Why Do Cats Cry Like Babies

Why Do Cats Cry Like Babies? The Bitter Truth

If you are a cat owner like me, you may have been wondering why cats cry like babies. It often happens at night, I mean those odd hours when you are trying to get some good night’s rest.

Having a cat pet that cries whenever you are asleep or resting can be very annoying and disturbing.

Anyway, cats have a reason for crying this way, which you the cat pet owner should know. So, before you throw your precious cat pet out of your house for crying like a baby and denying you of good night’s sleep, read this!

Here’s a quick answer to the question, “why do cats cry like babies”? 

Numerous reasons can be responsible for cats crying like babies. It could be that the cat wants to mate, is hungry, injured, bored, sick, old, or suffering from anxiety. However, there is a superstition that a cat crying at night means something terrible is about to happen to someone. It is often viewed that an individual is about to die, which isn’t true.

Does Cats Purr Or Cry Like Babies Always?

Purring, crying, and meowing, whatever they call it is a normal things for cats. We humans also grumble, cry, wail, and produce all sorts of sounds, don’t we? Yes, we do.

So, hearing your new cat pet make those sounds shouldn’t surprise you. Cats purr, cry, or meow for a reason.

Now let’s talk about cats purring. As your kitten grows bigger and eventually becomes an adult, you can expect the pet to continue purring.

On another note, some cats purr while some don’t. So, if your cat does, then know it’s for a reason.

However, purring is different from crying. In most cases, a cat could be purring when it finds itself in a relaxed environment.

The pet sends out waves of calmness when placed in such a situation. You will also discover this low and soft sound from your cat when you stroke it gently.

Note that if you stroke your cat and get the purring sound, that’s an indication that your cat is feeling sociable and happy.

You should also understand that hearing your feline friend purr doesn’t imply that it’s happy or contented.

Cats can use this sound to communicate other needs and emotions, as well. A cat could be purring while dying or being put to sleep. So, don’t assume your feline friend is in a good mood when you catch it purring.

Next is hearing your cat pet cry like a baby. Has it been happening to you? If yes, then does it happen always?

Well, whatever the answer is, keep in mind that cats don’t cry like unhappy infants all the time. In the beginning, I mentioned the possible reasons such could happen.

With that in mind, let’s take an in-depth look at the reasons cats cry like babies. After that, we will look at what you can do in such a situation.

The Surprising Reasons Cats Cry Like Babies At Night

You just got a new cat pet that you are so fond of. You always can’t wait to get home after work every day to have some bonding time with your new feline friend.

Today, you managed to get home after work late and cuddled your cat for a while before going to sleep.

But in the dead of the night when the sleep was getting more interesting, you could hear someone cry like a baby. The cry isn’t from a baby but your cat. Strange, isn’t it? But that’s what cats can do.

Earlier, I mentioned that cats cry like babies at night for different reasons, which I also stated. Now I would like us to look deeply at those reasons, so you will know what to do when your feline friend starts acting up, crying like an infant at night.

Cats cry when they are hungry; 

A hungry man is an angry man. The same thing applies to cats. If your cat is hungry, the only way it can express itself is by getting outside to cry at your window or the top of your roof. That’s what felines do.

Babies cry whenever they are hungry, don’t they? That’s the only way infants that aren’t yet speaking indicate that they are hungry.

So, whenever your cat is crying like a baby at night, know it could be a result of hunger. And it is also your fault. You forget to feed it before retiring to bed, and so should blame yourself.

So, if you forget to leave some food for your cat before sleeping and hear it crying like a baby at night, know the problem may be because of hunger.

Anxiety and stress can make your cat cry like a baby;

Have you experienced anxiety at any point in your life? Before we talk about how anxiety could be responsible for your feline friend’s disturbing cry in the dead of the night when you are probably asleep, let’s try to explain how anxiety feeling is to humans.

When we feel anxious, our body automatically becomes highly alert. Some of the symptoms attached to anxiety include restlessness, nervousness, panic, feeling of danger, or being tensed.

Cats can experience anxiety too. If you have not been with your cat for an extended period or just bought and introduced a kitten into your home, you should expect some unusual reaction from your little feline friend. The response could be crying at night, restlessness, or something else.

So, if you just brought a kitten into your home and it was well-fed but cries at night (this may likely happen during the first couple of weeks) then the problem is anxiety.

It could be that your feline friend is missing his or her littermates or mother.

Health issues can cause your cat to cry like a baby;

Health could be another compelling reason your cat is crying at night. If your cat is injured (feeling pain somewhere) or ill, you can expect a reaction from it. It could be crying, limping, reduction of activeness, or something else.

However, the one thing you should never forget is that cats make great pets and companions. Thus, they won’t be crying just to disturb your peace.

When your cat is crying like a baby, it is trying to notify you of the problem so you can come to his aid.

Your cat wants to mate;

If you have a male or female cat that cries like a baby at night, most of the time, the reason could be that he or she wants to breed.

If a female cat is in heat, crying can be its way of calling for the attention of the male cat. A male cat that wants to mate and smells a female cat in heat can also act by crying.

As your cat ages, its chances of experiencing cognitive dysfunction increase. It’s a disease that’s similar to dementia in humans.

Cats with cognitive dysfunction can become confused and unsettled.

Thus, if your cat meows during the day without any cogent reason or provocation, you can expect it to get even worse at night.

How To Prevent Your Cat From Crying Like A Baby

Night or day, it is essential to get quality sleep. It ensures good health and boosts mental health.

However, having a cat under the same roof shouldn’t mean you are no longer going to enjoy your night’s sleep. If that’s already happening to you, then you need to act fast.

Below are steps you can take to keep your cat from crying like a baby and waking you up during odd hours at night.

Get an automatic cat feeder;

Our busy lives and tight schedules mean we may forget some activities most of the time. We are not machines but humans, so that is bound to happen.

Thus, you may forget to feed your cat regularly before going to bed sometimes. And doing so will make your cat crying like a baby at night inevitable.

So, the best thing to do to ensure your cat gets food regularly is to get an “Automatic Cat Feeder”. 

It controls meal amount and time. Thus, whenever your cat starts crying at night, you can be sure that it’s not because of food.

You should also consider providing clean water for your cat because thirst can make cats cry at night.

Note: Do not make the mistake of feeding your cat at night whenever it starts crying because of hunger. Doing so will only appear to your cat that you support such a behavior. Of course, the cat will feel encouraged to repeat such action. Instead, you just need to exercise patience. Do not respond to the cat until it stops crying. But try not to make the same mistake of not providing enough food for your feline friend before going to bed.

Comfort your feline friend

Anyone can experience anxiety. Your cat could have it too! So, if you ever sense that your cat is battling with anxiety, try to show you care!

I mean, what’s the point of being a pet owner if you can’t comfort your pet. Remember, that’s what you are going to get in return, from your pet.

Show love and attention. If possible, prepare a warm area beside you so that your pet can sleep without worrying.

Have your cat examined for a possible health challenge

If your cat is injured or feeling sick, you can expect it to react by crying or looking down. Now how can you know if your cat has a health problem?

If he or she is not drinking, limping, or reacting when being stroked, then something is wrong.

If there is an injury on any part of your cat’s body, it will respond in a way that will notify you that it doesn’t want your hands near those places.

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So, these are the reasons cats cry like babies at night. If yours is acting this way, you should already have a clue on how to address the situation.

You see, there are numerous reasons cats cry at night. The primary reason is to gain the attention of the owner and not to deprive them of a good night’s rest.