenging color to acquire.

They are difficult to find and rarely produced because most of them come out as male so the production may stop from there compared to having a female Flame Point Siamese which can produce and bear younger kittens.

Flame point Siamese are considered the rarest form of the color points in the world and most of the time, you can only get it from a breeder who specifically pairs and exclusively bred this type of color point.

They can also be hard to find in animal shelters because they are pure breed and their price will expectedly be high because of their low availability.

Finding a Flame Point Siamese would take extensive amounts of search from the internet and those reputable breeders of the Siamese cat varieties, plus you might need to prepare for its price too.

Characteristics Of a Flame Point Siamese

The Flame point Siamese has red markings or “points” on the face, ears, legs, and tail instead of the usual black or dark-colored shades of the common Siamese cat breed.

They are sometimes called “Red Point Siamese” due to their red marking that sometimes shows tabby red lines.

The color of their bodies is predominantly creamy-white! Some of them have orange tabby markings on their face and tails. They also have clear blue eyes like common Siamese cats.

The pattern is called a “point” because the color is included from its nose to its whiskers compared to the stomach.

They appear slightly different than the other color points because their markings would sometimes appear as red tabs or red flame on their face, legs, and tail. Their body type and hair appear to be thicker than that of regular Siamese cats.

Interesting Facts About a Flame Point Siamese Cat

  • They were born in the 1930s with a lot of experimentation done to blend the red color with the Siamese cat traits.
  • From birth, Flame Point Siamese cat has 75% chance of coming out as male, that’s why they are rare and hard to produce.
  • They are more vocal than the other color point Siamese but the pitch of their voices is noticeably lower.
  • Siamese are extremely curious, that’s why most Flame Point Siamese cat owners would keep them indoors to avoid them from roaming around too much.
  • These Cats are intelligent cats like most Siamese cats but Flame Point Siamese cats are smarter and easier to train. They have a deep inbreed thirst for knowledge and curiosity.
  • They are very inquisitive cats and very active! and love to be around people and become the center of attraction.
  • They crave to be around humans that’s why this particular breed with this color shade is most sought after by pet enthusiasts.

How Flame Point Siamese Cat are produced?

The Flame Point Siamese cats are produced by cross-breeding the male American Shorthair cat that is red-colored tabby and the female red-colored Siamese cat.

That’s why most Flame Colored Siamese cats are mistaken as light-colored orange tabbies but, the prominent difference is the location of the markings is the same as the usual Siamese cat pattern.

They are hard to produce because they are so rare and the color combination rarely goes out of the breeding process.

It also happens that 75% of the Flame Point Siamese will come out as male so its production becomes rarer compared to having mostly females which can lead to a lot of Flame Point Siamese kittens.


How rare are Flame Point Siamese? They are extremely rare and hard to find! With their rarity comes an expensive price as they are easy to breed and find, plus most of them come out as males.

Flame Point Siamese cats are so excited to see because it’s the contrast of the usual Siamese with dark color points! They are flaming red with tabs and are usually bulkier than the common Siamese cat.

It has a distinctively different color but still has the traits of the Siamese cat. Flame Point Siamese cats are hard to find but it is worth looking and caring for because it is one of the world’s most beautiful cat and a rare sight to see!