How to Finally Eliminate Dog Odors From Your Home

How to Finally Eliminate Dog Odors From Your Home

You love your dog. They’re your loyal friend, and they always know how to give you the best cuddles.

But there’s no denying it. Sometimes, your dog smells! Dogs sure are cute, but they can bring a lot of unwanted odors into your home.

Luckily, you don’t have to live in the stink. There are ways to eliminate dog odors from your home forever! Read on to learn how.

Wash Your Dog’s Things Regularly

Your dog’s stench can linger everywhere they do. You can keep it away by washing their bed, toys, and blanket regularly. If they’re on your couch frequently, clean the cushions or cushion covers often.

Don’t forget about your dog’s food and water bowls, either. They can grow smelly and harmful bacteria. Ideally, they should get washed daily.

Spray an Odor Neutralizer on Fabrics

There are some items and fabrics your dog might lay on yet that can’t get washed. For those, you can buy an odor neutralizer or make one at home. A mixture of water, white vinegar, and baking soda will work as a dog odor eliminator.

Spray your neutralizer on whatever you can’t hand wash or run through the washing machine. You could also use it in between washes on washable items to keep the dog odors away.

Invest in a Blacklight

Are you wondering how to get rid of a dog smell or dog pee odor you can’t find? Get a blacklight.

You can use it to help spot dried urine and other stains that you would’ve missed otherwise.

If it’s on the floor, use an odor neutralizer. For wall stains, you may need odor-blocking paint.

Vacuum Your Home Often

Dog odors can linger in fur. Vacuum everything often to prevent it from hanging around. Besides the carpets and floors, you can also get the couch, beds, and curtains.

Don’t forget to change your vacuum filter on occasion, too. It won’t do a great job if the filter gets clogged or worn.

Freshen up Your Dog’s Kennel

While you may have your dog’s kennel confined to one space, those strong dog odors can still reach the rest of your home.

Eliminate them by cleaning them out at least once per week. Shop for kennel cleaning equipment and products that both sanitize and deodorize.

Give Your Dog a Bath

The source of those stubborn odors could be your dog. Soap might be the dog odor eliminator you needed all along!

Establish a regular bath routine with them so you can ensure you’re getting rid of their stink, dirt, and loose fur.

If they won’t cooperate with you, find a local groomer. Remember to mark bath or grooming days on your calendar or phone to avoid forgetting about them.

Eliminate Dog Odors Once and for All

Oh no, your dog smells! They don’t have to, though. Try some of these tips to eliminate dog odors to get rid of the stench!

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