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JUJI, The Giant Dog| Real or Fake| The Truth Behind JUJI

If you are into dogs or spend your time surfing through the internet, you may be familiar with JUJI, the Giant Dog. If this information piece is new for you, brace yourself; you are in for an excellent treat.

JUJI is an internet sensation and a pet dog to Christopher Cline. Even more precisely, JUJI is an Instagram sensation that has swept the internet by storm once people saw its huge size.

But is JUJI the dog really that big? What is the real truth behind JUJI’s size and height?

Brace your horses as we have answers to all your queries and question. Let’s get into the exciting journey of JUJI; we assure you are going to love it.

Which is the biggest dog in the world?

If you believe all the discussion going around the internet, JUJI is the biggest dog in the world. Standing nearly 10 feet tall and weighing around 450 pounds, JUJI quickly catches the eye with his Instagram photos.

Upon checking JUJI’s pictures, you can see him taking a stroll, sitting on the beach, or posing inside the house with his owner.

However, these pictures go bizarre with one where Christopher Cline is actually seen riding on JUJI’s back as they gaze off into the sunset.

Or on the next where Chris opens up JUJI like a machine for fixing some of his pats. Upon going by these pictures, there is no doubt JUJI is the biggest dog in the world?

But regardless of the pictures, Is This 450-Pound Dog Real? Isn’t something odd adding up? Are we missing something? Let’s find out.

The Ultimate truth behind JUJI, the Giant Dog

There is no doubt that JUJI, the internet sensation, is blowing away minds. But when we looked upon the matter closely, we got a different story altogether.

Is JUJI a real Dog?

JUJI is undoubtedly a real dog. Christopher Cline owns two Goldendoodles, JUJI and JASPER.

Now, as we all know, Goldendoodles are a mixed breed of Golden Retriever and Poodle; their physical make too will relate to the parent breed.

However, because both Golden Retriever and Poodle are averagely tall, their mix-breed too won’t grow surprisingly bigger.

Goldendoodles, on average, grow 61 cm to 66 cm (At Shoulder, Males) and 56 cm to 58 cm (At Shoulder, Female).

Even at their highest growth, they won’t cross more than 2.2 feet height, which is not even close to JUJI’s height.

So, what is all that internet is making people go crazy about? It is nothing but Christopher Cline’s great editing skills.

JUJI, the giant dog real size

JUJI, the giant dog, is real, but his internet image started as fun. As per Christopher Cline, it all started as a joke with his girlfriend. Chris started editing JUJI’s pictures for fun and then posted them on Instagram

Following the modern-day trend, those pictures went viral within no time, creating a fan base in England, Japan, America, Asia, almost worldwide.

The couple never expected these edits to become a massive hit. Though it took very little time JUJI gained nearly 1 million followers.

Where does it all begin? JUJI into the Real World

Even though Christopher Cline released JUJI’s pictures as an April Fool thing, it came into the limelight later.

His popularity started hitting in when the famous YouTube channel and website “The Dodo” published a series of posts about JUJI. By then, little did people know “The Dodo” too was playing an April Fool’s joke.

Some believed some were in disbelief, but that didn’t stop JUJI from gaining popularity.

What does JUJI, the Giant dog, actually looks like? JUJI dog actual size

JUJI isn’t what the internet claims, but still, there is no downfall on how adorable this Goldendoodle is.

Currently, JUJI lives in Buffalo, Minnesota, with his canine brother Jasper and human parents Christopher and Christine.

Even though Christopher hasn’t really let the world know JUJI’s real weight and height, the dog is similar to other Goldendoodles.

He has a happy and healthy life, and unlike so many other dogs, he is also an internet sensation.

Christopher Cline even started launching Bow-Wow: The Adventures of Juji wall calendars. From the year 2017 to 2019, he launched 3 Calendars in the series, all of which are still available on Amazon.

Anyone who took these calendars home was delighted with the pictures and how excellently Chris described them.

Every Bow-Wow the Adventures of JUJI review states that if you are a dog parent, especially a Goldendoodle parent, definitely purchase copies for this product.

Here is what Christopher Cline says- Words from the Horse’s mouth himself

When JUJI, the Giant dog, took the internet by a major hit, Christopher Cline too (obviously) came into the limelight. Some recognized him as the giant dog owner, whereas some appreciated his excellent editing skills.

As per Chris, ‘My photos are basically how I feel life should be like between a boy and his dog.’

Chris claims that he loves creating action and adventures shots. It could be him and JUJI running down the hill, jumping a creek, or doing any sort of fun. Chris, through his work, keeps things positive as his idea is to simply make people happy.

Even in his own town, people are drooling every day over this small man and big dog pair. The locals know how JUJI the Goldendoodle looks, but they absolutely adore him regardless of his size.

What is the biggest dog ever?

Even though JUJI isn’t a giant but simply a work of Graphic editing, the world already has seen such a giant dog.

Yes, Zeus, a Great Dane, was the biggest dog that ever existed (reported) in the world.

As per the 2012 and 2013 Guinness Book of World Records, he got his share of fame as the “world’s tallest dog.”

How big was Zeus the dog? What kind of dog is Zeus?

Born in October 2008, Zeus for a healthy Great Dane. Upon standing on his hind legs, Zeus stretched 7 feet 5 inches (as of October 2011). Whereas from his foot to his withers, Zeus was 3 feet 8 inches.

Zeus was a canine child to Kevin Doorlag, who lives in Otsego, Michigan, United States. However, due to natural causes, Zeus died back in September 2014.

Who is the biggest dog in the world in 2021?

As of 2021, the biggest dog in the world was Freddy, again a Great Dane. He was from Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, United Kingdom, and lived till 27th January 2021.

As per Guinness Book of World Record, Freddy, upon standing on his hind legs, measured 7 ft 5.5 inches.

Whereas upon standing to his withers, he measured 3 ft 4.75 inches. Measuring Freddy took longer than expected as the dog was afraid of measuring tape.

The cause of Freddy’s death, as per his owner, Claire Stoneman, was some health issues in his Hind legs.

Who is the biggest dog in the world in 2022?

The Guinness Books of World Record hasn’t yet (by January) officially announced the 2022 biggest dog in the world.

After the death (in 2021) of the former biggest dog in the world, Freddy, the position is still awaiting its deserving canine candidate.

What dog grows the largest?

A dog growing giant isn’t just a misconception, as there are breeds who actually grow massively. Out of all the dog breeds known around the world, here are a few of the largest growing breeds:

  • Great Dane

It is undoubtedly the largest breed (by height) in the world. No doubt the last two “largest/ tallest dogs in the world” were also Great Dane.

  • Irish Wolfhound

These dogs grow at least 32 inches (male) and 30 inches (female). They grow equal to a donkey weighing around 140 pounds and more.

  • English Mastiffs

They are known as one of the biggest dog breeds in the world. Though their height grows close to 30 to 35 inches, their weight can grow up to 343 pounds (rare but true).

What is the most expensive dog?

Even though there are several expensive dog breeds in the world, what caught attention was the Tibetan mastiff.

Even though it is a dog, it is popular for its long golden coat and lion-like mane. Other than his face, nothing on him actually looks like a dog but like a lion.

Tibetan mastiffs are known for selling around at least $7,000 per puppy.

However, back in 2014, a Chinese businessman bought a 1-year-old Tibetan mastiff for $1.9 million.

What dog can fight a lion? Can a dog actually take down a lion?

Dogs being domestic animals, aren’t expected to fight a lion. But do you know, there are dog breeds who can actually take down a lion.

Yes, surprising enough, but you read it right. Here are a few great examples for the same:

  • Wolf Dogs

A difficult to handle aggressive breed, Wolf Dogs, when in the group, can kill a lion. Their sharp canine teeth and assertive behavior make them ready for the same.

  • Neapolitan Mastiff

It can actually fight a lion with a beast-like appearance, massive strength, and huge size. It isn’t sure if they can take down one, but they definitely have the daring to take a fight and a good one at least.

Some others in the list include,

  • Rhodesian Ridgeback
  • Bloodhounds
  • Fila Brasileiro
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Kangals

In Summary

Dogs are wonderful creatures. Regardless of their size, color, breed, or attitude, all of them deserve love.

Though if the one you see is a little aggressive, maintain a safer distance.