30 Husky Mixes – Everything You Need To Know About These Loyal Dogs

Huskies are known for their intelligence and endurance. These sledding dogs that are originally from Siberia are also great companions.

But most people would certainly do without this dog’s excessive shedding or their high prey drive. And this is why this majestic breed has been bred with other dogs to develop the Husky mix breeds.

If you have been thinking about adopting a Husky, but you’re unsure if you can deal with the purebred’s issues, you’ll be glad to know that you can go for a Husky mix. In this article, we have discussed 30 beautiful Husky mixes for you to coo over!

1. Pitsky – Husky + Pitbull Terrier

The Pitsky is the perfect pup for an experienced dog owner. This dog thrives in busy and active family homes since she loves the outdoors.

A Pitsky is loyal to a tee and a fun pup to be around. A bored Pitsky may chew, howl, or bark, so be sure to keep him or her engaged and mentally stimulated.

Besides, if your Pitsky has inherited some stubbornness from their Husky parent, just know they’ll require a firm handler.

2. Alusky – Husky + Alaskan malamute

Again, an Alusky may be too challenging for a new dog parent as this is an independent pup who requires constant physical and mental stimulation. This means you’ll have to keep your Alusky well entertained and busy.

This is also a pup who needs a firm training hand. Due to their dense coat, Aluskies do not do well in warm climates and are heavy shedders. But rest assured that this is an intelligent, friendly, and loyal companion.

3. American Bullsky- Husky + American bulldog

The American Bullsky is the perfect dog if you’re looking for a family companion. If well socialized, this dog is very good with children.

This loyal companion is also very active so ensure you keep him properly stimulated. Again, this dog is a heavy shedder, so be ready to do some serious grooming. As with all large breed dogs, they are big eaters. Feeding them healthy dog treats will help to satisfy them.

4. Pomsky – Husky + Pomeranian

This is a beautiful designer dog that is very popular due to its small size and striking husky look. Do not be fooled by its small size, though, as this guy is no couch potato.

The Pomsky is very active and will require you to keep her engaged. If not well engaged, this intelligent dog can be highly destructive.

This sweet and playful dog also requires consistent and firm training and proper socialization to ensure she doesn’t end up being overly protective.

5. Hug – Husky + Pug

This loving and cheerful dog is your child’s snuggle buddy. She is also an excellent watchdog due to her alert nature. But be aware that she has a stubborn strike that requires you to be patient with her during training.

This active dog also requires enough daily exercise, and if you’re lucky, you may get one who is an average shedder. Otherwise, be prepared to give your Hug regular brushing if she is a super shedder like both her parents.

6. Goberian – Husky + Golden retriever

Goberians are excellent family dogs, and they get along well with children. Most of them are eager to please, which is why they are easy to train.

But be ready to take long walks with your Goberian as this is an extremely active dog. This intelligent dog is also a super shedder, so you’ll have to do lots of grooming.

7. Huskydoodle – Husky + Poodle

If dog grooming isn’t your kind of fun activity, you’ll be happy to know that the Huskydoodle or Huskypoo isn’t a heavy shedder. This adorable pup is brilliant, friendly, and an excellent fit for an active owner.

There is also never a dull moment with this designer dog, but you’ll need to train her as she can be stubborn at points.

8. Gerberuian Shepsky – Husky + German shepherd

The perfect protector, the Gerberuian Shepsky, is a majestic dog with a large heart. This is also a fun-loving, loyal dog who does well with children.

This dog may not be suitable for apartment owners as he requires a large yard where he can burn off some energy. Be prepared to endure a lot of howling if this strong wolf-like dog has inherited the husky howl.

9. Cusky – Husky+ Corgi

Fun, cheeky, feisty, and cute are some of the words that we can use to describe the Husky. This dog is also strong-willed and a perfect protector.

Cuskies are suited for active owners who have a secure yard due to their tendency to escape.

10. Dachsky – Husky + Dachshund

The Dachsky is an intelligent family dog. This pup is best suited for a family with grown-up children as she can be snappy with small children.

This furball is also cautious with strangers, and socialization and training are a must at a young age.

Despite their small stature and short legs, the Dachsky requires enough exercise. This dog is also perfect for apartment life as she doesn’t need a yard or the outdoors to exercise.

11. Dalmatsky – Husky + Dalmatian

Damask is an energetic dog who is full of enthusiasm. This isn’t a dog that you keep cooped up in your apartment. If you do, she will chew and destroy your couch and also end up being overweight.

This family dog will be happy hiking or running around a yard.

12. English Bullsky- Husky + English bulldog

A great family dog, the English Bullsky is loyal and intelligent. This dog requires an experienced dog owner as she can be independent and stubborn.

Socialization is also essential for this affectionate dog as she can be overly protective of their family.

It would be best if you also keep an eye on your English Bullsky during hot weather as she can overheat due to her heavy coat and short muzzle.

13. French Bullsky- Husky + French bulldog

The French Bullsky is a beautiful dog with attractive blue eyes. This middle-sized dog is intelligent and very good with children.

A good family dog, this pup requires daily exercise and firm training. Socialization is a must for this dog as he can become territorial.

14. Great husky- Husky + Great Dane

This giant dog is the perfect guardian due to its large size and alertness. This guy requires medium exercise. Thus, if you’re looking for a running partner, the Great Husky won’t do.

Great huskies require a firm training hand as they have no interest in training, and they can be extremely independent.

This dog can be a bit moody, so she may not enjoy the company of small children. However, she’ll be perfectly fine in a home with older children.

15. Pyrenees Husky – Husky + the Great Pyrenees

Another giant dog who loves the outdoors! The Pyrenees Husky is no couch potato and will do well with endurance training. Training and socialization aren’t optional for this dog due to her sheer size.

The independent nature of the Pyrenees Husky means that training can be challenging for first-time owners.

16. Husky jack – Husky + Jack Russell

Although small in size, the Husky Jack is a very active dog which is why she isn’t too popular with dog owners. If you don’t stimulate your Husky Jack, she’ll probably end up digging and chewing everything in your home.

This cute dog with sweet, intelligent eyes is also stubborn, so you need to be patient with her during training.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this dog does well in a home with multiple dogs due to her strong pack instinct.

17. Labsky – Husky + Labrador

This is your buddy if you’re looking for a pup who can play with your kids. This energetic dog will spend hours having fun with your family.

Due to their eagerness to please characters, the Labskies are easy to train. Socialization is vital for this dog as it can be overly protective.

If you don’t stimulate your Labsky, she can end up being destructive. This dog also has a thick coat, so be prepared to groom them daily.

18. Bullsky Mastiff – Husky + Bullmastiff

This fierce dog is friendly to both children and adults. If you have the patience and the time to train this pup, then you’ll enjoy their company. This dog loves the outdoors, is also calm, and is very protective of her family.

Due to the Bullsky Mastiff stubbornness, this dog isn’t the best if you aren’t well experienced with dogs. This dog is an average shedder, and you’ll need to clean the wrinkles on her face.

19. Boxsky- Husky + Boxer

If you’re looking for a running mate, then this energetic and loyal guy is your perfect choice. The Boxsky is also an intelligent and hearty dog. They may not do well in a home with small children due to their high energy levels.

Besides, they are strong-willed, which means they require a lot of training. The good news is that unlike the Husky, this dog is ideal for warm weather.

20. Siberian Boston – Husky + Boston terrier

Another dog is great for warm climates!

The Siberian Boston is a happy, affectionate pup who gets along with kids. Grooming for this dog is also easy due to her short coat.

Eager to please, this dog doesn’t need lots of training, making her perfect for new dog parents. This dog further requires daily exercise and plenty of mental stimulation.

21. Bordsky- Husky + Border collie

The Borsky is an attractive dog who is medium-sized, which makes her ideal for families. They are friendly and get along well with children. This loyal pup is a high-energy pooch who needs lots of exercise.

Ensure you don’t leave your Bordsky alone for too long as she can be destructive. This dog is also eager to please, which makes training fun.

22. Blue Heesky- Husky + Blue Heeler

This dog is also referred to as the Australian cattle dog or Husky, and her beauty is what attracts most pet parents. But beyond her good looks, the Blue Hemsky is a dog with high energy levels requiring up to 2 hours of exercise every day.

This loyal pup is also independent, requiring an experienced dog handler who is patient with her during training. This intelligent dog also needs constant mental stimulation.

23. Bernese Mountsky – Husky + Bernese mountain dog

This dog is perfect for cold climates. This happy dog is also very sociable making her perfect for families with small kids.

This dog’s large size means that he must be trained and socialized. Training is easy for these easy-to-please beasts.

The energy level of the Bernese Mountsky is also moderate, meaning a long dairy walk may be all he needs to stay happy.

24. Samusky – Husky + Samoyed

A loyal family dog, the Samusky is also intelligent and thrives with active families. This beautiful dog is easy to train, making them perfect for first-time dog owners.

This dog is fun to be around and loves small children. But be prepared to constantly groom your Samusky, especially during summer due to their long thick coat.

25. Aussie Siberian – Husky + Australian Shepherd

If you have a yard or you’re an adventurer, you get along well with the Aussie Siberian. This dog enjoys open spaces and the outdoors. This dog gets along well with adults and kids alike.

However, due to the dog’s high energy, she needs a firm hand for training. This is not a dog who you leave alone for extended periods, which is why they aren’t the best for apartment life.

26. Newfoundsky – Husky + Newfound

A Newsfoundsky is an outgoing dog who does well with kids. This huge dog is also known for her patience and love for the outdoors.

But don’t be fooled to think that this giant teddy bear is a couch potato. Most Newfoundskies require some form of exercise. This dog is also a heavy shedder who requires daily grooming.

27. Husky-chi- Husky + Chihuahua

Husky-chi or Huskyhuahua is a feisty dog just like the Chihuahua. Your Husky-Chi will also have a ton of energy, so be sure to give her lots of activities to keep her busy.

Don’t look down on the Husky-chi because of her small size, as this is a pup who thinks and acts bigger than her size. This guy will talk back to you, so she isn’t fit for apartment life. To give this dog the best opportunity for success, socialize and train her early enough.

28. Huskita- Husky + Akita

The Hukisita is a large energetic dog often referred to as the Siberian Akita. This loyal dog requires an experienced handler who deserves their respect.

This awesome pet is also protective and very alert, which makes her a perfect guard dog. This is also a working dog meaning you should be prepared to keep her busy. If under-stimulated, the Hukista can become very destructive.

Grey Houndsky – Husky + Italian greyhound

This is a peculiar mix as between these two dogs, none is like the other. The greyhound is a slender dog who loves to please, while the Husky is the direct opposite. This results in a dog who can be a mystery.

Your Grey Houndsky dominating traits can come from either parent, so be prepared to discover new things about your pup daily.

But you can be sure that your Grey Houndsky will be striking and have a white coat that is likely to require lots of grooming. This giant dog is also quite adventurous with a known love for the outdoors.

30. Rottsky- Husky + Rottweiler

The Rottsky is a very affectionate dog who you can be sure will hold down your home front. This guard dog has serious energy, which means he’s suited for an active dog owner.

This guy is also eager to please, although she can be stubborn at times, so go slow on him during training. This guy is definitely a no for novice dog owners as she requires a firm handler.

This dog is also unsuitable for city life as she needs ample space for her mental and physical stimulation needs.

There you have it, 30 husky mixes. Which is your favorite?