why do dogs howl when I howl

Why Does My Dog Howl When I Howl? 6 Reasons

Wondering why does your dog howl when your howl? Or is it common for dogs to respond to human howls?

Howling is a very common and obvious dog behavior. While dog howling may sound annoying to many, it is their way to communicate and bond with their pack.

Dogs’ howling has a genetic relationship with their ancestors’ wolves. Though wolves howl in order to communicate, dogs can howl and respond to one another, even just for fun.

Why do dogs howl along with people?

What does it mean when a dog howls with you? Dogs howl along with people to communicate and build a bond with their humans.

Some dogs howl along with people out of curiosity and anxious behavior. They feel fun while joining humans’ howl.

Your dogs, or maybe even a street dog, may respond to your howl every single time.

While they are playing, eating, or simply resting, listening to a howl, dogs will immediately respond.

6 Reasons Dog Howl With Humans

Here are some common reasons that explain why Dogs Howl with Humans.

why do dogs howl when I howl

#1 For Bonding

A dog howling back to its human is a simple sign of Bonding.

Dogs generally respond to human howls in order to make them feel that they are a part of the pack.

However, if the dog doesn’t respond to your howling, it doesn’t mean they do not consider you important.

#2 instinctively or instinctually

It is very Instinctual for dogs to howl while listening to any other howl. This is the natural behavior they got down from their wolf ancestors.

Howling is an instinctual behavior in dogs, and they may use it to respond to almost any sound.

#3 For Communication

While humans try howling at their dogs, they knowingly or unknowingly use a communication tool.

That is why it isn’t a matter of surprise if a dog or multiple of them will howl back at you.

#4 Because they are Anxious

Howling is a communicating tool for dogs, but at times, they might take your efforts as a sign of danger.

Especially when individual attempts to howl in a loud and realistic dog/wolf-like voice, their pet dogs may take it as a sign of danger.

And due to their behavioral trait will howl back, assuming they too are in danger.

#5 Simply for reacting to sounds

Dogs are highly sensitive to sounds, especially loud ones.

That is why you might howl for a call, or there may be another loud noise, and your dog will respond to it.

#6 For Fun

Dogs are smart, and most of the time, when they howl back to you, they know you are doing it just for fun.

They basically have an idea that their human is doing so just for encouragement.

What does my dog think if I howl or bark?

Have you ever tried howling or barking at your dog? If yes, then the dog is probably taking you as a part of the tribe.

Howling is a personal dog and wolf language they use for communicating and alerting others.

At times when humans howl or bark, dogs take it as a sign of alert. They howl back to communicate about the danger.

Or, while you’re howling or barking, your dog may love your behavior and think of it as a fun task.

The dog may come to you, lick you, cuddle you and spend more loving time along.

Is it a bad idea to howl with your dog?

Howling with a dog is totally fine, and dogs love this way to bond with their dog.

Howling is one of the few primordial things humans can do combinedly with their dogs. Some dogs howl back to communicate, out of instinct, or simply for fun.

While there may be dogs who won’t respond to your howl, this behavior is totally acceptable. Chances are they know your purposeful drama and are done with it.

However, humans must refrain from barking to or along with their dogs.

Dogs at times bark as a sign of asking for food. But most of the time, when they are barking out of aggression, dogs might attack you.

Do dogs like to howl with humans only?

Besides humans, dogs can howl to different people and sounds. For instance, dogs will howl to humans and other dogs equally.

Also, dogs howl to certain pitches like sirens and music. They even howl upon listening to the noise of bands, big vehicles, and many other noises.

Is it cruel to make your dog howl?

Howling with pet dogs is one of the nice activities for forming a healthy and friendly bond.

It isn’t always cruel; however, there are certain things pet parents must thoughtfully look upon.

For instance, never ever use any aggressive techniques in order to make your dog howl.

Or making the dog howl continuously for minutes and hours is a case of cruelty. Thus, avoid doing so even if you think it is fun.

Do dogs like it when you howl?

Yes, when you howl with them, dogs absolutely love it. They will respond to your howling signals and have fun during the session.

However, if you observe any anxious behavior in your dog while you howl, avoid practising the same.

Amongst dogs and wolves, howling is a sign of alerting others from the tribe about danger or one’s position.

Thus, it is possible that, at times, your dog is taking your howling as a signal of danger. And once you sense that, avoid practising the same.

Why does my dog cry when I howl?

If your dog is crying while you are howling, the signs aren’t very positive. Crying is another behavior that dogs use to communicate.

They are probably aiming to ask for some attention, food, water, or maybe a potty break.

Or, if your dog is responding with cries to your howling signal, chances are they are suffering from some kind of pain and discomfort. Dogs crying sound is also a signal of loneliness and boredom.

When a dog howl, does it mean death?

A dog’s howl has nothing to do with the death of humans and animals. The idea behind this, though, is nothing more than superstition. It is as close as the thought that a black cat crossing your way brings misfortune.

However, for relating a dog’s howl with death, we have some cultural claims here,

In several parts of the United States, three dogs howling together means a woman is going to die soon. Whereas two dogs howling together means a man is going to die soon.

People also believe that it is a positive sign if a dog howls, facing his back to you. According to ancient Celtic harvest festivals, dog’s howls indicate death stem largely from those same areas.

Mythology and cultural beliefs related to Dog Howling

Besides that, as per several cultural beliefs, Nordic dogs’ howl is often connected to the approach of Freyja, who is known as the goddess of death.

It is believed that the Freyja goddess takes her chariot by two massive cats in the sky. Upon seeing these cats and the death-dealing goddess, dogs often howl.

The above statement is either signal or superstition, depending upon one’s belief.

How do I make my dog howl with me?

To make your dog howl with you,

  1. Keep him in the company of other dogs and allow your pet to learn to howl naturally. While breeds like Beagles and Huskies tend to do it naturally, other dogs might need some training for it.
  2. Try making howling sounds yourself, and your dog will eventually pick it. Howling is in dogs’ genes, and they will start doing it sooner or later.
  3. Whistle for making your dog howl.
  4. Play videos of a dog howling on your TV. This act will encourage your dog to howl as well.
  5. Playing any musical instrument or certain type of music also makes the dog howl sometimes. 
  6. Playing siren audio also makes dogs howl along.

Wrapping up…

Howling along with dogs is one of the most common practices most pet parents swear by. It is one of the easiest and most fun ways to play and bond with the dog. Your dog will howl with you in order to communicate or just as a matter of fun.

However, if some dogs won’t react to a howling signal, the circumstance is completely normal. The chances are that he knows you are playing with his behavioral trait, and thus he is choosing to remain quiet.

Before ending the discussion, we emphasize avoiding encouraging the howling behavior in dogs. Even though it is something very normal for the animal, encouraging it for fun is not advisable.