Do Animals Know When They Are Pregnant? Myth or Truth

Can animals and pets sense their pregnancy time? Do Animals Know About being Pregnant? How do they know it?

The answer is yes. Animals know when they are pregnant. Actually, their bodies release chemical signs when they are pregnant. Moreover, animals would not realise it directly because they do not have a pregnancy test. 

However, animals can still find this out. In fact, they will change their behaviour after that. It is similar to the way we feel hungry or full. 

Most animals do not have a menstrual cycle like us. However, they have an estrous cycle or heat cycle. During this time, they are receptive sexually and are in a fertile state. Moreover, depending on the species, the animal may copulate with others and get pregnant. 

For instance, a lioness with kids or cubs would not accept a new lion while the same lion may try to kill the cubs. Once the lion is successful in his mission, the lioness will accept him as the alpha of the group. Moreover, the lioness is now ready to mate with the lion.

Sex is a way to survive for animals. Therefore, it is more about utilizing the chances of passing genes to the next generation. unlike humans, animals do not get into complex emotions relating to reproduction and sex. 

We would never think of establishing a relationship with a man who has killed our children. However, a lioness sees the fitness of male lion and agrees to mate with him to reproduce new cubs.

Can Pets Sense Pregnancy?

Many pet owners state that their pets become protective and alert right from the start of pregnancy. In some cases, it is so serious that the pet shows resistance toward other members of the family coming near the mom-to-be. Talking about dogs, they tend to follow pregnant women everywhere.

talking about cats, they are not that interested in the changes in you. the cat would only care if it finds your belly comforting to it. However, ignoring cats is not a good option. cats can pick up bad behaviour like peeing on the bed

Moreover, make sure a pregnant woman is away from the cat litter. There is a risk of toxoplasmosis. 

Some signs that your pet knows you are pregnant include –

  • Resting head on stomach or lap.
  • Following everywhere.
  • Laying down next to you.
  • Running over to comfort you.
  • Nipping at others to protect you.
  • Extra loving.
  •  Giving extra licks

Do Cats Know When You Are Pregnant?

Yes, cats know when you are pregnant. However, they do not care as much as dogs do. Moreover, if they find comfort in your body(especially your belly), they may rub themselves against you.

Cats highly pay attention to their surroundings and can pick up sudden changes when they are pregnant. In some cases, cats react differently to the smell of you as you smell different from a person who is not pregnant. 

The sudden changes that cats can pick include:

  1. Body temperature – When you are pregnant, your body goes through multiple changes. These changes cause increased body temperature. If you notice your cat curling up on you, this is possibly due to the increased body temperature. 
  2. Body odour – It is completely normal to have a changed body odour during pregnancy. This happens due to an increase in pregnancy hormones. A feline’s sense of smell is greater than humans’. Therefore it can easily smell the change in your body odour. 
  3. Daily routine – Felines can notice the changes in your daily habits. This helps them to understand that you are going through some changes.
  4. Body language – Cats are efficient at reading your body language. Moreover, they can notice when your movements start to become awkward. 

How Do Animals Know What To Do When They Give Birth?

It is purely because of INSTINCT. Animals do what they do by instinct. 

Instinct is a behaviour pattern in response to something the animals face. 

For instance, Crocodiles lay eggs and bury them in a sand nest. When the eggs hatch, baby Crocodiles know to make chirping sounds. The mother hears this and goes to the nest. She digs them out from the sand nest. 

Hence, it’s the instinct that tells animals to act accordingly. When a bitch gives birth to puppies, she starts licking them, puts them in a safe space, guards them, attacks others who try to mess with puppies, etc. 

How Early Can a Dog Sense Pregnancy? 

Your canine can detect pregnancy from the first month. This is because the pregnancy hormones start working in your body.

In fact, even at week 2, you have pregnancy hormones all over your body. These hormones are responsible for changes in your body’s odour. And canines can smell that.

Why do dogs lay on pregnant bellies?

Animal planet says that dogs lay on pregnant bellies in response to the change in your smell. This change in smell is because of the pregnancy hormones in your body.

Why is my cat obsessed with my pregnant belly?

Felines have a great sense of smell. They can easily sense the change of odour of your body. And this change in odour is due to the pregnancy hormones. Also, the body starts producing more progesterone, estrogen, and human chorionic gonadotropin hormones.

Do dogs know babies are babies?

Dogs can see, smell, and her babies. However, they don’t know what a baby is. Therefore, it is surprising to see dogs treat babies differently. Also, you may see your dog taking extra care of the baby.

Can my dog lay on my pregnant belly?

Yes, only if your dog weighs less than 10 pounds. However, it is better to stay safe from any unfortunate event. Therefore, it is better not to always allow your dog to lay on your pregnant belly. After all, PRECAUTIONS ARE BETTER THAN CURE. 

Is my cat being clingy because I’m pregnant?

Yes. This is possibly true because of sudden bodily changes. You start smelling different, your body temperature slightly increases, you change your daily routine, etc. 

Is it OK for my cat to sit on my pregnant belly?

Yes, it is ok for your cat to sit on your pregnant belly. However, be extra cautious while your cat is on your pregnant belly. In case, you didn’t handle the cat carefully, it can result in discomfort, miscarriage, or any other major issues.

Can animals sense a miscarriage?

Yes. They can. During a miscarriage, your body odour again changes. Hence, the animal can quickly pick it up and know that something is wrong.

Can your dog hear my baby’s heartbeat?

Yes. Along with your changing body odour, dogs can also hear what’s inside the body. Moreover, they can hear in the ultrasound range. This means that dogs can easily hear things inside your body. 

Do cats get jealous of pregnancy?

It depends on the kind of relationship you share with your cat. Hence, if your cat is very close to you, it can get jealous of the new born baby. It is completely normal. This is the same as a small kid getting a new sibling.

How will my cat react to a new baby?

If your cat has accepted the baby then you will see no change in its routine. It will sleep, eat, groom, and drink normally. However, if the cat is not comfortable around the baby, it might start showing different and unusual behaviour. 

How do I prepare my cat for a new baby?

  1. Set a new routine
  2. Limit attention
  3. Limit playtime
  4. Introduce baby objects
  5. Desensitize the cat to toys
  6. Desensitize the cat to baby noises.