Do Cats Have Dream? What do cats dream about?

Do Cats Dream?+ (Do Cats Have Nightmares?)

We are all aware that human beings usually dream when they sleep. But the question is: is this the same with animals? Do Cats Really Dream and Have Nightmares like humans? What do felines dream about? This article will answer a fascinating question: do cats have dreams? And if yes, what do cats dream about? 

To find out whether animals dream or not, scientists researched rats’ brains when they were awake and performing their regular tasks. After tracking their activity while awake, they compared the brain when they were sleeping. 

The brain activity was precisely the same, concluding cats were indeed dreaming. Hence, quickly arises the question if cats also dream or not. We already know that dogs do dream, but why? 

If you have noticed your cat twitching in her sleep, you might wonder how to figure out your cat’s dream. This is why we have done extensive research and brought you one step closer to understanding our companion. Let’s first know: do cats have goals?

Do Cats Have Dreams?

Cats have dreams in the REM phase of sleep, just like humans. Scientists demonstrated a comparable brain wave in active and sleeping cats to conclude that dreams are a natural part of all sleep cycles. 

However, it might be tough to know whether cats remember their dreams. This information makes it challenging to understand whether they retain their goal. Through experiment, the evidence clearly shows some recollection that can be defined as a dream in rats and dogs. 

If you believe your cat has a bad dream, it is best not to disturb her. Even though you might be tempted to wake your kitty up so that you can comfort and pet her, you shouldn’t disturb their sleep cycle. 

There are two types of sleep cycle: REM & Non-REM. During REM sleep, the cat’s eyes will move randomly and rapidly. In the REM sleep cycle, your cat’s brain activity mirrors that of when awake. Even though your cat might appear quite active, they are not sharp. 

Therefore dreams usually happen when people are in the REM phase of sleep. The same can be stated for cats. Kittens sleep more probably due to the need to process new information.

Do Kittens Dream?

Yes. Kittens often dream when they’re sleeping to process more new information and stimulus they receive daily. At this stage, their brain growth is rapid. During the first couple of weeks, kittens don’t dream. But as they mature, their REM sleep cycle phase increases, suggesting their dream becomes more and more frequent. However, as your cats get older, they dream less than younger ones.

Do Cats Dream When They Sleep? If Yes, Why Do They Twitch? 

Yes, cats do dream when they sleep. It is because of the pons. If you have never heard of the pons, then let me explain. It is a part of a brain stem that controls deep sleep regulation and sleep cycles. 

Therefore, it is also responsible for preventing your cat from flailing. Pons is the one that inhibits large muscles from moving during sleep in your cats. Without pons, the feline will act out everything she dreams about, probably with disastrous results. 

If you’ve noticed a kitten twitching around a lot when sleeping, the pons is underdeveloped in kittens and less efficient in older cats. The same is true for human beings also.

What Do Cats Dream About?

It is difficult to tell what cats dream about as they don’t have any dream journals. However, through experiments, it has been found that cats usually dream about running, climbing, chasing, playing, hunting, or anything they would normally do while awake. 

She may also dream about what food she wants for dinner or breakfast. If she has a favorite toy, she might be chasing it in her dream. Your cat will also dream about you if she loves you and thinks of you as the most precious and favorite thing of all for her. 

All these dreams are just speculation based on scientific research done on rats. Evidence shows that the sleep cycle pattern of awake & active rats that were doing everyday activities and sleeping rats’ sleep cycle patterns were the same. 

Do Cats Dream About Their Owners?

Yes. Cats dream about their owner and all sorts of things that happened in their day. You and your cat can also dream about the family she meets daily. As a cat sleeps a lot, she will likely desire a lot. 

It might sound a little surprising, but cats indeed dream about their owner, even if you are not uncertain about its details. Scientists first prove that animals’ dreams are of their everyday occurrences and nothing random. 

Therefore, if you spend most of your time with your cat during the day or even some quality time while giving 


Favorite food or toy, your cat will dream about it. Therefore, your feline dreams about you but not all the time.

Cats Dreaming Twitching: What Do Cats Dream About When They Twitch?

There can be a lot of reasons why your cat is twitching when sleeping. If you’re wondering what cats dream about when they twitch, here is what you need to know. There is no specific answer to their desire when they move around, twitching their muscles. 

Suppose you notice your cat twitching a lot or performing frequent movements during sleep. Below are some essential information and reasons for cats dreaming twitching. I hope by the end of this four reason list, you will be able to find out what cats dream about when they switch.

  • Dreaming

If your cat is twitching a lot while she is sleeping, then she might be dreaming. Even though the REM sleep phase prevents cats from moving much, if she is dreaming about climbing the curtains or trees, she may twitch her paw a little hair and their. If your cat also has a bad dream, she may twitch.

  • Allergies or Irritants

If your cat suffers from physical discomfort in the dream, she might twitch a lot. According to veterinarians, if your cat is suffering from fleas, ticks, or skin allergies, they might yank a lot in an attempt to scratch during sleep. If your cat suffers from skin irritants, she will twitch, wake up, scratch, or reposition.

  • She’s Old

As cats get older, their REM sleep phase decreases, making them twitch more and make movements during sleep. If your cat Is aging, it is common for her to squirm a few times while sleeping. 

  • Muscle Spasms

First, the REM sleep cycle tends to be shorter for felines than for dogs and humans. Therefore, just like us, cats may also experience hypnic jerks when going into their sleep cycle. 

Call it a sleep start or sudden muscle spasm; it is common in all animals, including cats. According to scientists, it is the last jolt before your cat’s brain goes into the REM sleep cycle at night. Muscle spasm is less noticeable in cats compared to humans.

  • Seizures

Muscle contraction and convulsing are known as seizures. Sometimes, cats also have attacks that result in their entire body contracting with the head cocking back. In cats, involuntary defecation, drooling, or urination may also be symptoms. 

If your cat is having seizures in the sleep, it can be difficult for you to differentiate it from twitching at first. Contact your veterinarian if you notice your cat shivering or her body stiffening. 

If your cat is awake, confused, or nervous, it’s also a sign of seizures. Falling to one side, excess drooling, and a loss of wakefulness are symptoms of attacks


Can Cats Have Bad Dreams?

Yes, cats can also have bad dreams if they have some unpleasant experiences. Pets like cats tend to remember negative experiences and bad things happening to them more than good memories. 

Therefore, she can have bad dreams during sleep if a bad incident has happened recently. However, their bad dreams will not be as humans often experience.

Do Cats Dream In Color?

Yes, cats can see colors in the dream. As they can’t see colors the same way we do, they are restricted to seeing muted shades of color like green and blue, which they usually see during the day.


What Do Indoor Cats Dream About?

Indoor cats often dream of their owner playing with them, chasing their favorite toys, climbing curtains, scratching the things they hate, and many more daily activities they would do when awake. 

Do Cats Dream Like Humans?

Yes, cats dream like humans, but they don’t see the same color or have the same experiences. Their dream is more like what they would be doing during the day. Primarily, their goals reflect their daily activities. 

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