Why does my dog want to sleep with me all of a sudden

Why does my dog want to sleep with me? 9 Reasons

I remember a friend of mine talking about something funny that happened to her dog. It was about how her dog wanted to sleep with her all of a sudden. Weird, right? Dogs are usually independent and like to sleep by themselves. 

This specific case is strange because it’s out of the norm. The dog may be ill, or it may have some kind of issue or issue with its owner. A dog’s main responsibility is to guard its owner, but that doesn’t mean the dog won’t be there for them. I love animals but I’m not sure about this one. 

There are many reasons why dogs sleep with their owners, but why you should let them might surprise you! Dogs have been known to sleep with their owners to keep them warm, to feel safe, and it can be to claim their space in the pack.

Dogs are naturally packed creatures, and if they feel threatened, they will seek the comfort of their family.

9 reasons why your dog want to sleep with you all of sudden

Dogs try to test our boundaries and patience

We must not forget that our dog is not just a pet but is an individual as well who has their own opinion and preferences. 

If our dog likes the bedroom and feels to lay on the blanket, then it may indicate that our dog is marking the bedroom as its territory. It does not mean that it has anything that is against us. Our dog will be happy to share its bed with us.

I had a dog name cherry who was very opinionated. In earlier days, she used to sleep on the couch in the living room. She was comfortable living 5 -6 hours alone as I used to go to the office. 

But then a pandemic hit the world and I started working from home. So, I used to be in the bedroom and other rooms all day, working on my laptop, and hence she came to know that her bedroom territory is not hers anymore. 

The next time I tried to leave her in the living room, she started barking.

Dogs like nesting

Yes, you heard it right. Let me tell you about nestings so that you can have a clear idea about them.

So, have you ever noticed that your dog has a routine for going to bed? Our dogs stand on their bed, start scratching and making circles.

Even sometimes they pull the blanket, pillow, or sheet from their mouth.

Nesting is a behavior that a mother dog shows while preparing to give birth. If you have a question ‘Why does my dog want to cuddle with me all of a sudden?’ then there is a possibility that your dog has discovered that the bed is perfect for nesting. 

Either our dog or we are Sick

I know it sounds uncomfortable but you should be aware of it. Our dogs are very sensitive in nature and can sense if something has happened to our health. Also, our dogs see us as the pack leader therefore they get worried when something wrong happens to you. 

When our dogs are facing some health issue, they might get closer to you as you are their caretakers. After all, we provide protection, shelter, and food to them. 

To feel warm

Dogs are pack animals and this instinct can be commonly seen in domestic dogs as well. And the main reason they sleep together is to keep themselves warm.

When the temperature outside in the winter is cold, this may happen that our dog come to sleep with us to find that warmth,

To protect us

Whether or dog is small or big, it will always try to protect you. But how could they protect us when they are away from us?

Sleeping by our side will ensure them that they can do something to protect us from something they figure out by hearing or seeing something unusual.

Our dog may have separation anxiety

Our dogs are very intelligent and have a variety of emotions. Just because we don’t know how to recognize their emotions, it doesn’t mean that they are fine. 

Our dog can sleep with us due to some health issues it is facing. Psychological health is as important as physiological health.

Although our dog is physically fine, there is a possibility that it is experiencing some psychological discomfort. 

One of the reasons our dog sleeps with us is due to separation anxiety. Therefore, our dog tries to do anything to be close to us.

Take note that the intensity of this anxiety can change over time. If we are not able to treat it on time, then this can be converted into some major issues

We have encouraged our dog to sleep next to us

Sometimes we think that our dog suddenly started sleeping with us but that is not the case. It may happen that we, unknowingly encouraged them to sleep next to us. 

Dogs and humans like to give and take affection. Therefore, there is a high chance that our dog does such things. 

It is normal for people like us who loves animals and can’t control their heart from those loving eyes. Maybe, this is the moment when your dog caught you and wanted to make you happy. 

To do so, our dog jumps on the bed and starts licking our face. In return, we pet it and start cuddling. It is highly understandable that our dog wants to be in bed as it gets petting and cuddling on demand. 

Changes in the household

We make the decision to change our residence for many reasons, such as we want to renovate the home, we want to move to a new city, or we want to shift to a bigger home. Therefore, they may start to sleep beside us

If we are living with a pet at home, shifting can be stressful as they are creatures that have adapted to their surroundings. When shifting houses, it helps to make a transition plan before shifting. Dogs, in particular, need special transition plans.

Other surrounding changes may include

  • Introducing a new baby
  • Changing work schedule
  • Loss of a family member

Maybe our dogs are afraid of something

The most common thing that makes a dog afraid is the fireworks. And as per their hearing ability, they could listen to those sounds with more intensity. And this makes them take shelter or move to some safe place.

Which place will be safer than you? Therefore, being afraid is one of the strong reasons that our dog sleeps beside us.

Final words

If your dog has just started to sleep with you, it can be a sign that they are not feeling comfortable or safe in their environment. 

Dogs are pack animals and like to be close to their pack. If your dog is feeling isolated or lonely, they may be trying to sleep with you to fill this lonely feeling. When you notice your dog is trying to sleep with you, it is important to also pay attention to their behavior throughout the day. 

If they are acting out or trying to get your attention more than usual, they are trying to tell you that they are feeling a certain way. In case of such symptoms, speak with a dog trainer or a veterinarian to help your dog become more comfortable in its environment.


Why has my dog started sleeping in another room?

When you have a dog, it’s likely that you want to keep that dog close to you. It can be a little frustrating, however, when your pet is sleeping in the other room! Here are some examples of why that might be happening.
Your dog might like being in the other room because it’s used to sleeping there and it could be protecting the room that you want to sleep in. It might prefer to sleep somewhere else because of the noise around it or because it’s used to a room that’s more comfortable.

Why does my dog want to be with me all the time?

The most common and simple answer to this question is that it’s your dog’s way to show affection and trust towards you. All the other reasons are mentioned above in the article.

Why does my dog so attached to me all of a sudden?

In some cases, separation anxiety can be due to health issues, boredom, or female dogs being in heat. If your dog exhibits constant feelings of loneliness after you leave home for work and the behavior change is accompanied by other symptoms like a sickness – talk to your veterinarian.